Bedtime Shema | Invocation of Angels

I remember learning this around the tender age of 6. I also think it was one of the last prayers I learnt in Hebrew before I forgot it all. Like most children the wonders of the world captured my thoughts more than church or synagogue did, but I am slowly in need of my old Hebrew teachings as my journey continues.

A lot of weird things have been happening within the past few days, and thus just happened to be one. I have been dreaming of the Lesser Banishing Ritual if the Pentagram for a few days now, thanks to myself, a friend and a few new books I have. Normally I ask deity for an idea of what I should do next, and this is what has come to light; I need to move on up to the next step, and fast.

So, this Shema is one I was taught as a morning and bedtime devotion. This one is basically a protective invocation, in prayer to the protective angels up high to watch over you and guide you. Most Shema’s are spoken in a mantra with a repetitive manner or spoken a few times. It’s great to teach children hebrew slowly, as the words flow better from their tongues. It’s a beautiful language, and yes I am biased!

Last night however, during mid dream time LBRP, this particular Shema popped into thought… With a few others, but I shan’t go into those as I have yet to find them. I ignored the dream, like I do frequently, but proceeded to look up more on the LBRP. I ended up on YouTube, and slowly but surely I wondered from video to video and found one of the Shema’s I had dreamt about. I have no idea why I am getting these lessons, but I am excited and terrified at the same time! I may record a new morning devotion with this…hmm?

So, here is the Shema, just listen with your eyes closed and see if the words feel like they could roll from your mouth.

B’shem Adonai…

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Sy, x x

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Do You Dream of Me?

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had vivid dreams that always end abruptly and leave me either staring into the darkness or I have a curiosity to do something. It doesn’t help when I’m in such a deep sleep I’m awoken by a voice, someone calling my name. Usually I ignore this voice as I either put it down to exhaustion or that spirit that keep interrupting me when I have my headphones in. His voice is the same every time, just coarse and shouting my name once at a time until I finally stop to listen – and obviously he either stops or once I’ve gone back to sleep he starts again. I need and love sleep, and I find reciting mantra makes me open to messages from other spirits and more importantly the Gods. This is partly why I am such a fanatic of meditation. I meditate when I can, but as of late I’ve been meditating before bed or when I am woken up at 3am. My body clock is awful by the way, it never has been or at least it was perfect when I was a baby!

Now, take note that dreams don’t come to me often, and looking at my dream journal they come in a cluster every 2 months as of 2008. That basically means I’ll get 3 or 4 dreams within the course of a few days and then they’ll repeat over and over until I work out the message within. One dream that occurred a lot, which seems to be triggered when I recite a particular night time devotion to a certain God, comes very quickly once sleep is introduced. That dream is so intense I usually wake up feeling hot and a little sick. The next that happens involves a pen and my journal which is right next to my bed. This reoccurring dream is something I have to work out, and it will take time, but the images are so beautiful that I don’t want to let it become a distant memory just yet.

Some of my dreams come when I’m awake too, like day dreams. I’ll be listening to music, meditating, praying or just being and I’ll have a quick flash of images and then have to urge to write. Other times I’ll ask for help, especially when writing and I’ll recite a small verse asking the Muses to inspire me. They usually touch my forehead like an angel touches a saint and I’m full of words. I always thank them for helping me, or just for being there. I make sure the gods and spirits know most mornings that I am open for any blessings, inspirations or energies they see fit to bring me which I think is the reason why I’m so sensitive to energies around me. I see everything as a sign or omen of some sort, and not always for me. My whole life is spiritually and philosophically based, and I am a fan of causality. Dreaming is important for religious and non-religious reasons, any psychologist will tell you.

Have any of you felt the dreams are a great way for gods and other spirits to contact you? I definitely do. Half of my rituals that I’ve written (and some of which will be in my book once I finish writing the damn thing) have been writing by a lamp in the early hours of the morning because of a dream. Most recently I’ve written up a short ritual for each day of Saturnalia this week, and it only took half an hour [looking at my journal the dreams started back in October]. I didn’t even double check tools or factors with other books like I normally do; I just knew which symbols and words I needed. The great thing was, this dream, or the series of dreams I had from weeks ago all contained symbols and signs that Saturn and Zeus were going to be apparent during Saturnalia, I just had to abide as Zeus is one of my patrons.

I love the dreams I get, hence why I write them down when I can so I thought it would be great to share my basic view of what I think. Over time I have come to question whether my God infused dreams are visions of some type, but my lazy side has got the best of me and I cannot be bothered to look up the full meaning of a vision just yet. I’ll do it tomorrow…. (Yeah, right).

What dreams do you have, and how helpful or scary can they be? When I dream I feel more connected to the spirit world and to the Gods, and dreaming is one tool I’ll never let go of.

Comment, have a lovely Yule and Saturnalia!

