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I’m Just a Fool Walking These Paths

I had another look at Liber Oz, to see if it had any more ideas to give me. I tend to re-read old passages and study them with a fresh look before reading my old notes. It’s become a bit of a habit for me (do not judge; it’s my revision technique). The middle section of the declaration really stood out to me for the first time in a while, except this time on a personal level. The text I have copied up is only part of the document, and is as follows (hopefully the spelling is correct…):

  1. Man has the right to live by his own law—

to live in the way that he wills to do:
to work as he will:
to play as he will:
to rest as he will:
to die when and how he will.

  1. Man has the right to eat what he will:

to drink what he will:
to dwell where he will:
to move as he will on the face of the earth.

  1. Man has the right to think what he will:

to speak what he will:
to write what he will:
to draw, paint, carve, etch, mould, build as he will:
to dress as he will.

  1. Man has the right to love as he will:—

“take your fill and will of love as ye will,
when, where, and with whom ye will.” —AL. I. 51

  1. Man has the right to kill those who would thwart these rights.


I have always had the idea that you must just let people who they are. If you let them flourish, they will be the best they can when they are with you. At the same time, I saw this as a great form of advice that could be discussed in therapy sessions, in order to show the victim how not to be a victim, and also giving insight into the individual lives, ideals and pains that other people have; as a form of showing you that your pain isn’t just yours, but shared in different ways by all kinds of people. At the same time, it is exactly as it says on the tin – a declaration of man. There are other texts I have sort of “boxed together” that reaffirm my love of this text, such as Liber Tzaddi and not forgetting verses from Liber AL vel Legis, as well as others. Liber Oz is more than that. It’s personal, whilst being extremely universal.

Going back to my original objective, this new lesson has shown me something I hadn’t expected. The other side of the coin is the acceptance that you can’t be a fool and assume you can help people, or share information too freely. Some people are just ignorant, idiotic and rude when they find they are about to embark on a conversation with another person. The one thing that keeps me respectful, yet honest about who I am, is the shared understanding that we are all human. Of course, we are all Stars in the centre of our own universes, constantly colliding or flying into the orbit of other Stars we meet along the way, but for me Liber Oz is showing me the joy of that. Maybe not, it could just be that I’m young and still growing up, and becoming more mature as each day unfolds. Life is just full of surprises, but instead of brushing them off, sometimes it’s nice to say that at some point in your life you met and appreciated a wonderful teacher, or an idiot. I smile knowing I don’t understand people, and I truly refuse to try and wear a façade all the time.

Think of the Fool from the tarot, not in the popular manner of an idiot, but rather the silent master of secrets, the master of knowledge who refuses to share knowledge so openly or freely (for many reasons – most notably, the ideals that have been shared or practiced throughout history have shown that men in power are threatened by a revolt of the proles). Rather, this misunderstood being will show you the way if and when you are ready to embark on the first road. When the timing is right, you will learn things and see other things differently. At the moment the Fool is with me, reminding me that Liber Oz is opening itself in a manner I hadn’t reflected upon. Only the universe, and my silent teacher (my HGA) know what is needed for me to grow.

I wrote the following in my journal:

I have the right to be myself;

To laugh, to smile, to cry and play,

To be wise, intelligent and dull in any way I see fit,

To continue my creative pursuits as I see fit,

And not to let the words of other beings penetrate my shell.

I understand I cannot be nice all the time,

I must be respectful, honest and blunt.

In doing so, focus all of my attention on my true Will,

And complete the Great Work as the individual of my own standing.

(No more strings!)


One thing that did trigger off this theory again, was a conversation I had with a buddy. He checks in every so often to find out how my art projects are going, and it was actually quite sad to tell him I hadn’t picked up a sketch book in a very long time. Partly because of how my mind works – I like to draw thoughts if I can’t write them, but this past year studying Thelema has meant I have given up parts of myself in order to be more academic, and to follow suit. These days I am not bothered. Thank you JC.

I am off to doodle; I am the Fool!


