I’m Not Crazy After-all | Hidden Wisdom Lecture

I was sent a link about Tim Wallace-Murphy’s book ‘Hidden Wisdom: Secrets of the Western Esoteric Tradition’, which I have put in my Amazon basket already. It is such a lovely lecture, presented by an equally lovely man. He goes into a lot of detail about the esoteric traditions and their roots, ranging as far back as the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks/Romans with information on the Knights Templar and symbology. However, for this post I am only going to pull out one or two areas that rung true to me, or at least got me thinking.

Watch the lecture here, it’s a must see!

It is the ideal lecture on understanding where your magickal teachings come from. More than anything, I picked up early on about the difference between religion and spirituality, in which he stated and agreed with an old friend that religion is man-made, whilst spirituality is natural and free. I have always thought this, and deep down I knew I was spiritual, and always felt akin to my spiritual friends. I was pretty much alone in my early theories, arguing back and fourth with religious people from all walks of life, whether it was Christians, Wiccans and most recently, a handful of Thelemites. They all pretty much said the same thing, “You need religion to get on in life. You can’t have spirituality without religion.” Which I have disproved so many times; I am living proof. On the other side, when I say that I believe esoteric traditions to be more spiritually grounded, people have often told me I am wrong too. Exempli gratia, witchcraft is spirituality, Druidry and Thelema are considered religions with a direct link to spiritual purity, and so I would categorise them as being ‘Spiritual Religions’. As much as I dislike the word religion, I use it to emphasise the difference between freedom and structure (or doctrine). What has me perplexed is the fact that something like Thelema, which is a religion, clearly teaches you that in order to be spiritual you must go out and seek that natural water for your own heart, which is a spiritual notion, so I can’t think of Thelema as a religion all the time. Thelema is too beautiful and life affirming to have a dirty word like “Religion’ bestowed on it? Am I crazy? I can feel the crazy looks…

It is nice to know that my theories aren’t all hokum after all. Guru Jonboi (haha) would agree with me, on the grounds that spirituality and religions are two different things. Thinking back to the first phone call we had when we spoke about their differences, listening to what he was saying sent warmth down my spine; everything he said, was almost word for word coming from my mind. It felt great. To this day we still read from the same page, regardless of where we are spiritually. He leans more to the Eastern philosophies, whilst I roam the wilds of the Ancients.

Later on Wallace-Murphy goes into detail about the early Ancient Egyptian influence on the creation of Judaism. I came across a few similarities and arguments during my research and practice days. I often looked up the beginnings of The Emerald Tablet, The Kybalion and its inspirations, Kemeticism and the famed Hermes Trismestagus who could have been Moses. It’s fascinating information I tell you. It makes me think up new possible theories, but I have taught myself not to say anything out loud to people in case I am stomped on by a hundred angry men (that’s why I write on my blog, only a few eyes read it, so I can get away with it! :P).

I have always felt proud of where I was going, knowing I was right all along. All of the lessons, paths and practices I have adopted are spiritual without a doubt, and to top it off, they all fall under Hermetic practises, and Thelema most certainly. As I have mentioned a few times, my spiritual life in the last 13 years has grown, and I have only dropped Wicca, the Wiccan Rede and the minor Celtic traditions as the religious aspect of my search for a religiously spiritual home. Everything else has stayed firmly in place, as I need them all to function as a witch, Thelemite and esoteric occultist. Gnosis anyone? Joke.

I am so happy to finally prove that I am on the right track! In your face! XD

Sy, x


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Blessed Eros Day! Year 2

ErosBlessed Eros Day or Lupercalia to all of you out there (traditionally celebrated from  the 13th of Feb to the 15th of Feb)! I hope you have a wonderful day, whether you are in a relationship, in between or single like me. Let today be a day of self love, celebration and pampering. If you like chocolate and wine you may be glad to know about the chocolate wines that are now available, personally I like both but not together! That’s food poisoning waiting to happen. Just to point out, Lupercalia was a time when evil spirits and bad energies were dismissed and sent away, and after those banishing’s as it were, the priests would perform rites for health and fertility for the land and for the people. I use this time to clear my heart of the negative feelings of love in my heart. It takes time, hence why I love the fact it takes a good three days to perform good magick.

Now, for some years the money event that is Valentine’s is sadly misunderstood as the only time of the year you spend enormous amounts of money on your loved one, excluding wedding anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas. I am not one to talk about relationships or love since I have failed miserably and refuse to try again just yet, but I feel that relating one day to the love of your life is weird and a little selfish. I would celebrate love as much as I could, when I could with my love. However, I’ll contradict myself here as a lot of couples lead very busy lives and find it difficult to have a whole day dedicated to themselves, so Valentine’s is perfect. It’s that one time of the year they can recreate that excitement and declare their love to each other.