Io, Saturnalia! (Pronounced ‘ee-oo’)


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Day 1# – 108 Days of Meditation: My Beginning

I have been getting a number of emails already from folks who are a little confused about my meditational absence, so in a more understandable way, below is my schedule. It’s a little tight, but I need to be strict with my mind and my body. As far as food goes, I’ll be totally normal as I know of some people who limit what they eat in order to fully submerge themselves into some sort of spiritual self discovery. The Buddha tried this… and it didn’t work, hence how he found the Middle Way. I’ll be as normal as I need to be when it comes to work, family and friends, though I’ll do my best to keep myself spiritually connected by reading spiritual material when I want something to read.

Day 1 to Day 108 – Mantra/Meditation/Yoga (either/and/or – I won’t do them all unless I feel like it, but if I don’t feel like doing meditation, I’ll do yoga etc.)

My Holy Days will be celebrated as normal, as I follow a variation of the Kemetic calendar and a variation of the Wiccan Sabbats.

I’ll be writing loads too, so bare with me and the lack of contact.

Contact – What You Need To Know

As I’ll be limiting my contact for the first few days or weeks, don’t be afraid to email me etc. I’ll email you back, but I’ll do it asap! I’m still talking to people, but I’ll spend the first few weeks just listening to the Gods.

YouTube: Email me, add me and comment as usual. I haven’t got around to my channel comments as I forget easily due to my lack of visitation to my channel.

Facebook: Email me, comment on my wall etc – it will take a while before you get a reply. Any articles I find online will be shared via Eclectic Minds for all those interested. You are better of finding me here.

Twitter: I’ve banned myself from tweeting nonsense for the entire period, though quotes will pop up, blog updates will be tweeted automatically and any videos I like or upload will be added to.

Thank you all for the support and your kindness toward me. I’m learning something about myself, which is helping a lot with my confidence. Who knows what the Gods have in store for me? Whatever it is, I’m totally open to them.

Namaste, Blessed Be and Em Hotep!

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Rebirth is Taking Its Gentle Time

Over the past few night’s and day’s I’ve been doing very short devotions to Nebet-Het (Nephthys) for acceptance of fate, Wasir (Osiris) for rebirth, and I honoured Buddha for his teachings in understanding myself. Thanks to all the comments I’ve been receiving about my last video (uploading a new one now) and with the beautiful dreams I’ve received I’m now able to run back to the person I’ve been trying so hard to get away from. With the constant psychological displacement within my mind, I’ve had this constant voice telling me I’m not good enough, and it doesn’t help my family think and do the same to me by reminding me how much of a failure I am because of the way I’ve chosen to live my life. This voice is constant, but slowly I’m learning to tell him/her (ego) that I’m the one in charge.

One mediation I love doing is a standard music meditation, where I listen to classical music or chant along to Yogi music, and I found i couldn’t do them. I felt low. I knew what I had to do but I was too scared. After the ritual(s) I kept on getting images of myself in long flowing clothes and shawls reciting Om Namah Shivayah and Om Mani Padme Hum by myself on a sandy beach, or to a baby in a  cradle whose face I couldn’t see, all I could feel was the fear this child was giving off and I soothed it with my chanting. It was calming for the baby, and for me. In a way I see myself as the fearful baby, and I’m being reborn somehow.

This morning I honoured the Sun, and Shiva whom Om Namah Shivaya is a prayer to.

Listen to the song below with your eyes shut, totally focusing on the words.

Om Namah Shivaya

This mantra has no approximate translation. The sounds related directly to the principles which govern each of the first six chakras on the spine…Earth, water, fire, air, ether. Notice that this does not refer to the chakras themselves which have a different set of seed sounds, but rather the principles which govern those chakras in their place. A very rough, non-literal translation could be something like, ‘Om and salutations to that which I am capable of becoming.’ This mantra will start one out on the path of subtle development of spiritual attainments. It is the beginning on the path of Siddha Yoga, or the Yoga of Perfection of the Divine Vehicle.

from, http://www.sanskritmantra.com/simple.htm


Compassion is a Beautiful Thing

In a way this is the turning of a new chapter for me. I’m about open myself to the path of some kind of awakening, and the books and scriptures I’ve stuck my rather ‘annoyingly small’ nose into have really opened my eyes. There is so much I want to say, but for some reason I can’t find the right words. My plans to conduct the 108 days of meditation have come at the right time, and in the next 2 weeks I’ll start. However, I’ve been writing the odd phrase in my little red book for a few days now… though I cheated at first, I used Evernote on my BlackBerry as I was away with my boyfriend… I really feel I’m coming to ahead with my spiritual practice, and for some reason I feel more alive than ever.

I’m awake already ina  way. I feel I’m finally able to look back at the ladder I’ve been climbing my whole life and I’m able to see down through the clouds at green pastures and the dark clouds close by. In some way, I’m learning to ‘let-go’ of myself, and prepare myself for the worst to come if it may. My energy level is only halfway at the moment, but at times, I just can’t help but smile.