93, 93/93



Magickal Items I’m Taking to University

As I’m trying to tie up the loose ends on my university supplies, stationary and halls items, it occurred to me I hadn’t drawn up a list of Magickal tools I’ll need. I can’t take everything, and there are a lot of books I will have to leave behind until Yule. I will only take the most important items, also noting that I may buy other items when I’m there as well. What items would you take with you? I’ve asked a few folks over the past few weeks, and the responses have been diverse. I’ve had time to think and thought I’d share this written mishmash of ideas! It’s been a long time coming!

Here is my comprehensive list of spiritual items I might be taking:

I am only taking two of my thirty decks. The “Lo Scarabeo Tarot” and Crowley’s “Thoth Tarot”. The Lo Scarabeo tarot is a modern merging of three of the worlds most popular tarot, with beautiful Italian illustration and simple symbols. It’s a deck that is comprised of the Rider-Waite, Tarot de Marseilles and Thoth. I use this deck as one of my daily/weekly tools for personal divination. It may come in handy with a few students too. As for my beloved Thoth deck, it’s only used for the odd reading, meditation and Qabalah study.

As far as books are concerned, they have been the main area of interest and inquiry. Partly because they are tomes of knowledge and I will miss them if they aren’t around for me to study from. Mostly because the house I’ll be leaving them in is heaven for the ignorant and closed minded – I would die if my aunt decided to hide or destroy them, like a few of my old ritual items from times past.

My original plan was to take the smaller version of Liber ABA – Regardie’s “Gems…” As it includes everything I need to know in a more immediate fashion, but I’m just too attached to my blue baby. So below is a small list of a few important books I’m taking, baring in mind I can change them every three months or so until I get my own place the following year.

▪Liber ABA
▪Liber AL vel Legis (I have so many copies of this bible, I really wouldn’t mind if it got lost! I have 8 now; excluding the printed copies within other publications)
▪Gems from the Equinox
▪Garden of Pomegranates
▪Middle Pillar
▪The Tree of Life
▪The Golden Dawn
▪The Complete Works of Aleister Crowley vol. I-III

All of my journals are coming with me! I write in them so damn much I’m already about to start my next brand new Moleskine for Conjurations and thoughts. Write! And write often folks!

▪Book of Conjurations
▪Book of Thoth
▪Book of Horus
▪Main journal

Ritual Items
Now, I don’t know all the rules of my halls yet so I’m not risking candles, my dagger or wands etc. however, I shall take a particular number of altar cloths to create scared space, and possibly a statue or two. I’ve moved from the stage of having a statue to represent deity in order to worship it, as my view of deity is that of the New Æon. I will also have a small vase with a fake red rose – hayfever issues.

Miscellaneous and Pagan Items
I will take a few crystals to keep balance, and my pink yoga mat! If there is a yoga class at the gym then I’ll be going, if not I’ll find one somewhere in the city – need to keep toned and spiritually connected yo’!

Music will be on my iPad, iPhone and laptop, which will range from the beautiful Deva Premal and Maya Fiennes right up to Beethoven, Demdike Stare and Rammstein. I have quite an eclectic taste in music, but rock is in my blood 😛

I’m sure there is much more I could take, but I will see. My travel altar items need a massive reshape too!

Like I said, what would you take with you and why? So many people have so many different paths and experiences, and differing reasons for particular items. What keeps you spiritually connected? Let me know below.

In LVX 93, 93/93


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Four of My Current Magick Journals

I haven’t done an update in years! At least, not on this blog anyway, so I figured I would dive in and briefly present my madness and obsession with organisation with you all. I have kept journals since I was small, ever since I could write full sentences’ without any proper writing style. I used to write made up spells in a made up language, and draw magick circles before I even knew Magick existed. I find journaling to be both therapeutic and educational as they keep me up to date with my living progress. I have many journals for all kinds of subjects from cooking, wine, travel, poetry, tea, herbal stuffs, mantra and dreams. For now, these are my latest editions and current babies.

Below are four Moleskine journals, from left to right: Secret diary, Book of Horus, Book of Thoth/Tahuti and my Book of Conjurations.

