Hermeticism and Me | The Principle of Vibration


“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”–The Kybalion.

This Principle embodies the truth that “everything is in motion”; “everything vibrates”; “nothing is at rest”; facts which Modern Science endorses, and which each new scientific discovery tends to verify. And yet this Hermetic Principle was enunciated thousands of years ago, by the Masters of Ancient Egypt. This Principle explains that the differences between different manifestations of Matter, Energy, Mind, and even Spirit, result largely from varying rates of Vibration. From THE ALL, which is Pure Spirit, down to the grossest form of Matter, all is in vibration–the higher the vibration, the higher the position in the scale. The vibration of Spirit is at such an infinite rate of intensity and rapidity that it is practically at rest–just as a rapidly moving wheel seems to be motionless. And at the other end of the scale, there are gross forms of matter whose vibrations are so low as to seem at rest. Between these poles, there are millions upon millions of varying degrees of vibration… An understanding of this Principle, with the appropriate formulas, enables Hermetic students to control their own mental vibrations as well as those of others. The Masters also apply this Principle to the conquering of Natural phenomena, in various ways. “He who understands the Principle of Vibration, has grasped the sceptre of power,” says one of the old writers.

~ taken from The Kybalion, by the Three Initiates.

Vibrations are in everything. If you think about the first two principles, then this principle should be easy enough to grasp. We are connected to THE ALL, and we work with its energies through Correspondence, but now we are looking into how and what that energy does. Another point would run along the lines of how much a tiny droplet expands to make a large ripple, like I said; “as above so below, so below as above.” What you affect down here on the physical planes causes a ripple on the spiritual plane. Vibrations are in every macro or micro form on the planet and in the Universe, and all we need to ultimately do is be aware of them in order to work with them, or use particular vibrations for our Will.

When people say that everything has an energy signature, a vibration or in some cases a ripple of life, in some way they are referring to this principle by its understanding. I am someone who firmly believes that this vibration, this energy is something I need to feel and understand. That is the first stage of magickal manifestation in my mind. I used to sit at the local park reading books or writing whatever was on my mind. I would be aware of the colours around me, the grass and the height of the trees. I would notice people, notice how their clothing would blow in the wind. Once I became aware of my surroundings I would hone in on perhaps one minute detail in nature. If you look at a blade of grass you notice how still it is, how green, how alive or dying it is. The more you think about it, the deeper you delve into its metaphoric chasm the deeper you are letting your vibrations manifest, through Mentalism. The vibrations are the energies you concentrate on, you make them deeper, bigger, wider or smaller thus using them for your own Will.

In a better sense, you learn to become aware of your surroundings, aware of the vibrations and aware of how they work. If you don’t understand where energies come from and how they manifest, how do you expect to perform a spell successfully? You won’t have the control because you didn’t know or realise what other energies could manipulate your desire.  In the sense of the Kabbalah, you are taught to work with the base energies, the base metals of the mind first. Once you have grasped them and the teachings behind them you can move onto the next step on the ladder. The better you grasp each of these steps, the closer to magickal working and enlightenment you will become. Nothing should go wrong when working magick once you understand the concept of a working itself. Vibrations vibrate in everything, from the large to the small.

One small practice i would suggest is using crystals. Lie on your back and put the appropriate crystals on the appropriate chakra areas. Baring in mind there are more than seven, so stick with the popular upper 3 or 4 points. Once you have one or several crystals on your body just zone out. Relax and begin to meditate by concentrating on the breath. Slow normal breaths. Once you feel relaxed enough, which should take seconds to adjust, hone in one or all of the crystals. Feel their vibration as they connect with your personal vibrations. Are you feeling it? Good, you are manifesting energy that can be used for magick. That is the feeling you should get when working with crystals or performing healing sessions. If you don’t feel it, keep practising. When I meditate like that the crystals move slowly from side to side, never up and down always to a beat of 2 or 4. For some people it feels different. Just be aware of the subtle energies and you can’t go wrong.

Hopefully that makes sense =]

Sy, x


Sy Calaelen 2007 – With Crystals

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I Spy on Sigils in the Mind

Runic sigil

Do you ever wake up after an intense dream with a burning message from the Gods? I only know of a few people who have experienced symbols being delivered to them, from the Gods or other entities, in dreams. I don’t know what it is, but I find answers to my questions in my dreams. I guess that’s just basic psychology, but when the answer is an image paired with the voice, feeling, face or journey of a particular deity I’ve either worked with, or never met, that goes beyond just mere psychology; it is divine. I often lucid dream (and wow they are annoying leaving me with a bad headache afterwards) but I find they are the most effective form of receiving dream messages. I have no idea what that process is called, and at the moment I don’t want to yet.