If I ever get into a relationship in the future I’ll like to bring the original idea of love on this feast day back by celebrating Lupercalia and honouring the deities of love like Eros. For the past year now I have lit a little red or pink candle honouring Eros, and thanking him for keeping my heart open and thanking him for my family and friends. Other than that, I have incense or an oil boiler burning and meditate. In the past I used to ask for love to come my way, but since they have never worked I have decided I shouldn’t chase after something I don’t need right now. I’ll put off the hopeless pining for the future… Hopefully next year or tomorrow I’ll post a photo of my altar set up =] The following I say with my hands open by the sacred fire on my altar either when the sun is up or at night to mark the end of each day, enjoy!

Hymn to Eros (Orphic Hymn 58)

“To Eros (Love), Fumigation from Aromatics. I call, great Eros, the source of sweet delight, holy and pure, and charming to the sight; darting, and winged, impetuous fierce desire, with Gods and mortals playing, wandering fire : agile and twofold, keeper of the keys of heaven and earth, the air, and spreading seas; of all that earth’s fertile realms contains, by which the all parent Goddess life sustains, or dismal Tartaros is doomed to keep, widely extended, or the sounding deep; for thee all nature’s various realms obey, who rulest alone, with universal sway. Come, blessed power, regard these mystic fires, and far avert unlawful mad desires.”

What do you folks do for Lupercalia or Eros Day? What other events do you celebrate on this day besides Valentines?

It’s a very short post today, but I don’t like discussing love for too long as I end up sounding like a lonely old boob and that’s a part of my personality I hope will never stand in a room for too long. At the moment (and I will show you all as soon as it is done – a new tattoo that is) I stand by Plato’s quotation “Love is a serious mental disease.” Love is one of those things… I shall stop; I feel love’s ugly head trying to borrow its way through to the surface…

Check out this post, we have been writing about Eros and Lupercalia since last year and we hope to get a few more people to blog about their celebrations too: Eros Day, Year 2.

This is last years post: https://sycalaelen.wordpress.com/2011/02/15/happy-eros-day-old-skool-valentines/

Happy Lupercalia x x

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Do You Dream of Me?

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had vivid dreams that always end abruptly and leave me either staring into the darkness or I have a curiosity to do something. It doesn’t help when I’m in such a deep sleep I’m awoken by a voice, someone calling my name. Usually I ignore this voice as I either put it down to exhaustion or that spirit that keep interrupting me when I have my headphones in. His voice is the same every time, just coarse and shouting my name once at a time until I finally stop to listen – and obviously he either stops or once I’ve gone back to sleep he starts again. I need and love sleep, and I find reciting mantra makes me open to messages from other spirits and more importantly the Gods. This is partly why I am such a fanatic of meditation. I meditate when I can, but as of late I’ve been meditating before bed or when I am woken up at 3am. My body clock is awful by the way, it never has been or at least it was perfect when I was a baby!

Now, take note that dreams don’t come to me often, and looking at my dream journal they come in a cluster every 2 months as of 2008. That basically means I’ll get 3 or 4 dreams within the course of a few days and then they’ll repeat over and over until I work out the message within. One dream that occurred a lot, which seems to be triggered when I recite a particular night time devotion to a certain God, comes very quickly once sleep is introduced. That dream is so intense I usually wake up feeling hot and a little sick. The next that happens involves a pen and my journal which is right next to my bed. This reoccurring dream is something I have to work out, and it will take time, but the images are so beautiful that I don’t want to let it become a distant memory just yet.

Some of my dreams come when I’m awake too, like day dreams. I’ll be listening to music, meditating, praying or just being and I’ll have a quick flash of images and then have to urge to write. Other times I’ll ask for help, especially when writing and I’ll recite a small verse asking the Muses to inspire me. They usually touch my forehead like an angel touches a saint and I’m full of words. I always thank them for helping me, or just for being there. I make sure the gods and spirits know most mornings that I am open for any blessings, inspirations or energies they see fit to bring me which I think is the reason why I’m so sensitive to energies around me. I see everything as a sign or omen of some sort, and not always for me. My whole life is spiritually and philosophically based, and I am a fan of causality. Dreaming is important for religious and non-religious reasons, any psychologist will tell you.