Some of Sy Calaelen's  magick journals

Some of Sy Calaelen’s magick journals

Secret Diary

This journal is for my general thoughts, feelings, events and daily creative musings. Some of the entries have a spiritual theme but others don’t, like my shopping lists and haul pages located in the back. Some of the lists are mostly around books I own and have bought, and other titles I need, and other media genres such as CDs, vinyl’s, sewing/knitting supplies and altar supplies. I also include general card readings for myself in which I use to keep my life in sync. I have photos, poetry and short stories inside, alongside my daily emotional issues and feelings of joy. Love letters to men I’ve always wanted to talk to, but never ever have the chance to, so I keep these musings to myself. I’ve always loved the idea of letting my future family read them, just to see what I was like before settling down. This is just a general journal, but a secret one. This current book is Secret Diary #23.

Book of Horus

This journal consists of my personal study of each verse within The Book of the Law (Liber AL vel Legis). Each verse has a page, written in red, with a running commentary beneath in black. I am precise about the colours I write in as the method of this journal is to update it yearly in blue. Every other year or moment I get after two years I can alternate between black and blue to track my progress. I have a file set up on my computer with the same method, but I prefer the feel of a pen to a page, plus I can add my private thoughts without the worry of breaking the book or having any pages corrupted. A friend did ask me what would happen when I fill up some pages over others and the answer is simple, I would just buy another Moleskine and start again. Other times, especially if it happens to surround one or five particular verses that have a great impact, I will write essays’ on them inside my Book of Conjurations instead and link it as thus at the bottom of those pages.

My exploration of Liber AL has been amazing. Mostly positive and awe inspiring, and other times I feel a sudden charge of emotion just rise up in me. I had suggested purely on a whim to Mr. Vamp that it would be a lovely idea for Weiser Inc to publish greeting cards around Thelemic holidays, and general holidays for Thelemites and occultists. For example, around Valentines you could give your lover a card that reads “Every man and every woman is a star” or at birthdays “For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect”. Just a mad idea I may start doing with close friends once I acquire addresses – but one that could be frowned upon.

BoH #1

Book of Thoth/Tahuti

This journal is for my in depth study of Crowley’s Thoth tarot. I must point out, I have read general tarot since I was a pre-teen so I know the difference between general readings and spiritual/psychological readings. I’ve always been more of an amateur psycho-analyser with various decks, and have on many occasions been in situations where people have tried to dissuade me or put me down only to fall onto their own traps. I’m actually not that bad, as far as intelligence is concerned.

There are a few monthly exercises I am currently working on as far as tarot and Qabalah are concerned thanks to Regardie, and a method I came up with. Each page has a date, time of beginning and one card. I will work with that card for a week or so, and then end each entry with the date and time. Working with cards can result in various methods and outcomes, for me I focus on the psychology and visualisation. On some other pages, with code words and the card(s) written in red, I list the message or lesson I am being taught. It’s a pretty basic journal, nothing too exciting, but it keeps me focused on this part of my journey. BoT #1

Book of Conjurations

This journal has a funny name, taken from Book 4 from the chapter about the Book of Conjurations in Part 2. I may come up with another title, but for now it is a constant reminder to stay focused on my path, but it may take a while as I have changed the name of these particular journals too many times. This journal has essays’ written by myself, quotations from book or blogs,  illustrations, formulae, quick notes, talismans and sigils I have used successfully in the past, alphabets, poetry, photos and much more. I treat this journal more like the ‘magickal twin’ of my secret diary, with a lot more emphasis on magick and the occult sciences. This book contains extensions of posts from my videos, or from here, or even entries written in other journals. Again, like my secret diary I have lists upon lists, upon lists, upon lists located in the back, alongside little protective charms drawn on paper in the pocket. I’m sure it sounds funny, but I do put a protective seal in my journals in places people would hopefully skip past without realising. This journal is my baby! Hopefully one of the places I turn to if I finally find a publisher and a new agent, to grab information from for a book on Qabalistic magick and the occult. BoC #8

If you follow me on Instagram, I do post the odd illustration here and there. (Located in the sidebar there).


Check out my Holy Calendar – to see a snippet of two or three pages.

A little information on the Moleskine journals

I love my Moleskine journals – yes, I am a huge fan of Moleskine and their products which is why I happily recommend people to at least have a look at a few on their website or at your local book/stationary store. My journals are all Ruled Black/Red Notebooks – Large, 290 pages of acid free paper, cardboard bound cover with rounded corners with an expandable inner pocket with the history of Moleskine. They can be pricey, but for what they are worth, they are a bargain! Of course you can just buy the dupes, or a totally different kind of journal to store your life’s progress. I just love to write, and thankfully it’s a gift I intend to perfect.


