Hermeticism and Me | The Hermetic Principles

Hermes Trismegistus

Hermes Trismegistus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My intention for this short series was purely to practice my writing, and to introduce and explain the very basics of Hermeticism for those who just want to further their pool of knowledge. However, I remembered reading from The Kybalion, and many other sources that true attainment or occult knowledge comes to those who are truly ready and open to it. The knowledge you gain can only come to you if you spend the time learning and experimenting with the lessons you need. Finding the path you personally need to venture down can be hard, and it can be frustrating because of the time it may take, but all I can say is keep your head up and keep going you are closer than you think. I also think that if you had a thirst for learning various forms of magick, mindfulness or philosophies from more than one path then you could be setting yourself up for later magickal attainment without even realising it. Now, don’t assume just because you entered the world of magick by other means rather than Wicca that you have a foot higher than the rest. I entered the world of magick through Wicca, and over the years I realised early on that Wicca was just an immensely watered down version of what magick should be, hence why it is behind me. I was proud to be a Wiccan at that point but the Universe has called me to do so much more and I am glad I have been pre-prepared.

With most magickal or religious systems there always seems to be a list of commandments or rules to adhere to. In order to follow these rules correctly one must be prepared to be tested often, but that depends on the religious path or philosophical group. There are few teachings which present an easy to follow guide, which detail very simply how to be a better person, how to work on yourself and then learn how to connect your higher self to the Universe. Those are the kind of philosophies I prefer. One of the most famous would be the Buddhist sutras and these Seven Hermetic Principles of Manifestation:

I.            The principle of Mentalism (The Universe is Mental = Mind)

II.            The principle of Correspondence (As above, so below; So below, as above)

III.            The principle of Vibration (Nothing rests… Everything vibrates)

IV.            The principle of Polarity (Everything is Dual)

V.            The principle of Rhythm (Everything flows, out and in)

VI.            The principle of Cause and Effect (Every Cause has its Effect)

VII.            The principle of Gender (Gender is in everything)

These philosophical principles are what will make us successful magicians, thinkers, witches or Hermeticists. I’ll go into detail on each one as each day/week goes on so stay tuned! From what I gather, you don’t need to be a practitioner of Hermeticism to fully comprehend some of its teachings, but from what I gather, this form of philosophical magic isn’t for everyone due to its language and what the Universe will open to you. I guess in a way it’s like someone praising Christians and Christianity without being a practitioner themselves, as they will run up against walls that they won’t be able to climb over, such as the famous history and hypocritical evidence involved. However, with magick as history, science and psychology have proven, it is everywhere and in everything in some form or another and we all have access to it. What most magickal folks forget is the fact that we need to understand at least the basics of magick before all the fancy stuff gets in the way. It is all well and good to perform a simple spell that works out perfectly, but when was the last time you really sat down and pulled the spell apart? What made the magick work? Where did the magick come from? And most importantly, why did it work? (Regardless of whether the spell worked well or not).

My theory of magick is fairly simple as it follows the route that many past magicians and witches have outlined. There is Low Magick, which consists of minor/everyday magick like simple wish spells, basic divination magick or daily devotions where you do not require large amounts of energy. On the other side there is High Magick which consists of complex rituals, ceremonial magick and the occult that require large doses of mind work, vibration, rhythm and energy. Let me just add the term Middle Magick, which consists of meditation, yoga, studying of various sutras/words and philosophies etc, which ultimately focus on the good stuff that forms the bridge between Low and High magick. Once you have become learned enough with magick and its vast energies there is the all important aspect of attuning one’s mind so you can become fully attained on your path.

At the moment I am feeling the shift. It has been pretty rapid over the past few months but I am prepared for it and glad it is happening. I am confident enough to read The Kybalion again, but this time being able to fully grasp it. Buddhism has taught me the methods of the mind and how to work with the effects and vibrations of my body. Yoga has taught me how to gain potential in further Universal and mind work, but most importantly my experiences with witchcraft and the occult have made it possible to put use of all seven of the principles into practice. I am pretty proud of myself! I have started something that I was meant for, and managed to stick to it. Thank you Gods!

Take this as the first step of moving closer to the Master Key – or at least just appreciate the randomness of this post and bare with my slight idiosyncrasies. It probably doesn’t make much if any sense, but that is because I have found it difficult to explain the Kybalion without including my own experiences… Once you have read something and really taken in its words, it can be hard to strip down and go back to the original square you started on. Hopefully, time will tell!

Sy x