Working with sigils has been one of my favourite forms of divination and spirit contact for a number of years. The more complex the design, the more it uncovers for the magickal architect. The ways I have designed, or more traditionally been shown have awakened parts of my being I would normally hide or never fully revel in. In other words, without some of the symbols used, I would never be the positive and eager student I am now. Through symbols, linguistics and magick I am able to learn things most would overlook, but the symbols I am aware of don’t just live in runes, or tarot or the Hebrew alphabet. They are so much deeper, and you can unlock those mysteries too. All you need is guidance, magick, power, faith and patience. There are three ways to obtain the messages from sigils and symbols, and each one is an opening to the amazing insights into a newer destination.

Many books will teach you various ways to use the runic alphabets, Theban and Enochian alphabet to create sigils for many uses, most commonly to create a seal of protection for your magickal items. It doesn’t take long to memorise an alphabet by heart, and once you do never stop practicing. I’ll go into words and letters on a later post, as letters alone have their own intense meanings behind them. When you study the runic alphabets, you may run up a list of letters for your name, or a word to enhance a specific energetic will such as ‘peace’ or ‘love’, or a more complex phrase to ward off negative energies like ‘Away with bad habits’. Look at one set and study them. You will then look at other examples, two of which are found in the Big Blue Book by Raymond Buckland or UBOS by Silver Ravenwolf.

Look back at the runes that make up your name, and play around with their positioning. Does one fit with another along similar lines? Does one work perfectly if you flip it upside down and fit it at the top of the two you’ve put together? When you look at the image you have created so far, is there one letter that is practically invisible within the structure? And so on. Before you know it, you’ll have an image like the picture above. You can use that image to create an empowered sigil of protection for your BOS, tools or a possible tattoo (though I highly recommend you do not get any sigils tattooed on you unless you know what they mean, and if you know they won’t invite harm to you). You can do the same with a good sourcebook with correspondences’ and symbols to create other sigils, talismans, amulets’ or seals. At the same time, just knowing about already known signs and symbols for magickal use is fine too, unless you ask for divine help to find the answer you are looking for.

When working with magick and signs, be wary that if you don’t have the full background knowledge on a lot of symbols you come across, you could mess up your working, or worse, open up access for other beings to cross over. Some entities will want to help you out, whilst others will want to terrorize you for the sake of it. Most of the time, without proper instruction, the sigil you hope would work won’t work as well as you hoped because it wasn’t charged properly or enough. The use of sigils for guidance goes as far back in history as ever, long before words were ever written. There are many ways the symbols behind certain complex designs are used are to remind you of a lesson you have learnt, to tell stories or to help focus your mind to unlock secrets, some examples would be mandalas’ or the images of Buddhist deities holding particular tools. When you come across particular symbols that seem to appear to you when you least expect them to, is your subconscious’ way of telling you that it is meant for you. You end up asking yourself what the symbol is, and why you were drawn to it. Not to worry, you have Dr. Google to give you a hand. Find a decent sourcebook of some type like The Illustrated Signs & Symbols Sourcebook by Adele Nozedar and that should be enough for you to work out what the symbols mean.

The last way for you to obtain particular designs, besides creating them and letting yourself be aware of the signs around you, is to let the Universe send you one. I’ve always been open to just sitting and talking to the Gods about my problems because they listen and always make me feel valued, even if they don’t need to actually concentrate on what I’m blabbing about. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been on fantastic journeys in my dreams, and more so once I learnt to meditate or summon dreams before sleep. I also found, after very tense meditations in which I recite mantra 108 times or more, after undergoing yoga beforehand, I open myself to the Universe for divine lessons or help. One dream that occurs quite a lot, well it did until the beginning of this year, was of myself in yet another desert with a turquoise hue dropping rocks on the ground as I walked toward a wooded mirage ahead. For some reason I would repeat my steps except this time I would stop and look at the stones and focus on one or a small few. Each having their own signs on them, mainly Egyptian or Greek, but at any given time one symbol would stay on my mind for so long I’d wake up and draw it in my little notebook by the bed. I would then look it up in my books, but it wasn’t until I found it that the message would be clear.

