An Unfinished and Untitled Poem

I can’t even analyse this poem! Gosh! It’s also unfinished, crap and just weird, but hopefully the message will come across. I haven’t written poems in almost a decade, so I am extremely rusty.

Untitled Poem I

When trust is destroyed it leaves a browning flower,
Even if the sun shines, the world rolls by,
You should succumb to the praise, love and pleasures by the hour.
Trust should never leave your head, your heart or touch,
Especially if that trust was destroyed by another.

My head, my body, thoughts and the dank mire,
All these creations I planted myself, with you
Were subjugated to your every need and want,
Caused my golden yield to sink deep into your poisoned soil.

I fell for the idea of you and I, the day I opened trust,
And even though many people asked why, I just waved them off.
The time came, on one particular night, the Gods showed me the broken lust,
And when I confronted you with it, I hid my tears,
Because I finally saw you for what you were; the one who ruined my heart, and browned that flower,

The one who broke my trust.

Okay, like I said, it’s a work on progress. What do you think so far? What words would you change?

Sy x