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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

To contact me, just tweet or email me via YouTube. I haven’t yet set up a private email for folks who just want to connect. Please be aware, I do not like people adding me Facebook (exceptions below) so don’t ask unless we are supposed to be friends. I have to be strict as I’m a sensitive soul, and have found people to be quite harsh toward me when they get what they need, or find I understand something when they haven’t. Also, I just want to stay fairly private. As soon as I get a public email, I will let you all know. I do have an Instagram, so you may follow me there, and interact with me that way too. I have also set up a Tumblr account for my occult interests, and my university interests as far as culture and literature go. Please feel free to comment on my posts, but be aware, if you are offensive in my eyes, I will delete them; otherwise I don’t mind.

I do my thing and you do your thing.
I am not in this world to live up to
your expectations
And you are not in this world to live
up to mine.
You are you, and I am I, and if by chance
we find each other, it’s beautiful
If not, it can’t be helped.

Fritz Perls, 1969







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48 thoughts on “Contact Moi

  1. Hi Sy,

    I’ve seen ur Youtube vids and think they are v. cool…. I like ur ideas about spirituality and ur take on life ; ) I don’t really talk a lot about my own personal practices but i can see ur a fellow “seeker”. Email me or add my facebook i think u wud be a cool friend

    johnboi ; P

  2. Stunning Blog

    Just sayin 🙂

  3. I love your content! You are very direct and I love that about you!
    I’m linking your blog from my own because everyone should know about you. Well, except the crazies, of course.



  4. You remind me of an older version of myself! i absolutely adore your insight as well as your videos. Your way with words are amazing. By far, my favourite blogger. j’adore Sy =]

  5. I’ve just been introduced to some of your YouTube videos, and I have to say it is so very refreshing to meet a pagan who is also well versed in many of the classic occult traditions that precede much of contemporary esoterica as we know it. Too often have I seen a kind of splintering in the spirituality community, between those that consider themselves occultists (studying “Solomon’s” grimoires, Agrippa’s work, rootwork, qabalah, etc.) and those that claim the pagan label. You combine both, and you have my sincerest admiration for doing so!

    My own path combines Buddhism, esoteric Christianity, and paganism via a Neoplatonist worldview. If you’re up for it sometime, I’d love to dialogue and swap ideas. Let me know!

    • That would be lovely =]

      I love to read, research and try out as much as I can, baring in mind I don’t like to do something which is too advanced for me. The past 11 years have taught me so much, and I hope to teach others once I feel confident in doing so. I’m new to Agrippa’s work, as I’m slowly [I mean very slowly] studying Crowley and Mathers works. It can be a very lonely world, especially as occult work is something you have to have a deep understanding of, and a real understanding of the background info, and many people just want to do the ‘fun and easy’ spells. It’s annoying that at 23 I don’t have that much in common with many people, and it sucks I wasn’t born in the era when Golden Dawn were around and fully functional. I’ll mail you =]

  6. Hey it’s me again.
    Email me I have very important info about witchcraft.

  7. Hey sy, would you mind promoting my new Witchcraft blog a bit? I’ve already added yours to my blogs of Note list. 🙂


  8. In response to the video “Do What Thou Wilt”


    So, did Crowley use double ententre? You can bet on it, but when it comes to the Thelemic axiom this isn’t the case. First one has to define what “Will” is before one can do such a thing. The masses usually associate “Do what that Thou Wilt” with “Do what you want” because they apply the axiom to the mundane. Of course, when we talk about “Will” in the spiritual, magickal and mystical sense, we are talking about “Divne Will” or “True Will.” Now what is your true will? It’s the reason your alive; the very reason you have incarnated! The goal of the Thelemite is to find their True Will and to accomplish it. This is what is called the great work. In the past great teachers, prophets, guides etc…. have said “Do What I will” but Crowley said “Do what Thou Wilt.” This shows a great change in human evolution — especially in a spiritual sense.
    “Love is the Law, Love under Will” can simply mean tolerance, unity, harmony, respect, but always in accordance with the True Will. Murder, thievery, being a coward etc, isn’t exactly loving. If I didn’t respect somebodies right to live, well?….. why should I have the right. If I stole somebodies property, thus removing their right to enjoy the fruits of their labour; why should I enjoy mine. There isn’t any sin in Thelema other than not doing your Will. It frees mankind from feeling unnecessary guilt, but it doesn’t free you from taking responsibility for your own actions. Being a Thelemite doesn’t mean your immune to a jail sentence.

