Buddhist Witch (brief explin.)

If I had to use a label to attach to myself, I’d go by a Yogic Witch or Buddhist Witch or a Kemetic Buddhist Witch or Pagan… etc. But I don’t like labels much as they cause a whole lot of confusion and when you mention a label to other people there is a lot of ‘others tuff’ that is automatically associated with it. Don’t get me started on the devil worship crap that you would get if you’re a Wiccan or a practising witch. Not all labels are negative though, especially when the term Buddhist comes into play. Most people see Buddhists as world folk who are really in tune with life, life’s mysteries and deity. I went to pick my sister up from school once, and I overheard a woman say to another mother, ‘I’d prefer a Buddhist to look after my child as they are more human than most…’ I’m not entirely sure what the conversation was about, though I did pick up something about childminders and interviews, but I liked what she said. I had a quick look at my old dairies to see when I got my first book on Buddhism and it was way back in March 2007! Woop!

I’ve been reading a ton of books on Zen Buddhism (Tibetan) and books on how to better understand the bodhisattva, The Precepts, The Eight Fold Path and the Four Noble Truths. The only temple I know of is in Brighton but there are a few places in London that I hope to visit one day. Along with Eastern religion and philosophy I found lots of connections with Roman, Greek and Egyptian teachings, such as The Knots of the Heavenly Kine (Coffin Texts, Spell 407, Faulkner) which are energy points on the body that one has to charge with the universe through meditation. TKHK have been seen as the basis of the Hindu Kundalini-yoga chakra points. I’m a Yoga lover too, so when I came across the connection between Buddhism to Yoga (Kundalini) and then onto Hinduism I knew that spirituality was endless and boundless. I’m now able to link Yoga, Buddhism, Kemeticism, Hellenism, Paganism, Judaism and Hinduism but still practise Witchcraft.

As far as history goes and as far as I’m concerned I’m basing my spirituality on the world, quite literally. I don’t mind what I learn or where it’s from; I just want to feel human after learning it. That’s means accepting the good, the bad, and the strange. That’s the beauty of life.

So, what about you folks?

Buddhists Praying

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Greek & Roman Religion: Dii Consentes

The Dii Consentes referred to the 12 principle deities within the Roman pantheon. There were other deities who were at the bottom of the hierarchy if you may. When the Greek religion was adapted in Rome, the Romans had an already established religion taken from the Etruscans. Below is a table of the Roman and Greek deities with their cultural name differences. The ‘properties’ of each of the gods may differ, they were associated with each other, but they weren’t the same. Jupiter is a prime example, Zeus loved his people but he heard, acknowledged and answered the prayers from his people, whereas Jupiter only heard prayers and sometimes answered prayers.

Greek Gods Roman Gods
Apollo Apollo
Demeter Ceres
Atemis Diana
Hera Iuno (Juno)
Zeus Iuppiter (Jupiter)
Hermes Mercurius (Mercury)
Ares Mars
Athena Minerva (Etruscan: Menrva)
Poseidon Neptunus (Neptune)
Aphrodite Venus
Hestia Vesta
Hephaestus Volcanus (Vulcan)


These deities’ were paired together, Jupiter and Juno, Minerva and Neptune, Mars and Venus, Mercury and Ceres, Apollo and Diana and finally Vulcan and Vesta. Some of the ‘couples’ here weren’t known for sexual or fertility based recognition. Vesta and Diana were virgins, whereas Mars and Venus were a couple, eventually having children who were Gods themselves. These gods were Concordia (Greek: Harmonia), Cupid (Eros), Pavor (Phobos), Metus (Deimos) and Anteros, which his is Greek name.


Above all Jupiter was ruler of the Gods, and head of the Capitoline Triad; Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. They were worshipped in a very elaborate temple at the top of the Capitoline Hill known as the Capitolium. For almost 93%-95% of the Roman empire, its middle and lower class citizens, known as plebs, honoured the Aventine triad, consisting of Ceres, Liber and Liberia. Liber meaning ‘The Free Father’ was associated as being Liberia’s partner, as Liberia was translated to The Free One. The funny thought here is that Liber was Ceres’ daughter, thus officially being partnered with her Greek counterpart as Persephone. Liber on the other hand, was associated with Bacchus and Dionysus, but he wasn’t them, he was an individual.

