Is There a Particular Occult Mould?

9252_10151667616677776_1365819697_nIn fact, most occultists I have spoken with have told me various texts or moments of inspiration have shown them they can’t denote the term “pagan” to their individual practices. For me, it was a few texts that changed the way I approached my beliefs, and the way in which my practices evolved for the betterment of my soul. I had intended on yet another monotone look into my past and the events that sparked such virility, but instead I thought I would turn my attention to aspects of a different style of thinking, and what makes my occult life seem educational and refreshing.

Most people who have written to me always run on the assumption – a normal mistake – that being pagan immediately equates you with a certain kind of knowledge, presence, “style” (to some degree) and a free pass to all occult and witchcraft facilities without much guidance. It’s a tough road, believe me, I’m still living it now. Take pictures for example, so many images pop up (in books or on the internet) that can allure any curious mind, but with most occult imagery the details are hidden, or written about using language that may seem too conservative and convoluted for most students. It is hidden knowledge after all – only you can find the answers. You, and you alone.

This is where I found a divide. Some folks (a very small number) will dedicate time and energy to teaching themselves and seeking teachers/friends to gain diverse insights into such images, thus building a solid base of knowledge, beliefs and personal practices. I have found, being one of these types myself means I have met a lot of other people with differing ideas on difficult subjects. Many of whom have shown me an awful lot, and others I have been able to share my ideas with quite easily – without too much detail. The way I chose to perform and exercise my daily magick meditations means I can create a formula that suits me, in effect creating a solid mould.

The amount of occultists I have spoken to have expressed an underlying paranoia amongst members, and I’m slowly beginning to see where it all may stem from: the lack of strict practice and vigilance within occult circles, and the sad attempts at watering down occult knowledge for New Age paganism. It is almost as if true occultists want to protect what scripts we have from being “tainted by the fairy unicorn”, as one friend put it. I believe most practitioners should have a right to study these texts, and I also firmly believe that the majority of practitioners can learn a hell of a lot about themselves and form newer or better philosophies. At the same time, I hate seeing people run around claiming to be occultists without knowing the basics. I get a ton of emails from people stating how they’re considering the Ambramelin operation, or summoning those that shall not be named from the Keys when they don’t even know what the LBRP is. It’s all for show, and it’s quite strange. If anything, the occult is not a show so stick with the New Age moulds – you can’t go wrong with them. You can apply style and special effects to that other stuff, but all that does is allow the ego to have greater precedence over your higher self.

The allure of the occult purely for style reasons is a subject I have my own reservations on, but as a few readers have pointed out I can’t be too specific in sharing my own personal opinions in case of a backlash. I try to live by the ideal that you should only preach what you know about, yet at the same time when I’m stuck myself, a lot of occultists or magicians can be very quick to judge someone like me, who does not fit the materialistic mould or style. I’m a hard worker, and it has taken me a number of years to actually realise this; but, I am only doing this for myself after all. You should be yourself at all times, be strict when you feel tired or lazy and most of all be aware. Define for yourself if following your occult or pagan path is spiritually worth it, or if you are following the path purely to fit the ideals of the mystical show horse. As one friend mailed me, “It’s great to bend down and worship a deity without much in return to feel safe, but it’s far better to work hard and be spat on for ascending above the others alone.”


The Planets Have It | Sidereal Astrology

Lets take my mind of things and focus on my latest endeavour, that is Sidereal Astrology. I’ve been keen on grabbing what basics I can about sidereal astrology for a few months, sparked by Mr Vamp and the amazing Jim Eshelman (but mostly by Mr Vamp). Not only is sidereal astrology mostly unknown, but it’s the most accurate form of astrology out there. Tropical astrology is great, it’s the most popular of the two, but if you sit and work out the numbers correctly its off by a few days, each year or each six monthly period. Sidereal flows with the natural current of the planets, sun and moon—which also sparks the slight difficulty when working your personal birth chart out.

Luckily, Mr Vamp sorted my birth chart so I didn’t have to, but he left most of the actual reading to me which is great. I guess the most important areas most people would immediately want information on, is the ever popular sun sign and the spiritual moon sign. Those represent the conscious (sun) and the subconscious (moon) traits a person has. Hence why creepy guys walk over to a woman and say, “Hey baby, was yo’ sign-n? I’m a Scorpio, let me sting you some time.”—creepy.

I’ve also seen the differences between sidereal and tropical descriptions for each sign and their planetary rulings. Whilst tropical delves into the materialistic conscious aspects of people, it has been watered down so much that the old school true essence is gone. Only books have the right definitions. I’ll keep tropical astrology in mind for Magickal practices, but as I’m learning more about sidereal, I may work out a way to use those methods too. Sidereal has lists upon lists of people in the past who have the exact personality traits given. At the moment, as I’m being drawn closer to my HGA, sidereal is a way to peek into my making. Why did my HGA choose this vessel and these traits for me?

