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One Freaky Night: Sleep Paralysis Anyone?

Just a super quick post! I shall develop more as time goes on.

For the past few weeks I have been studying hard to better my personal lessons. The more I get to know myself, the better a witch I am. At the same time Mr. Vamp* has been helping me out quite a bit with recommendations, and helping me sort out the various correspondences according to Liber 777. On top of that, Thelema is fast becoming the major addition to my Hermetic path and I am learning fairly easily, but I can’t shake that feeling of being new. The moment I started practising magick, more than a decade ago, I never felt ‘new’ to it. It was something I knew about, so the only thing I had to focus on was hiding it until I was 18. Now, after all this time, this feeling has irked me.

One of the lessons I have been researching for years was the Lesser Banishing of the Pentagram aka LBRP. I had come across it several times in the past, but the terminology was so utterly confusing that I never bothered with it. The Hebrew itself is fine though, let me just point that out. I had never performed it until the other day. One friend said I should practice it when I feel comfortable, which was over a year ago, but Mr. Vamp stated I should try to perform it twice daily for a few months. I must admit, now that I have taken it seriously and worked hard on understanding its basic philosophy, I have pissed off the Mr. (Sorry!)

Let’s get to the seemingly quick part, which also happens to be a query: Have you ever chased away a being or entity during sleep paralysis?

I have experienced sleep paralysis a few times, and they are scary as you lose control and can’t move. I find that I breathe very deeply out of sheer panic. However, last night when my sleep paralysis came on, I found myself gaining control over my mind and mouth. I was able to repeat the lines below over and over, ever so quietly (due to being partly asleep and partly awake), whilst desperately trying to move my body. I noticed I was saying the arch angels name a little louder than the intended whispers and immediately felt calmer as my paralysis stopped within seconds. For the first time in a long time, I slept without the light on. (Just in case you are wondering, an entity has been in my room for the past few months – the rude one who rocks me in bed, and unfortunately for someone who sleeps in the dark, I have had to sleep with the light on. Not good).

“Before me Raphael;
Behind me Gabriel;
To my right hand Michael;
and to my left hand Uriel.”

So, without knowledge of the LBRP or those lines, I never would feel as amazing as I do. Have any of you learnt something that has awesome side effects?

I can imagine little entities crying, “Unclean! Unclean!” once one of the Arch Angels arrive.

Just thought I would share, and ponder!

Sy, x



Bedtime Shema | Invocation of Angels

I remember learning this around the tender age of 6. I also think it was one of the last prayers I learnt in Hebrew before I forgot it all. Like most children the wonders of the world captured my thoughts more than church or synagogue did, but I am slowly in need of my old Hebrew teachings as my journey continues.

A lot of weird things have been happening within the past few days, and thus just happened to be one. I have been dreaming of the Lesser Banishing Ritual if the Pentagram for a few days now, thanks to myself, a friend and a few new books I have. Normally I ask deity for an idea of what I should do next, and this is what has come to light; I need to move on up to the next step, and fast.

So, this Shema is one I was taught as a morning and bedtime devotion. This one is basically a protective invocation, in prayer to the protective angels up high to watch over you and guide you. Most Shema’s are spoken in a mantra with a repetitive manner or spoken a few times. It’s great to teach children hebrew slowly, as the words flow better from their tongues. It’s a beautiful language, and yes I am biased!

Last night however, during mid dream time LBRP, this particular Shema popped into thought… With a few others, but I shan’t go into those as I have yet to find them. I ignored the dream, like I do frequently, but proceeded to look up more on the LBRP. I ended up on YouTube, and slowly but surely I wondered from video to video and found one of the Shema’s I had dreamt about. I have no idea why I am getting these lessons, but I am excited and terrified at the same time! I may record a new morning devotion with this…hmm?

So, here is the Shema, just listen with your eyes closed and see if the words feel like they could roll from your mouth.

B’shem Adonai…

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Sy, x x