    As the Book of the Law states:

    Al II: 57 ” Depise also all cowards; professional soldiers who dare not fight, but play; all fools despise!”

    Al II: 2 “The Law of the strong: this is our Law and the joy of the world”

    Al I: 40 “Do What Thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law”

    Al I: 42-43 “thou hast no right but to do thou will. Do that and no other shall say nay.”

    Al I: 3 “Every man and every woman is a star.”

    Al I: 57 “Love is the Law, Love under Will.”

    • Perfect thank you!!! I knew will meant divine will, but I never really delved deep enough into it. Now you have managed to clear up parts of what my mind was telling me. I am glad you helped! Thank you again!

      • 93

        You don’t need to thank me — its my pleasure.

        “I solemnly promise to persevere with courage and determination in the labours of the Divine Science”
        From the Golden Dawn Neophyte Ceromony


        “Reverance, duty, sympathy, devotion, assiduity, trust do I bring”
        From the A.A. Probationer oath

        93, 93/93

      • Thank you for these! Sorry, I am just super happy you eloped guide me. Hehe!

      • 93

        Sorry, I don’t have a blog. I replied to your video because I felt compelled to make the effort. I usually keep silent, but you seem to be a born mystic. People with qualities like yourself usually have studied occultism for a couple of lifetimes, or have recieved some sort of an initiation in a previous incarnation. I also know what it’s like to feel lonely. Deppression also was a theme in my teenage years, and my early twenties; I’m a bit older now, and can see that every bit of sorrow was an ordeal. It’s all been worth it. Most mystics go through some sort of depression: the dark night of the soul is a great example.

        93, 93/93

      • 93 / 93 kind Sir.

        In this lifetime, it has only been 10 years I think, though witchcraft has been there officially for 13 years. I am just glad you are someone I can secretly stalk the mind of =P I think I may post that poem because of something that came up, and to be honest the last year or so has been crazy hectic and lonely. It is great to know now that the lessons I have learnt are making sense. =]

      • 93

        I’ve never heard of a kid showing any major kind of spiritual attainment. You usually don’t see it till teenage years (which seems to be the case with yourself). The ego of a human being doesn’t start to mature till puberty; the Qabbalists call it the Ruach, which is also connected with human intellect. The intellect is needed to communicate with intuition. Most occultist don’t remember past life’s till adept hood. You don’t need to stalk my mind: ask me anything.

        93, 93/93

      • I had the pleasure of growing up both Adventist and Jewish, and without friends so all I had were books, magic and tarot. Haha! But like you said, things didn’t snap until I was a little older, around 14. How long have you been a Thelemite?

  9. 93

    I grew up in Northern Ireland, and followed the typical Protestant root. I didn’t take religion seriously till I was in about 13/14. My thinking at the time was, that if there was indeed a God the best thing I could do was give my service’s to him. As I grew up I found it very hard to accept blind faith, and I became sickened with the way people treated each other because of different religous views. I started to become rather obsessed with the occult around 15/16, but I couldn’t find any books or teachers in the country because Northern Ireland is so religous, and the study of such subjects is heavily looked down on. I had to order books, Tarot cards etc…. from across the water, and keep it a secret. My main interest was in Rosicrucians so I started going through Golden Dawn material, and I took my first Neophyte oath at eighteen. I eventually got into Thelema and met up with the O.T.O at 21. I love the order, but it’s not a teaching order; more fraternal. Now I’m giving myself to the A.A as it’s more to do with actual attainment, and teaching. So I guess I’ve been a practicing Thelemite for 3 years.
    I know what it’s like to grow up with no friends. I didn’t think like everybody else so naturally I was an outsider. The fact that you grew up with a Jewish background is pretty awesome. Can you speak Hebrew — I’m learning at the moment along side Greek.