Have any of you felt the dreams are a great way for gods and other spirits to contact you? I definitely do. Half of my rituals that I’ve written (and some of which will be in my book once I finish writing the damn thing) have been writing by a lamp in the early hours of the morning because of a dream. Most recently I’ve written up a short ritual for each day of Saturnalia this week, and it only took half an hour [looking at my journal the dreams started back in October]. I didn’t even double check tools or factors with other books like I normally do; I just knew which symbols and words I needed. The great thing was, this dream, or the series of dreams I had from weeks ago all contained symbols and signs that Saturn and Zeus were going to be apparent during Saturnalia, I just had to abide as Zeus is one of my patrons.

I love the dreams I get, hence why I write them down when I can so I thought it would be great to share my basic view of what I think. Over time I have come to question whether my God infused dreams are visions of some type, but my lazy side has got the best of me and I cannot be bothered to look up the full meaning of a vision just yet. I’ll do it tomorrow…. (Yeah, right).

What dreams do you have, and how helpful or scary can they be? When I dream I feel more connected to the spirit world and to the Gods, and dreaming is one tool I’ll never let go of.

Comment, have a lovely Yule and Saturnalia!

Io, Saturnalia! (Pronounced ‘ee-oo’)


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Happy Eros Day! (Old Skool Valentines…)

So I got up, on a  day I usually mark as ‘just another celebration day’ but I felt loved. Not by anyone in particular, that will not happen, but I felt love from the Gods. I wasn’t sure why, but I wanted to share that love with folks. I tweeted a Happy Valentines message and got a few loved responses, and I updated my status via Facebook too. It was supposed to be my first valentines where I didn’t feel all that lonely, and my God I didn’t. I even bought myself a valentines card, though I do that almost every year anyway. All day I relaxed, attempted to meditate and shopped for new vegan and vegetarian books via my kindle. I read poetry, read articles from The Guardian and did chores. It was an okay day =] (though if I had a little bit more money I would have bought me a new bag or 3…)

A small conversation started via Twitter with a fellow blogger I’m very fond of, and he wished me a Happy Eros day. I sort of looked at my phone and freaked as I totally forgot. I have separate calenders that I need to work into my filofax so I can remember sacred dates and holidays as I don’t just wait until the eight sabbats to praise the Lord and Lady. Eros day has now been added, thank Gods. It gave me an idea to do a small ritual to him late last night as most folks know rituals to the Goddess predominate rituals to the God at most times of the year. I’m all about balance and since most of the books I have mark 95% of your ritual/spell time to the Goddess I thought it was only fit to do a little something for the God.

My Love Ritual was just a meditation at midnight where I just felt open. I want to learn to accept myself more, and I promised the Lord and Lady something I intend to keep. Overall, it was an awesome day.

Check out WrittenInEarth’s post: http://writteninearth.blogspot.com/2011/02/hello-again-eros-day.html

And if didn’t, Happy Valentines to all the sweet couples out there, and the single folks like moi! Kisses ♥ ♥ ♥ &  Just for the inspiration, I want to wish every Pagan Happy Eros Day! ♥ ♥ ♥

Kisses x x x


Buddhist Witch (brief explin.)

If I had to use a label to attach to myself, I’d go by a Yogic Witch or Buddhist Witch or a Kemetic Buddhist Witch or Pagan… etc. But I don’t like labels much as they cause a whole lot of confusion and when you mention a label to other people there is a lot of ‘others tuff’ that is automatically associated with it. Don’t get me started on the devil worship crap that you would get if you’re a Wiccan or a practising witch. Not all labels are negative though, especially when the term Buddhist comes into play. Most people see Buddhists as world folk who are really in tune with life, life’s mysteries and deity. I went to pick my sister up from school once, and I overheard a woman say to another mother, ‘I’d prefer a Buddhist to look after my child as they are more human than most…’ I’m not entirely sure what the conversation was about, though I did pick up something about childminders and interviews, but I liked what she said. I had a quick look at my old dairies to see when I got my first book on Buddhism and it was way back in March 2007! Woop!

I’ve been reading a ton of books on Zen Buddhism (Tibetan) and books on how to better understand the bodhisattva, The Precepts, The Eight Fold Path and the Four Noble Truths. The only temple I know of is in Brighton but there are a few places in London that I hope to visit one day. Along with Eastern religion and philosophy I found lots of connections with Roman, Greek and Egyptian teachings, such as The Knots of the Heavenly Kine (Coffin Texts, Spell 407, Faulkner) which are energy points on the body that one has to charge with the universe through meditation. TKHK have been seen as the basis of the Hindu Kundalini-yoga chakra points. I’m a Yoga lover too, so when I came across the connection between Buddhism to Yoga (Kundalini) and then onto Hinduism I knew that spirituality was endless and boundless. I’m now able to link Yoga, Buddhism, Kemeticism, Hellenism, Paganism, Judaism and Hinduism but still practise Witchcraft.