To make it easier to understand how the Romans honoured/prayed to their patrons, if you were of nobility you would honour the Capitoline Triad, hence why Jupiter is seen as this big almighty no nonsense deity who happily punished you if you fucked up, and most importantly he ‘ran’ the government of the Gods and thus was associated with the peoples government. If you were middle class or ‘poor’ your patrons were the Aventine Triad. Make note the slaves were even less, and they carried their own faiths and religions, and often worshipped with the family of whom they worked for.

These Gods and Goddesses are actually much older than mentioned in history. It is believed they derived from the Hittite gods, possibly of Lycian deities’ from the Roman period. By 400BC there was a precinct in the marketplace of Xanthos, Lycia built to honour each of these featureless male deities. Be careful when researching the origins of Dii Consentes as its origin has a lot of similarities with other pantheons such as the Egyptian twelve and the Olympian and Etruscan twelve. I got most of this info from 2 books which I will be reviewing in time, like the Egyptian selection from last month.

Over time I’ll give you all an historic look into who these deities’ are as well as a personal look into my practise with particular Gods such as Apollo.

Capitoline Hill - How it used to be...

Hopefully this will clarify something… off to watch HBO Rome! =]

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A Very Brief History: The Etruscan’s

Etruscan Dancers

Etruscan Dancers

“Divine my future oh sacred priest…” – I’m trying to sound a little Etruscan/Roman (has it worked?)

The Etruscans lived in Italy, roughly Tuscany, for hundreds of years before their conversion to the Roman Republic during 700BC. Their culture, lifestyle, politics and religion didn’t flourish until 800BC, only to be adapted to the Roman way of life and Greek trading. The Etruscans were living at the end of the Iron age, but the prehistory of the Etruscans has been lost, so the dating of their creation is unknown.

Italy grew, and Rome became the capital around 758BC to 728BC. This was the time when Ovid had constructed the mythical Founding of Rome, the story of Romulus and Remus. I’ll blog more on this topic at a later date as it’s something that you should know when studying the history of pantheons’, paganism and magick. By 500BC Rome had more power and the Etruscan way of life was handed over and eventually lost.

A lot of the practises and beliefs from the Etruscans were mixed with early Roman religion and philosophy, thus creating the foundations of the Roman religion. (I’m not a 100% on this…) Later on with the years of trading from Greece, the Romans merged Greek religion, philosophy and politics with that of the Etruscan. The Romans changed the names of the Dii Consentes, who were the 12 major deities in Greece and adapted the myths of the triple Goddess and the muses etc. Often nobles, townsfolk and politicians would go to their local temple for guidance in matters of the home, state and land. One of the main practices that were kept alive was the Etruscan Oil.

It’s very simple so referring to it may become an everyday thing, or something you can do at a sleepover for the sake of fun. However, this was a practise that was taken seriously. It was quick and easy, plus to the Roman peoples it was a cheaper way to get a quick answer rather than seeing an oracle who took forever to perform ritual (which took all bloody afternoon at times) and cost an arm and leg, quite literally as you’ve give up a very expensive horse/bull/child, just for the answer to be ‘yes/no’. (great example in 300 and HBO’s Rome.)

Rambling on… A better how to will be written and published here in a few, for now enjoy the video =]

Etruscan Oil – Click the link (opens in a new tab)

HBO Rome – Random clip… but it’s in Italian, but the actions are simple to understand. The priest says ‘The Gods will look after your son’, Atia (cousin of Julius Caesar) finishes with ‘Good.’ – not a literal translation.. Her son, Octavian, later in history becomes Caesar Augustus the first Emperor of Rome.

Sy x

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Glued: The Pillars of the Earth

The Pillars of the Earth

Randomly written review… not sure, you decide!

This book or the TV Drama, which will be out on DVD soon, will captivate you from the start. I’ve only recently bought the book and so far I’ve read up to page 44 and I love it. The final episode of what I believe is Series 1 has just ended this past Saturday and it is killing me, but I’ve pre-ordered it for my own enjoyment. I’m a History geek and I love epic dramas and films, especially when they have been produced by Scott Free, who as most people should know consists of two of the world’s greatest directors, brothers Ridley and Tony Scott (Alien, Kingdom of Heaven, Gladiator etc.) This drama series was directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, with an all star cast and some of my favourite actors, but heres the cast from the title sequence: Rufus Sewell, Ian Mcshane, Matthew Macfadyen, Eddie Redmayne, Hayley Atwell, Sarah Parish, Natalia Wörner, Anatole Taubman, John Pielmeier, Robert Bathhurst, Clive Wood, Sam Claflin, Liam Garrigan, David Oakes, Götz Otto, Tony Curran, Donald Sutherland with Alison Pill and Gordon Pinsent. – wow huh?