I downloaded Deva Premal’s newest album ‘Tibetan Mantras for Turbulent Times’ and I have been chanting to a few of the mantras already, and they rock! My favourite mantra, which I love to chant was played on the album and honestly, I cried for a while. I listened to it over and over with my mala beads in hand for a good 20 minutes. I felt as if i was released in some way. I made myself realise that its okay to be lonely, as I get time to myself, and it’s okay not to have much of a voice, as my words come out through my pen (or phone) to people I know who will read them and comfort me. I’m not alone, and neither are you folks. In some way, we have each other, and I hope I’ll be the one you can inspire you after all the inspiration I’ve recieved already from you guys.

For now, listen to the mantra. It has been on my list of top mantras for personal growth and compassion, not just to other people and life’s situations, but to myself.

Funny thing is, Papa J (you know who you are!) sent me the same mantra on CD this morning! Yay!

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My Meditation Series 1

Okay so it has been a while… I’ve had to get the Give-Away uploaded as quickly as I could so filming and editing the meditation series wasn’t presented as well as I hoped. Poop!

I will go further with the meditation series, so I hope you guys have watched the videos below and started practice! Be prepared!

I just wanted to know, what tecniques to meditation do you guys follow and what ups and downs have you experienced?

Sitting comfortably? – Watch my random videos! (ignore the random openings… ugh!)

Just a head’s up… I decided against the Jewish view as it takes up a bit of time, so hopefully in the furture I’ll go over other forms of Jewish Mysticism and the Qabalah with you all!

My brief description on what meditation is and how it’s useful for you.

Tips on grounding yourself with light and heavy foods. How to make yourself comfy, but having to let go of fashion for the sake of higher attainment – or at least why it’s important.

You’ve seen my previous altar evolutions, I’d love to see yours! There’s a video response too, from the ever lush Qyra.

In this video I go over the differences of contemplative prayer and mantra. How can they help you? How have they helped you? Check the description box for mantra fun!

— Filming them was actually quite cool as I did a few notes to remind me of what to say, and talk about how I meditate. I love meditation, it helps me a lot. It also happens to be the basis of most if not all spiritual practice. Spell casters, use meditation for ritual. Divination folks use them to decipher symbols effectively. I use it for emotional and physical reasons through mantra, yoga and just quiet time by myself or with the Gods. Either way you choose is fine, so long as your comfortable.



Give Up All Hopes of Fruition

I’ve been doing a little lojong and tonglen practise for a few weeks now and it’s incredibly fascinating. I’ve been reading the slogans from ‘When Things Fall Apart’ and ‘Start Where You Are’ by Pema Chödrön and it’s helping me out in a huge way. I like to look for other spiritual vehicles to broaden my horizon in life and then bring it all back to my witchy core.

This slogan, ‘Give up all hopes of fruition’ came to me at the right time. That’s the sort of thing my mum or my aunt who’s a retired ‘old school’ Midwife and Matron says to women who want to have children but find they can’t; that’s usually the time they do actually give up on hopes of becoming mothers and bam! They’re pregnant! (Then my aunt would step in and say – ‘Hush up now child! Keep it a secret!) For me I’m pinning that slogan to my current situation, which never seems to leave me alone, and that’s love. Before I started reading Pema Chödrön’s books I was a typical single girl who was vex once every two months, cried herself to sleep almost every night and pondered why I was the only single girl at 15… or 18… or 22. I hated being single, I hated knowing that at my age I had never found anyone.

Around the age of 20 I decided upon brahmacharya, which is a path taken up by yogis who practise yoga, chakra healing and meditation, to abstain from any kind of sexual misconduct (so basically that’s where the celibacy came in). I’ve had lots of crushes, but only a very small number of encounters with men. I’ve even gone as far as almost telling someone I liked them… but he blew me off before I’d even said hello. I used to be known as the ‘wing-chick’ with a few of my guy friends, and that helped them get laid for the night, but when it came to me meeting a guy they’d often ask for the numbers of my girl friends behind me. That used to bum me out, and I’m sure if any of you were in the situation you’d be bummed out too. I used to really get myself worked up, and that’s the ego taking hold of me. Making me week and not doing its job properly.

Lojong and tonglen so far, alongside Pema have shown me how to accept myself and once I’m able to tap into my own core, learn to accept others and deal with other situations which are in or out of my control. Recently I got some news that in the past I would have hated to hear ‘yet again’, but somehow i took it well due to the slogan ‘Give up all hopes of fruition’. If i give up on looking for love, and hoping for love without actually giving up on love itself, then living my single life should be okay. I’m living for today, for now and definitely tomorrow.

I love this song, I heard it on Eat Pray Love and I listen to it to soothe me and keep my soul conscious to the world. I want to let go, but not cry. I’m going to stand firm and be myself, my ego is not going to pull me down.