The Golden Dawn | Israel Regardie


‘The Golden Dawn’

Published: 1937

6th Edition: 1989

Packed to the brim with a detailed insight into the workings and mystery that was the original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. There are so many valuable lessons in each short chapter, deep with symbolism and intrigue ranging from the various sacred alphabets and their symbolic meanings, colour scales, codes and blinds and the various rituals that are to be performed for each adept at each grade. This compendium details ceremonial magick at it’s been from the late Victorian era through the industrial right up to pre-WWII. Full of theories, instructions and notions this book will give you two things, insight into the life and thoughts of these magicians and hopefully inspiration to create your own magickal workings. Some say this book is a wonderful back bone edition that teaches you the very basics of Hermeticism theoretically and practically, but also a book that many found inaccessible. It’s up to you how you would use it. For me, I have had success with many practices and meditations I have put together myself using various tables of correspondence, and this book inspires me enough to delve deep into old mysteries, and even ancient ones too.

As for the H.O.G.D this book is great for the reader to understand their methods, and I believe a lot of the information within is still being performed and taught today by current orders. I found a lot of parallels with modern magick and witchcraft with the current authors being heavily inspired by this book and its methods. A rather chunky tome it can be a bit too bulky for your average handbag, but it is valuable. The front cover design is simple yet meaningful with the hexagram within the circle engulfed by fire and water (red and blue) – colour correspondences’ are detailed within.

There are lots of subjects that covered in each chapter, ranging from the spiritual and psychological study of tarot, Enochian magick, Qabalah, Hermeticism (obviously), Rosy Cross theory and ritual, Qabalistic Cross and the LBRP, altar set ups and much more.

I will score it a three out of five because of how amazing this collection is, but if you aren’t well versed in magick, high magick, Qabalah, Hermeticism or ceremonial magick this can put you off a little. A few folks I know have copies, but have yet to read them and one has told me he wants to cover the basics before tackling this tome. I love this book,  I have used it to create my own simple rituals, so secretly I’ll give it a personal 4.

My rating: ★★★☆☆



The Planets Have It | Sidereal Astrology

Lets take my mind of things and focus on my latest endeavour, that is Sidereal Astrology. I’ve been keen on grabbing what basics I can about sidereal astrology for a few months, sparked by Mr Vamp and the amazing Jim Eshelman (but mostly by Mr Vamp). Not only is sidereal astrology mostly unknown, but it’s the most accurate form of astrology out there. Tropical astrology is great, it’s the most popular of the two, but if you sit and work out the numbers correctly its off by a few days, each year or each six monthly period. Sidereal flows with the natural current of the planets, sun and moon—which also sparks the slight difficulty when working your personal birth chart out.

Luckily, Mr Vamp sorted my birth chart so I didn’t have to, but he left most of the actual reading to me which is great. I guess the most important areas most people would immediately want information on, is the ever popular sun sign and the spiritual moon sign. Those represent the conscious (sun) and the subconscious (moon) traits a person has. Hence why creepy guys walk over to a woman and say, “Hey baby, was yo’ sign-n? I’m a Scorpio, let me sting you some time.”—creepy.

I’ve also seen the differences between sidereal and tropical descriptions for each sign and their planetary rulings. Whilst tropical delves into the materialistic conscious aspects of people, it has been watered down so much that the old school true essence is gone. Only books have the right definitions. I’ll keep tropical astrology in mind for Magickal practices, but as I’m learning more about sidereal, I may work out a way to use those methods too. Sidereal has lists upon lists of people in the past who have the exact personality traits given. At the moment, as I’m being drawn closer to my HGA, sidereal is a way to peek into my making. Why did my HGA choose this vessel and these traits for me?

Lets look at the differences, and if you are interested in working out your traits you can find calculators online, but read the definitions on Solunars.net. Jim Eshelman is amazing!! He’s helping Mr Vamp a lot, and in turn helping moi.