This morning, I had a dream that awoke me at 2am. For most of the day now, I have been drawing the symbol or seal that I have been given. So far I have been deciding where to put the colours I’ve been seeing in my dreams over the past few weeks. It has been a weird few weeks, due to a ritual I did just over a month ago, and each and every time I have done a small meditation to try and concentrate the image I saw, it keeps on getting clearer each time. It’s a simple design, made up of symbols with lovely meanings. So far, I know it is most definitely for me, and a particular God. I have also started on a design of my own, where it consists in some of the signs used in what I would call prototype #1 for elemental uses for magick. It looks so cool at the moment, but when the time comes to empower it and perhaps open it, who knows what will happen. Either way, signs are exciting and they always will be.

That’s magick!

What are your experiences with sigils, signs and symbols? Maybe I’ll do a video… as this is taken from a chapter in my future publications =]

Sy x

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Reflections from the Bath – Memento Mori

It is easy to talk about the Gods from a non-personal angle by saying ‘The Gods love us no matter what’, without it sounding in at least life changing. Statements like that start out as an emotional ploy to help someone, but over time it is repeated so much that it loses all feeling and becomes generic. When a previously powerful statement becomes overused, it can seem like nothing much can help you when you are at a rough point in life. That’s where I’m at right now. I have been in a rut for so long, partly due to stress, work, still living between homes and Youtube. All of the anxiety that built up over the last few months before Yule until now made my shrink decide I was on a roller coaster descending at a pace I needed to control; sadly I couldn’t and ended up in a 5 month depressive low. It is only now that I feel things are slowly falling into order with a flexible routine.

I’m still feeling incredibly low, but I’m doing the best I can especially when I preoccupy myself with spiritual activities. For the past week I’ve been trying to look within to find what makes people treat me the way they do. I found myself asking ‘Why do people like me? And why do others dislike me?’ I guess those questions have been asked since the beginning of the human race. We spend so much time trying to impress other people, make them laugh and go out of our way to be someone else. There are only a few moments life when we stop and have to wake ourselves up. It doesn’t make any sense to try and answer such an inevitably predictable rhetorical question. In a weird way, since I’m thinking about it now, isn’t life supposed to be an experience, but a whole rhetorical one at the same time? So in a way, you ought to live for now, for today rather than spending a whole life in regret knowing you were trying to find something to cover up your true self, your true feelings. I am a fan of living for today, but living without shame whilst having this great experience (as long as you don’t offend anyone, you are fine =P).

I found myself sitting in the bath reading and rereading lovely emails I had received from my viewers, stating how they find me inspirational and cool, down to earth and quite the genteel lady according to one person. Its nice reading those letters of thought, so thank you, they make me smile. I can only be myself, but living with who I am and being the receiver of taunts and insults my whole life leaves me questioning my whole being. When I think about my closeness with the Gods, coupled with these lovely compliments from strangers I have never met, I feel warm inside. I feel I have achieved a lot, just by being me and putting my life in the hands of the Gods. I have done things either with magick or not where I wondered what lesson I would receive from the Gods, and believe me I have learnt a lot! One would be that Zeus never really talks to me, or anyone else that I know, he just gives you that “I’m so disappointed in you” look, or he pops into my head when I want revenge against someone, he just takes my pain away. Little things that the Gods do for you, and me are subtle and can easily be missed, but if you learn to stop and just be in the moment you will feel the love they have to share.

At the moment, as mentioned before, I going through a rut that is really hurting me deep down, but instead of asking what is wrong with me and trying to change that, I have decided on asking the Gods to take control and do with me as they please. I know that sounds like a ploy to just give up, but that is not what I am doing, I am merely asking the Gods to send me on a journey or to learn a well needed lesson for the next chapter of my life. All I have to do is trust in them, continue to live life as it is whilst letting go of the idea of the ‘perfect life’. Horace once wrote, “Memento mori” as a gentle philosophical reminder to know your limits and use that as a tool to help seize the day. That’s what I am going to do tonight as it were, in a small ritual I have created to formally inform the Gods that the time is now for me to start living well.