The Pillars of the Earth is a historical novel by Ken Follett published in 1989 about the building of a cathedral in the fictional town of Kingsbridge, England. It is set in the middle of the 12th century, primarily during the time sometimes called the Anarchy, between the time of the sinking of the White Ship and the murder of Thomas Becket. The book traces the development of Gothic architecture out of the preceding Romanesque architecture and the fortunes of the Kingsbridgepriory against the backdrop of actual historical events of the time. – Wikipedia

I’ve been watching this TV drama for the past few weeks and gosh… it gets worse for the good characters every week! Seriously, most stories consist of good things happening to the bad characters, only to be overthrown later on by the good folk. Usually the story ends in two good ways; the hero dies saving the day/town/country etc and the second, the good folk just get it all back. This story is immense and brilliantly written. You are taken through a portal of good that gets bad, then bad that gets worse, then worse that borderlines suicide but you just hang on to the hope of something better, only to close to the light and ripped back again.

It is brilliant… You are on an emotional rollercoaster one minute feeling good about the good characters like Jack Jackson, his mother and Tom Builder, only to feel sad about the deaths, the battles and the loss of the cathedral. It’s a story of miracles, ambition and truth. I don’t know how many times I’ll say how much I love it, but I do… I get choked up a good 3 or 4 times per episode! How about that?

I won’t go into detail about the story as I know I’ll slip up and tell you guys everything… check it out elsewhere for now, but seriously if you missed the TV series then borrow it from your local library when it comes out, or buy the book, either way, don’t miss it! If Oprah says it’s her book of 2007, then it s damn good book!

I read a lot of books, but I only have a list that’s quite small, consisting of books I truly love and adore such as Dracula, The Vampire Lestat, Frankenstein, Don Juan, Shanghai Baby and anything by Dan Brown. The Pillars of the Earth is definitely one of those books, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

What are you waiting for?

For now enjoy the YouTube video,

Until next time, Sy x


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YouTube: Just Checking In!

I hope to come back to YouTube soon, I was aiming for some time now but I need to wait until May as I’m still not ‘with it’. When I do comeback there will be a few changes.

I’m going to go into the idea of the Gods more, medicinal herbalism and divination. As for my Tarot course there are lots of courses on YouTube already so I may not continue it, I’ll just go over the Minor Arcana then stop, sorry!

As for my feelings and my current situation I’m not 100% yet but close to feeling good. Each day to be honest is a struggle. I’m constantly fighting and already I have lost friends due to them misunderstanding me. I won’t go into detail about my faults or problems as I’m too used to not having anyone around to talk to, but now that I do, it’s all too quick for me to adjust from being lonely to suddenly having people around me who care. When I think the day might go well, something happens that screws it up, I’m sorry for not being around much, I will soon.

My Spirituality has increased with time too. I’ve had a bit of a falling out with Wicca, though I will alter what I have learnt to suit me much more. I have also decided to go about my path with the true meaning of unique eclectic solitary practice. By that I mean I’m on my own path, one I need to live myself which means I’ll be living very differently to most of the Wiccans on YouTube. I’ll show you the Witch in me and how she has overcome the ‘norm’ and how following a herd is no longer something she needs at this moment.

I won’t be attacking Wicca in anyway, as I’m going to break my old studies down for new Wiccans so that one day they’ll go onto bigger and better places. Wish me luck!!

Em Hotep!

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Jack In The Green Festival – Hastings UK!

I found this on: http://uk.weather.com/events/events-Hastings-UKXX0929?eventId=12042&cat=2229

Dates May 01, 2009 – May 04, 2009
Location Hastings, United Kingdom
Tel. Number N/A
This traditional Morris dancing festival in Hastings attracts groups from all over the country for a long and wild weekend of dancing, culminating in a procession and a ceremony called Slaying of the Jack on the last day.

The origins of the festival are linked to that of the May Pole. In the 16th and 17th centuries people in England would make garlands of flowers and leaves for the May Day celebrations. By the late-18th century, they had become an opportunity to show off – milkmaids in London carried garlands on their heads with silver objects on top, chimney sweeps made such elaborate garlands they would cover the entire body. The sight of chimney boys covered in grass earned them the nickname “Jack in the Green”.