According to tropical astrology my sun sign is Leo, which sounds something like this:
“Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. These folks are impossible to miss, since they love being center stage. Making an impression is Job One for Leos, and when you consider their personal magnetism, you see the job is quite easy. Leos are an ambitious lot, and their strength of purpose allows them to accomplish a great deal. The fact that these folks are also creative makes their endeavors fun for them and everyone else. It’s quite common to see a Leo on stage or in Hollywood, since these folks never shy away from the limelight. They are also supremely talented and have a flair for the dramatic. Warmth and enthusiasm seems to seep from every Leo pore, making these folks a pleasure to be around. They do love pleasure!” -taken from astrology.com or net.

It’s true in some way, but boy it’s been washed out and recycled so many times. Plus, it’s a vague description, which is why astrology as a whole has such a grey mark on it.

According to sidereal, my sun sign is Cancer, which sounds something like this:
The Magian Soul

1. Uncanny ability to create “systems” – Weltanschauung. (Gosh…)

2. “Curiosity” a primary trait – constantly putting puzzles together, finding out things, solving and creating mysteries. (Oh gosh…)

3. Decidedly self-centered – religious but not sympnathic. (Oh my Gosh!)

4. Too “eager” and “graspy” for most people. “Intent on gain.”

5. Messiah complex – will always manage to solve your problems for you. (I knew it! Damn…)

6. Great at histrionics and gesticulation – can vacillate moods quickly (story teller).

7. Highly intuitive – looks right through you.

8. Often loses good friends from SUSPICIOUS NATURE.

9. Imagery is their most amazing faculty – can schematize and “technicolor” things endlessly.

10. “Born” psychologists – can persuade any time. (Yep)

11. Ill-suited for political career though concerned about things political.

12. Intensive drive to find fault – although he numbers “publicans and sinners” among his friends without batting an eye. (That is so true, I always look for the best in people)

13. Marvelous memory – has to learn things only once.

14. Aligned to UNREALISM – “MAGIAN” – gravitates from “Apollonian forms.” (Revels in occultism, numb to nomothetic viewpoints.)

15. Shadow effect.

16. Fantastic population of “unusual characters” springs from Cancer.

17. Very adaptable.

18. Manilius: “Set too fast a rate on TIME itself.”

According to sidereal astrology my moon sign (subconscious) is Leo. I just thought I would post it here, due to how accurate it is and how cool:
The Arthurian Soul

1. The dignity of the human soul is Leo’s primary purpose in living.

2. Needs eminence or at least centricity – “satellites” also necessary.

3. Deep moral nature – shuns profanity – luxury loving. (I’m a Leo, I only expect the best)

4. Lend a touch of nobility wherever they go, even to the sciences.

5. Highly dramatic – deeply philosophical. (crazy can be good, see!)

6. Often proud and over-bearing. (sorry about that folks!)

7. Oriented to childhood, therefore viscerotonic.

8. Society’s mainstays (“Grand old men”) and “Gentlemen.”

9. Tends to philosophize to ridiculous extremes when difficulties or the distasteful arise. (that’s me to a T)

10. Thrive in the status quo where mores and systems are concerned.

11. Not very artistic or musical, but excels in literature and drama. Leo can “really put on a show” to delight rather than victimize the audience.

12. Not noisy or flagrant (apart from drama).

13. Loves position of authority – a “Benevolent Despot.”

14. Relatively low sexual drives.

15. “Mellows with age” – become “symbols” in their respective fields. (Hopefully. I’d love to be the old English and French literature lecturer who just happens to be initiated within secret circles. Phase one, almost complete–inside joke for fellow Sr and Fr.)

Bare in mind, I like the idea of astrology, I like finding the badly written cheap shit in the back of my favourite fashion magazines, but I never took it seriously. I made a birth chart myself, using tropical methods, years ago. Since then I haven’t bothered much. I will happily use the planets movements to estimate the best times for particular rituals, but that was as far as it went—until now. I have a couple of books I need to get, and study hardcore. Sidereal is a serious recommendation folks! (That’s my sympathetic side see).

Sidereal all the way!

Sy x

these were taken from Garth Allen’s notes before he passed, by his friend Jim Eshelman. They can be found on solunars.net

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24th Birthday Reading

This is a quick post, as I just wanted to share the three cards I pulled yesterday morning. The deck I am using is my Lo Scarabeo deck, highly influenced by some of the the better known decks; Raider Waite, Tarot de Marseilles and Crowley’s Thoth Deck. The formation I chose is one of my favourites, the simple three card spread. It’s basic order is read as past, present and future. Easy. I concentrated on the year ahead, between now and next August and these are the cards hat popped out:

XX Judgement, to me meaning how my life lead to a point where I needed to think about what I had done. I knew I was heading somewhere, and I guess my judgement or the revival of something not so new was on the way. Remember I mentioned the transition I was feeling a while back and recently?

