[Updated June 2012]

Subtle Thelemite

Name: Sy Calaelen. It’s my pen name. Just in case you are wondering, Calaelen is Elvish for my real surname, and Sy is the initials to my actual first and middle name.

Age: I was born in 1988 – I missed the 80s by a close shave XD

Ethnicity: Black British. Jamaican, Spanish, Scottish, French, Arawak Indian & a little Weird.

Height: 5’9″ so tall….

Religion: I’m a multifaceted spiritual person. Grounded by Paganism (with deep practice in Hermeticism, the Occult, Witchcraft, Hellenism, Kemetic Tamera (something I created, which is the bit in the middle :P) & Wicca to some degree) and Buddhism (with even further practice in Yoga, Vajrayana & Theraveda). I guess in a weird way, I am a ‘Hermetic Buddhist Kemetic Pagan’ or just eclectic.

Location: Just outside north London 🙂 I spend my days off in London, Cambridge, Paris and the Bloggers-sphere 😛

Why Shazzypbear?: Shazzy is a nick name I got over 10 years ago, just a snazzy shortened version of my first name. P and Bear stand for Pooh Bear. I’m still in love with the stories and I’m a girl at heart.

Why Harlequin.Days?: My other channel is named after moments I remember from my early childhood with my stuffed Harlequin toy/teddy. I still have him, and love him. When I was lonely (as I didn’t have many friends) I would think up stories and ideas, and called them Harlequin Days.

Camera: For my vlogs I use the Flip Mino HD, but edit through Movie Maker. For my photos I use my little Canon IXUS 100S. I’m investing in another Canon. I have other cameras’ but I only use them for particular stuffs.

Books/Authors: Bram Stoker, Guy de Maupassant, Albert Camus, Raymond Buckland, Aleister Crowley, Dr. John Dee, McGregor Mathers, Geoff Johns, Brian Azzarello, Lord Byron, Rudyard Kipling, Alan Alexander Milne, Silver Ravenwolf & many more.

Film/TV: Supernatural, True Blood, Smallville, Boardwalk Empire, the entire Batman collection, Charmed, The Sopranos, Rome, Spartacus, The OC, CSI, Nip/Tuck & all Angelina Jolie films XD

Music: Beethoven, Chopin, Wagner, Vivaldi, Rammstein, AC/DC, Guns ‘n Roses, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, The Specials, Johnny Cash, Pendulum, Steve Aoki, Knife Party, The Bloody Beetroots, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Bob Marley, The Sex Pistols & Billy Ray Cyrus.

Exercise: Yoga (ie Kundalini, Tantric and another form which I forget…), dance and walking.

Food: Vegetarian, vegan and sometimes a cheating pescatarian. Snickers, only from the UK as the ingredients are slightly different elsewhere.

How long have you been spiritual/pagan?: All of my life, but when I did a dedication for my pagan life it was 13 years ago. My whole life has been Adventist, Jewish and other weird Christian paths. Influenced by early native folk magic of Jamaica too.

Why did you start blogging?: I started back in 2005 purely to publish my weird gothic style poetry for my online friends to read. Baring in mind, this was before the creation of ’emo’.

Why did you start vlogging?: I was influenced, and also due to the fact that I may still be the only black British pagans on YT who makes videos. I have a voice too, regardless of what I look like, how I sound or my skin colour. Breaking through the barriers! 🙂

[Questions from April 2012]

Are you Wiccan?

I’m asked this a lot, and the answer is no. In a more complex way, I started out on my path as a Wiccan, and for the past few years I found I became so eclectic that I had to drop the religious aspect on a greater degree. I felt constricted in that circle as it were and knew I had to combine all the knowledge I gained on a smoother path, a path created by me.

I like to use Wiccan knowledge as a base point for newcomers to the craft as I actually found it to be quite a well put together religion. I started out as a Wiccan, and even though I no longer follow Wiccan guidelines anymore, such as the Rede, I couldn’t thank it enough for the opportunities I gain now.

Thanks Gerald Gardner!

How long have you been practising witchcraft?

I’ve been researching and practising since I was 11, but I didn’t take my official vows (I found them in a book since I wasn’t in a coven at the time) when I was 12. I’ve been doing a ton of reading, writing, and learning, spell crafting and meditating since. I’m a nerd first, then a flaming pagan! =P

Who are your favourite Pagan authors?

By far Silver Ravenwolf, Scott Cunningham, Raymond Buckland and Samuel Liddel McGregor Mathers and a few others. I have a broad spectrum and a broad list of books I love. They write on subjects from witchcraft, Wicca, the occult, general spirituality and lots of history books!

If you don’t follow the Rede, what do you follow?

I follow the Yogic sutras, Buddhist scriptures, Tao Te Ching and the 42 Maxims of Ptah Hotep. I follow the laws of karma according to Buddhists. I find that whatever I dish out comes back once rather than three-fold. I follow other guidelines that have a lot in common. As long as I follow common sense, adhere to the law of harm none, and revere the power of as above, so below.

If you can think of anything, by all means comment below!

What spiritual activities do you partake in?

My all time favourite activity is Yoga. I have been practising yoga since the mid noughties, concentrating on the spiritual aspect rather than the slimming benefits. I have taken on one path of Buddhism so seriously that I practice celibacy as one of eight ways to spiritual awakening, and the other would be yoga. Another activity I love is cooking! Vegetarian and vegan cooking, but I’m fine cooking fish, eggs and using milk.

Would you date another pagan/spiritual person or not?

I am asked this a lot… and I still don’t fully understand how I would answer it. I have many friends from both sides of the coin, spiritual and non-spiritual who love me for who I am. I would like to assume that if I met a partner, spiritual or not, he would be open minded. I have had experiences with people in the past, both spiritual and non-spiritual who couldn’t be more closed minded about who I was and what I practice.

More on the way!

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