In Hastings there were at least two groups that paraded a Jack in the Green until about 1889. At this point the Victorians aimed to stamp out the drunken and promiscuous behaviour associated with the maypoles; the Lord and Lady May of the Practical Joke were replaced by a pretty May Queen and Jack in the Green was axed. However, in 1979 the Mad Jacks Morris Dancers decided to resuscitate the custom and thus, Jack is back…

The programme includes live music from Cajun, Zydeco and hillbilly to local folk bands, Morris dancing, a big ceilidh, a celebration church service, the crowning of The Queen of the May, a procession through the town to the castle and the symbolic slaying of Jack on the stage so that the Spirit of the Summer can be released.

Event information provided by Whatsonwhen.com

———————- Back to moi!

Anyway, I met an awesome friend a few weeks back and he and I have been planning cool times around the coming year that we can meet up and have fun at these festivals. We hope to go to this festival, but I still need to book time off, so I hope I get an automatic day off to go. If I do go, I’ll post pics and stuff up here to show y’all! Anyway, I wish and I hope everything will work out, if not then there’s always a fair/festival coming soon!

Merry (future) Beltaine!! xx

BB xx

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My Beliefs – inspired by Sage Silvermoon’s Group Discussion

This is just a little on who I am and what my beliefs are. I know there will be some who won’t agree and to be honest that’s fair I guess. This is my belief, I’m a unique individual.

Creation: I believe we came from the divine being known as the ‘All’ or the Universe. They shared their power with the Lord and Lady, who then shared it with us. They gave us the seed, all we need to do is harness growth and become a powerful yet wise tree. Not that we are trees, its based on all people being able to develop their personal growth.

God/Goddess/Supreme Being: I refer to them as the Lord and Lady, I don’t yet have any definitive names yet, but I hope to get there.

My chosen deities: So far, I call upon the Lord and Lady. As for the pantheons I follow the Roman and Greek pantheon. I have for some time now used Kemetic Wicca, so I also follow the Egyptian pantheon. I have looked into other pantheons and I don’t fully agree with the people who follow them. I am currently adapting my Buddhist beliefs into Wicca and other pagan worship, and as well as my Native American and West African and Caribbean heritage. I have also looked into Hinduism, due to my love for Yoga! I also participate in Tao (pronounced ‘dow’) and Xiolin (‘sh-oww-lin’) and Tai (ty) Chi classes due to my raising crane kung fu. So it’s a broad one, but I love it!

What happens when we die: I believe we leave our physical bodies behind and our soul’s then journey to Summerland. If we have unfinished business, then we have to sort it before we ‘pass on’. At Samhain, the void between the world of the living and the world of the dead thins dramatically, so much so we can maybe see, feel and/or hear our loved ones; hence the reason why we should burn lots of white candles at midnight. After we chill in Summerland for a couple days or a few years we then go back to the earth, to inhabit a physical body. Reincarnation to be exact, we enter humans, but you can also enter the body of animals and bugs.

Purpose of being here: To live and learn, to teach and to reach a level of heightened enlightenment, spiritually and physically.

Spirit Animals/Animal Totems: My spirit guide is the lone wolf. My grandfather (Arawaak Indian) has noticed that from the first time he met me he knew I was destined to have lots of acquaintances but not many friends. He always called me the lone wolf or ‘loner’. I never understood until one summer I flew out to visit him and he taught me ways to find and contact my spirit guide. It took several attempts but I found out it was a wolf. I hope in the future to get a dog to represent my canine guide.

Other beliefs:
-Magick is real. It is using the universal energy and directing it to a specific focus.
-Anything is possible if you truly believe. The problem is letting go of the restrictions we have in our minds.
-Do whatever you want to do, so long as you harm no one, including yourself. This is not just physical harm, but spiritual, emotional, psychological, etc.
-Time is infinite and circular, not linear.
-Mother Earth is pissed off at humans. We do not treat her well.
-Gemstone magick
-Elemental affinities and magick
———————-(Other beliefs are from Sage Silvermoon)
Here’s mine, I agree with the above wholeheartedly that’s why I copied them.
-Divination – important to show you how your future or answers to questions will play out, this isn’t to say they are a definitive answer, thy are only guidelines to get you to think on your feet!
-‘We have no time to stand and stare’ – William Henry Davies
-Consider herbal cures.
-Meditate when you can for at least 30 mins a day.
-Believe in yourself.
-Have fun, but remember ‘harm none’.
-Listen to your inner self.

I can gladly say after 9 years of practice I feel good calling myself a Witch, but not just any Witch, to be more specific an Eclectic Witch. After years of being tormented by an acquaintance for not doing the Wicca she does, I can sit back and say, ‘No, I’m happy with who I am, even if your not. Its your loss not mine!’

Em Hotep!
Xxx )O( xxX