Lets look at the differences, and if you are interested in working out your traits you can find calculators online, but read the definitions on Solunars.net. Jim Eshelman is amazing!! He’s helping Mr Vamp a lot, and in turn helping moi.

According to tropical astrology my sun sign is Leo, which sounds something like this:
“Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. These folks are impossible to miss, since they love being center stage. Making an impression is Job One for Leos, and when you consider their personal magnetism, you see the job is quite easy. Leos are an ambitious lot, and their strength of purpose allows them to accomplish a great deal. The fact that these folks are also creative makes their endeavors fun for them and everyone else. It’s quite common to see a Leo on stage or in Hollywood, since these folks never shy away from the limelight. They are also supremely talented and have a flair for the dramatic. Warmth and enthusiasm seems to seep from every Leo pore, making these folks a pleasure to be around. They do love pleasure!” -taken from astrology.com or net.

It’s true in some way, but boy it’s been washed out and recycled so many times. Plus, it’s a vague description, which is why astrology as a whole has such a grey mark on it.

According to sidereal, my sun sign is Cancer, which sounds something like this:
The Magian Soul

1. Uncanny ability to create “systems” – Weltanschauung. (Gosh…)

2. “Curiosity” a primary trait – constantly putting puzzles together, finding out things, solving and creating mysteries. (Oh gosh…)

3. Decidedly self-centered – religious but not sympnathic. (Oh my Gosh!)

4. Too “eager” and “graspy” for most people. “Intent on gain.”

5. Messiah complex – will always manage to solve your problems for you. (I knew it! Damn…)

6. Great at histrionics and gesticulation – can vacillate moods quickly (story teller).

7. Highly intuitive – looks right through you.

8. Often loses good friends from SUSPICIOUS NATURE.

9. Imagery is their most amazing faculty – can schematize and “technicolor” things endlessly.

10. “Born” psychologists – can persuade any time. (Yep)

11. Ill-suited for political career though concerned about things political.

12. Intensive drive to find fault – although he numbers “publicans and sinners” among his friends without batting an eye. (That is so true, I always look for the best in people)

13. Marvelous memory – has to learn things only once.

14. Aligned to UNREALISM – “MAGIAN” – gravitates from “Apollonian forms.” (Revels in occultism, numb to nomothetic viewpoints.)

15. Shadow effect.

16. Fantastic population of “unusual characters” springs from Cancer.

17. Very adaptable.

18. Manilius: “Set too fast a rate on TIME itself.”

According to sidereal astrology my moon sign (subconscious) is Leo. I just thought I would post it here, due to how accurate it is and how cool:
The Arthurian Soul

1. The dignity of the human soul is Leo’s primary purpose in living.

2. Needs eminence or at least centricity – “satellites” also necessary.

3. Deep moral nature – shuns profanity – luxury loving. (I’m a Leo, I only expect the best)

4. Lend a touch of nobility wherever they go, even to the sciences.

5. Highly dramatic – deeply philosophical. (crazy can be good, see!)

6. Often proud and over-bearing. (sorry about that folks!)

7. Oriented to childhood, therefore viscerotonic.

8. Society’s mainstays (“Grand old men”) and “Gentlemen.”

9. Tends to philosophize to ridiculous extremes when difficulties or the distasteful arise. (that’s me to a T)

10. Thrive in the status quo where mores and systems are concerned.

11. Not very artistic or musical, but excels in literature and drama. Leo can “really put on a show” to delight rather than victimize the audience.

12. Not noisy or flagrant (apart from drama).

13. Loves position of authority – a “Benevolent Despot.”

14. Relatively low sexual drives.

15. “Mellows with age” – become “symbols” in their respective fields. (Hopefully. I’d love to be the old English and French literature lecturer who just happens to be initiated within secret circles. Phase one, almost complete–inside joke for fellow Sr and Fr.)

Bare in mind, I like the idea of astrology, I like finding the badly written cheap shit in the back of my favourite fashion magazines, but I never took it seriously. I made a birth chart myself, using tropical methods, years ago. Since then I haven’t bothered much. I will happily use the planets movements to estimate the best times for particular rituals, but that was as far as it went—until now. I have a couple of books I need to get, and study hardcore. Sidereal is a serious recommendation folks! (That’s my sympathetic side see).

Sidereal all the way!

Sy x

these were taken from Garth Allen’s notes before he passed, by his friend Jim Eshelman. They can be found on solunars.net