    • 93

      Also, one of the best books for psychology and magic is “The Middle Pillar” by Israel Regardie. In my opinion I would say its the best book, if not one of them, for anybody getting into occultism. Israel Regardie was Crowley’s secretary, a trained psychologist, and one of the most loved authors when it comes to the Golden Dawn Tradition. The book help me loads: it really knocked a lot of things into perspective. He was also Jewish 🙂

      93, 93/93

      • I was told of Israel Regardie but I never got round to him, though I was thinking about him the other day. He truly was an amazing person, though underrated if you ask me. I need to compile an updated occult book list for the tab up top, and for people who want to get into the occult. There are a number of books out there, but so many are full of crap =P

        email me any time!

      • You absolutely right about Regardie: what he has done for the world is beyond words. The love that man had for humanity as well as his no-bullshit approach to the work is awe-inspiring. He was never one to claim a grade he didn’t deserve.

        You can email me anytime! 🙂

      • He is in my shopping basket. When I next pop down to Atlantis Books or Watkins here in London, I will defiantly buy a few books. I hope he has more than one… I read like crazy…

    • That is cool! Ireland is a beautiful place. It sucks having to keep so much so quiet, when ideally I would love someone older and wiser to show me the ins and outs. Would have saved me a lot of time, but I am thankful for it. Believe it or not, I forgot most of my Hebrew lessons, though we still follow the strict kosher diet and some words are shared here and there between friends and family which is nice. The only languages I am concentrating on most is Spanish due to family on my fathers side who pretend they don’t speak any English when I visit, Grr! I have always had a deep fascination with the world, and intend on exploring it. Are you an ’88 baby?!

      • Yes, I’m a 88 baby. I know what you mean about having someone older and wiser to help you. All the occultist I know are older, but they certainly ain’t wiser — I’ve turned out to be their teacher instead. If your looking a teacher the best place your going to find one is an initiatory school. In the A.A for example, your given your own personal teacher who guides you until you reach knowledge and conversation of your Holy Guardian Angel. When this happens your angel is then your own personal guide.
        I wouldn’t worry about your family pretending not to speak English; my family only speak English and the buggers don’t talk to me. Haha!! 🙂

        Are you an 88 baby also?

  10. Hey sy its me wesley of america plz
    Contact me at my yahoo

  11. I used to follow you on YouTube in late 2010, early 2011 and was in love with your way of thinking and the way you presented information. I’ve been following a sort of Catholic-Pagan-Zen inspired path. Very oxymoronic, I know. But I remember through your videos you always kind of reaffirmed that blending paths is normal, so I didn’t feel so strange anymore. I think it’s great to share information with just the hope of maybe inspiring another like that. I had been debating with myself if I should start a vlog or blog—I ending up choosing blog and started just the other day. In an attempt to find your videos again, I googled “shazzypbear” and came across your blog, which made me infinitely happy. So of course I’ll be following it regularly now. Keep being you!

  12. hi Sy!,

    I just found your blog with my Vajrayogini mandala artwork (from July)- I like your writings (I didn’t read a huge amount though) you have a free-flowing way of expression and a unique take on buddhism that’s very refreshing. I often feel that the buddhist teachings can be a bit overwhelming of individuality – so good to read your personal experiences and ideas.
    I also noticed you wrote that my prints are sold out. Not at all! – all of the gallery images are still available in various sized prints or greeting cards.
    Keep up the good work,
    Best wishes,
    Peter “Zotec”

  13. I enjoy your U tube videos and have learned much from them. Keep up the excellent work. I am leaving a link to my altar set up, and the tools I have made for using at my altar. Let me know what you think about it if you like.