As far as history goes and as far as I’m concerned I’m basing my spirituality on the world, quite literally. I don’t mind what I learn or where it’s from; I just want to feel human after learning it. That’s means accepting the good, the bad, and the strange. That’s the beauty of life.

So, what about you folks?

Buddhists Praying

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Greek & Roman Religion: Dii Consentes

The Dii Consentes referred to the 12 principle deities within the Roman pantheon. There were other deities who were at the bottom of the hierarchy if you may. When the Greek religion was adapted in Rome, the Romans had an already established religion taken from the Etruscans. Below is a table of the Roman and Greek deities with their cultural name differences. The ‘properties’ of each of the gods may differ, they were associated with each other, but they weren’t the same. Jupiter is a prime example, Zeus loved his people but he heard, acknowledged and answered the prayers from his people, whereas Jupiter only heard prayers and sometimes answered prayers.

Greek Gods Roman Gods
Apollo Apollo
Demeter Ceres
Atemis Diana
Hera Iuno (Juno)
Zeus Iuppiter (Jupiter)
Hermes Mercurius (Mercury)
Ares Mars
Athena Minerva (Etruscan: Menrva)
Poseidon Neptunus (Neptune)
Aphrodite Venus
Hestia Vesta
Hephaestus Volcanus (Vulcan)


These deities’ were paired together, Jupiter and Juno, Minerva and Neptune, Mars and Venus, Mercury and Ceres, Apollo and Diana and finally Vulcan and Vesta. Some of the ‘couples’ here weren’t known for sexual or fertility based recognition. Vesta and Diana were virgins, whereas Mars and Venus were a couple, eventually having children who were Gods themselves. These gods were Concordia (Greek: Harmonia), Cupid (Eros), Pavor (Phobos), Metus (Deimos) and Anteros, which his is Greek name.


Above all Jupiter was ruler of the Gods, and head of the Capitoline Triad; Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. They were worshipped in a very elaborate temple at the top of the Capitoline Hill known as the Capitolium. For almost 93%-95% of the Roman empire, its middle and lower class citizens, known as plebs, honoured the Aventine triad, consisting of Ceres, Liber and Liberia. Liber meaning ‘The Free Father’ was associated as being Liberia’s partner, as Liberia was translated to The Free One. The funny thought here is that Liber was Ceres’ daughter, thus officially being partnered with her Greek counterpart as Persephone. Liber on the other hand, was associated with Bacchus and Dionysus, but he wasn’t them, he was an individual.

To make it easier to understand how the Romans honoured/prayed to their patrons, if you were of nobility you would honour the Capitoline Triad, hence why Jupiter is seen as this big almighty no nonsense deity who happily punished you if you fucked up, and most importantly he ‘ran’ the government of the Gods and thus was associated with the peoples government. If you were middle class or ‘poor’ your patrons were the Aventine Triad. Make note the slaves were even less, and they carried their own faiths and religions, and often worshipped with the family of whom they worked for.

These Gods and Goddesses are actually much older than mentioned in history. It is believed they derived from the Hittite gods, possibly of Lycian deities’ from the Roman period. By 400BC there was a precinct in the marketplace of Xanthos, Lycia built to honour each of these featureless male deities. Be careful when researching the origins of Dii Consentes as its origin has a lot of similarities with other pantheons such as the Egyptian twelve and the Olympian and Etruscan twelve. I got most of this info from 2 books which I will be reviewing in time, like the Egyptian selection from last month.

Over time I’ll give you all an historic look into who these deities’ are as well as a personal look into my practise with particular Gods such as Apollo.

Capitoline Hill - How it used to be...

Hopefully this will clarify something… off to watch HBO Rome! =]


Divination Tool: Etruscan Oil

I uploaded a video last night on this topic so follow the link and smile =] Etruscan Oil

Etruscan Oil

You will need:

  • Bowl, preferably glass so you can see all the way through.
  • Oil – any oil, but standard cooking oils are great as they haven’t been mixed.
  • Salt, for purification and protection.

How to perform:

2 droplets for matters of the heart

3 droplets for business (3 is the magic number – on the western side, 8 in the eastern)

4 droplets for matters of farming/home/fertility


If the oil stays together, in one blob, then that was a positive outcome.

If the oil separates and stays that way, it was considered to be a negative outcome. This is where the salt comes in. (Pay the priest a little more…) the salt would be pinched and dropped in, either once, or to the number according to the matter asked. If the salt doesn’t affect the salt you would read the oil with its original negative outlook. If the salt makes the oil form together, you have hope or a more positive outlook once the negative flow has passed. If the salt turns the colour of the oil to white, you await disaster. – To the point huh?

Anyhoo, enjoy =]

Vestal Virgins