Everything I want to say, I will be brave and just say it, when in the past I used to keep quiet in fear of scrutiny. The choices, morals and ethics I have picked to create a beautiful path for myself define who I am and I will not change in fear of being judged. I don’t really care anymore. No one can judge you, they don’t have the right. No one can tell you how to live your life. If someone ridicules you because of the paper you read, or your dietary choice, don’t let their words hurt you, let them sting only to make you stronger. If you are spiritual like me, the only individuals who can judge you are the Gods, so ultimately that generic statement is true, and most defiantly full of emotional meaning. The Gods love you no matter what.

Memento mori – Horace, “Remember you are mortal”.

from favim.com


8 Ways to Mindfulness In My Purse

I am just writing this super short post on my new personal project for the year. The Buddhist wheel or whatever you may call it actually refers to the eightfold path, or the eight ways of thinking or living a mindful life or mindful path. This path enables the person walking it to become compassionate, mindful and eventually it will help lead you to enlightenment. There is a lot more tot he eight fold path than what I’ve just explained here, so over time, the next 8 months to be precise I shall explain what each spoke on the wheel means to the everyday Buddhist, and what they mean to me. I am also attempting to work on my mind patterns, in order to live a better life. Right now, life is quite difficult, but the only things I need to focus on to keep happy are college, my friends and my life. The first lesson you learn is all about living in the now and being grateful for what you have, but the most important gift you have is the breath, so I’m focusing even more on that small feature.

I have taken up a small exercise from The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Buddhism, shown below, in order to learn how to just stop and bask in the moment as it were. What you need is a piece of paper and fold it in half three times, then open in out and on one side write all of the eight words of the path onto each segment, as follows:

  • Speech
  • Action
  • Work
  • Effort
  • View
  • Thought
  • Concentration
  • Mindfulness

The wheel itself has no beginning, middle or end and this simulates life itself through the view of impermanence. When you meditate, focus on the breath or focus on one of the phrases slowly, once at a time. Try and learn to live in the now. As time goes on, you should jot down keywords or phrases that you are emotionally connected to. The habits, vices and virtuous slogans you want to either adapt or change or learn to live with. For example, where you put ‘Speech’ you may like to put ‘swearing’ or ‘gossip’. Where you have put ‘Concentration’ you may like to put ‘don’t read while eating’ or ‘look at the clouds when sitting outside’ as daily reminders. Write these other phrases on the back of each section, as if creating flash cards.

I’m not sure how I’ll be, and if you attempt this idea too, then realise you are human. This road won’t be perfect, and you should welcome that ideal. Let me share a story from the book:

A passing stranger encountered some Buddhist monks in a forest. He asked what they were doing. A monk stopped to explain that they were Buddhists and that he and his fellow monks were cutting wood. “Wait. I cut wood, too, for my fire,” said the man. “I don’t see anything extraordinary about that.” “Well, sir,” the monk replied, “when we cut wood, we know we are cutting wood. We don’t cut wood to build a fire. We cut wood to cut wood.” The monk smiled, and added, “If we can’t cut wood, how then can we build a fire?” Then he resumed his work, and the man went on his way. – Gary Gach.


Keep it in your purse/wallet/pocket - Buddhist Wheel

Wish me luck =P

Sy x


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Oh Lord Won’t You Buy Me Anything I Want?

The title is a little strange, but I felt inspired by Janis Joplin and tried to pen a decent title for this post, alas. The idea of personal gain, magick for your own purposes and magick with a personal intent for other people has been a subject of interest this week. I’m writing a lot on this subject for my forthcoming book of magickal study and I thought I would try to grab some responses from you folks, so long as you don’t mind being quoted in it under a username or initials to protect the innocent. Personal gain comes up as a red flag in many cases, but I hope to debunk the idea of feeling guilty if you follow the rules carefully enough to try and dip your toe into the adult pool once in a while.

Now, there are many places or smaller fractions of the term ‘Personal Gain’ and I have thought about them and what they mean to me. I remember trying to place the meaning of personal gain in my early days, trying to figure out what constitutes as personal magick and what personal magick was. I thought I got the hang of it, and sadly I became confused in my mid teens due to the ever brilliant show Charmed, like so many of us (admit it) but it was confusing at times :P. In the show their take on personal gain was performing magick for the self, most especially for the heart, or for matters concerning revenge or revealing the truth about something. I understand, from that stance, that you shouldn’t be selfish with magick as its consequences can be harsh, and even for a TV show (non-reality) it not only entertained, but it informed viewers too; but it did get my information mixed up slightly and so personal gain has always been at the back of my mind.