  14. Hi Sy,
    Recently I have been experiencing a huge shift within myself and I don’t know what to do. I know that change is healthy, neccessary even but it is also terrifying! The things I used to connect with I feel no longer apply to me. Even the way I connect and relate to the Goddess feels stilted and strained, something that is causing me great pain. I have been on this path for 8 years now and I was practicing with two other women. The first left abruptly a few years ago and the other one, while we remain good friends, have decided to go our seperate ways magically. For a while I felt free and liberated but now I am completely lost and have no clue as to what to do about it. Any advice you could give would be amazingly helpful and as you have recently began a change yourself I thought you could help me.
    Thank you and I love your videos!

    • Light your candles and either do prayer, mediation or a small spells asking the Gods to guide you. Perhaps try not using any particular names, just “Universe help me/Gods and Goddesses help me.” Be patient. When going through changes it is meant to be hard. Focus on the Hermit card from the tarot. Read up on it, jot notes and find similarities and differences. Also, look at the story in the major arcana of the fools journey. 🙂

  15. Thank you SO much! I will do that! I kept pulling the hermit card!

  16. Hi! How are you? I just began watching your videos on youtube a few hours ago (and yes I should have been studying for my English exam tomorrow but I couldn’t help it). I find your story very inspirational and I love listening to you explain your thoughts on different subjects. Also, I have been researching Buddhism for a while and am strongly considering converting. Your explanation of Buddhism was a lot clearer than many other sources I came across during my search! I am currently in my last year of secondary school and I’m very confused as to what I want to be when I leave. I’m hoping that before I make any hasty decisions, I can learn to love myself and others, and find what truly brings me joy in life. Anyways, thank you for your wonderful videos and blog.
    Kelly =)

    • No problem!

      It took me a little while to realise I wanted to teach and lecture, as its what I am naturally good at. Have you sat down and tried to work out a few career paths yet? It also helps to ask your parents to explain their jobs fully so you can cross them off! Haha, I did that, and it was awesome.

      I’m hoping to start a few advice videos, and loving yourself is one 😀

  17. 93
    Hi I ran across your channel on YouTube and watch them all back to back. I too started witchcraft when I was 12. Over the last 20 years I have studied many forms of Magick. I now call myself a Thelemite. Watching your videos we have a lot in common. Except me being a 32 year old male in the US. Keep up the good work.
    93 93/93

    • 93
      Thanks! I cannot watch my videos back! They create so much awkwardness!

      I’m so new to Thelema and its concepts and I’m slowly getting to grips with the philosophy and theories. It’s beautiful. Truly perfect.

      If you have any wisdom you can impart I would be glad to learn!! I’m eager.

      Thank you again for watching my embarrassing videos and reading my blog. Do you have a blog too?

      93, 93/93

  18. Hi there!
    Just wrote you an email too, but I just had to write a comment on your blog.

    Wow! That’s what comes to mind when I read some of the things you write about! Really interesting and you have a way of speaking/writing that keeps me hooked! You have a great variety of interests, and where I’m still searching what my path is meant to be, I like reading your posts. I’m going to follow you if you don’t mind 😉

    Take care! And it would be great if you could email me back 🙂

    Med vänlig hälsning,
    Kate from the Netherlands

    Ha det så bra!

    • I haven’t received an email…? Unless I’ve forgotten? Where did you send it?

      Thank you for the compliment! It’s odd, life is strange, yet I’m the one who makes it feel strange and hard to deal with. I’ll get there eventually 😀

  19. Thanks for the reply! I emailed to ‘’ Sunday June, 16th… 🙂

  20. Wonderful blog. Thank you for providing a wonderful source of information.

  21. Everything you have written here totally amazes us. We are aliens on this Earth. My dear wife follows the path of the dakini witch. She thought she was the only one. (So did I.) Her second greatest obsession is Thelema. We live in Scotland, but I would drive her all the way to N London just to meet someone who understands her. Either she or you would learn much. May we meet you? Many Vajrayogini blessings to you! (You can also have some from Aleister. (What’s he like?))

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