What would you consider to be personal gain magick? Love spells come to mind, or any spells that involve going against free will of anyone or anything. If you try to push water uphill, it will only come crashing down around you, and like magick you have to think about the energy you use. I like to think of magickal energy as a liquid. If you sit in the bath with flower petals, herbs and roots floating around your body, letting off natural colours and scents and lift up one hand full of water, watch how the droplets try to escape their bond. Open your hands until they are flat and wide and again watch how the water just spills and escapes. That is similar to magickal energies when you direct it, or when you try to control it. If you notice, letting the water flow naturally toward the bath, it should only be the amount that one hand can hold. Try it with two separate hands, and then slowly work out how to gather a lot more water and watch it flow away from you (but don’t use your mouth, that is cheating). If you are a Wiccan, you’ll have to use your imagination a little and assume for every one handful of water, you lose three handfuls. If you are pagan or a witch then just one hand is fine, depending on your beliefs.

Whatever you send out, regardless of whether it’s something for the heart, like I mentioned before, or magick used innocently for healing, they are created and performed by you yes? Anything you do, as far as performing magick or prayer goes, it all comes down to you and your handful of water. You are the one dipping your hand into that magickal vat of liquid, and so you have started off a chain of events. If you only think about doing a spell without actually performing it, then that’s fine, as you are merely looking into the vat without immersing any part of your body. What you now need to think about is what personal gain may mean in a modern world. Personally I see the idea of personal gain as a guideline to any type of magickal working. In other words, don’t play with the water just because you know you can or you’ll end up being over powered by its force and drown.

I have been working with magick for some time now, and I still feel at the beginning or the middle of every road I have stumbled on and it feels great. I am open to the work and knowledge of the Gods if they see fit to bless me further with gifts they think I should have (although secretly I would like some sort of notice beforehand as they just bombard me with gifts and it’s so overwhelming!). I love performing spells if I feel the need, and I love performing rituals to the Gods like any other witch, but what I can’t stand is the ease of tapping into magick, even when you are bored. I have seen a few blogs and a few videos where pagans have stated they only done magick because they were bored. Do not mix boredom, jealousy or pride with magick. I have my fair share of lessons after performing magick with emotional intent that went against another’s free will and it wasn’t cool [click here for that post]. I’ve even performed a few love spells and each and every single time the Gods have kicked me hard.

Once, I even thought I was being clever by performing a healing spell for an individual hoping to get a lovely little gift from them, which never materialised because they not only moved house but the Gods made damn sure I knew they knew my intent long before I even revealed it to them. They are watching us all the time. If you are an atheist, put it this way: Don’t screw with the droplets and they always make their way to a large collection of liquid that won’t think twice about knocking you down. It is nature and we ought to be at one with it. All you need is common sense, a little dash of fun and try to understand you have to do things yourself before you consult the ethos. If there is something you want, especially where spells can be involved such as winning the lottery, getting a house or car, you cannot for a second assume that just performing a spell or asking the Gods to get involved will make all your dreams come true. If that were the case, then hell we’d all be doing spells all the time for selfish reasons. If you want the perfect house, then get a job, save money and then perform magick or ask the Gods to point you in the right direction. The material, physical and emotional stuff is down to you.

You have to be thoughtful and careful. It may seem that I haven’t fully explained what it is, or why it is important, but it just happens to be one of those subjects that end up in debate with us all agreeing on the same conclusion; common sense and responsibility.

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Close Your Eyes and Think of…

Super short post… Very short… erm…

Anyhow, I am an avid fan of the sensual singer Jason Mraz and the other day the sun was shining, heralding the beginning of spring and summertime, but to us pagans it was the Spring Equinox. I won’t go into the little festivities I did this year, but nonetheless I do want to ask if certain sounds, music or poems make you feel connected to life and the world in some way? I know that sounds like a really odd question, but if you look or listen to lyrics that aren’t meant to be spiritual in anyway, do you find the spiritual message in them? I do with this song, let me know what you think…

Only Human by Jason Mraz

For me, I get the chills when I listen to this song as I sum up my own thoughts and feelings surrounding the repetition of “I’m only human” . Whatever it means to him is one matter, but when I lay down with my eyes shut in a light meditative state I can’t help but feel I ought to let the Gods just hold me close. I feel okay with my situations and my life as it is. It is a weird effect, as even after my meditation on that day I couldn’t help but just assume life is what it is, and how you make it, regardless of the crap that comes along. Just be.

What songs affect you?

Sy x