XIII Death. This card symbolises my current state. A state of renewal and the overall conclusion to my personal transformation. The conclusion to the judgement I have received. Suddenly everything is coming to ahead, but regardless of how I feel deep down, spiritually I know I am in the right place, or at least I am very close.

XII Hanged Man. Looking at the spread so far, I have to say it looked damn scary! But I am well versed with the tarot so I know this card has possibly a nice ending. This card definitely says ‘transcendence’ all over it. Look how serene and pleased the hanged man looks. He is at peace, and that makes him happy. He has gone from the material world to the spiritual. Maybe I am closer to my own attainment than I think. Peace is around the corner.

If any of you would like to read the cards that have been pulled, feel free!

Thank you for my birthday wishes people! Love you all!!

Sy Calaelen, x x x x x

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I Spy on Sigils in the Mind

Runic sigil

Do you ever wake up after an intense dream with a burning message from the Gods? I only know of a few people who have experienced symbols being delivered to them, from the Gods or other entities, in dreams. I don’t know what it is, but I find answers to my questions in my dreams. I guess that’s just basic psychology, but when the answer is an image paired with the voice, feeling, face or journey of a particular deity I’ve either worked with, or never met, that goes beyond just mere psychology; it is divine. I often lucid dream (and wow they are annoying leaving me with a bad headache afterwards) but I find they are the most effective form of receiving dream messages. I have no idea what that process is called, and at the moment I don’t want to yet.

Working with sigils has been one of my favourite forms of divination and spirit contact for a number of years. The more complex the design, the more it uncovers for the magickal architect. The ways I have designed, or more traditionally been shown have awakened parts of my being I would normally hide or never fully revel in. In other words, without some of the symbols used, I would never be the positive and eager student I am now. Through symbols, linguistics and magick I am able to learn things most would overlook, but the symbols I am aware of don’t just live in runes, or tarot or the Hebrew alphabet. They are so much deeper, and you can unlock those mysteries too. All you need is guidance, magick, power, faith and patience. There are three ways to obtain the messages from sigils and symbols, and each one is an opening to the amazing insights into a newer destination.

Many books will teach you various ways to use the runic alphabets, Theban and Enochian alphabet to create sigils for many uses, most commonly to create a seal of protection for your magickal items. It doesn’t take long to memorise an alphabet by heart, and once you do never stop practicing. I’ll go into words and letters on a later post, as letters alone have their own intense meanings behind them. When you study the runic alphabets, you may run up a list of letters for your name, or a word to enhance a specific energetic will such as ‘peace’ or ‘love’, or a more complex phrase to ward off negative energies like ‘Away with bad habits’. Look at one set and study them. You will then look at other examples, two of which are found in the Big Blue Book by Raymond Buckland or UBOS by Silver Ravenwolf.

Look back at the runes that make up your name, and play around with their positioning. Does one fit with another along similar lines? Does one work perfectly if you flip it upside down and fit it at the top of the two you’ve put together? When you look at the image you have created so far, is there one letter that is practically invisible within the structure? And so on. Before you know it, you’ll have an image like the picture above. You can use that image to create an empowered sigil of protection for your BOS, tools or a possible tattoo (though I highly recommend you do not get any sigils tattooed on you unless you know what they mean, and if you know they won’t invite harm to you). You can do the same with a good sourcebook with correspondences’ and symbols to create other sigils, talismans, amulets’ or seals. At the same time, just knowing about already known signs and symbols for magickal use is fine too, unless you ask for divine help to find the answer you are looking for.

When working with magick and signs, be wary that if you don’t have the full background knowledge on a lot of symbols you come across, you could mess up your working, or worse, open up access for other beings to cross over. Some entities will want to help you out, whilst others will want to terrorize you for the sake of it. Most of the time, without proper instruction, the sigil you hope would work won’t work as well as you hoped because it wasn’t charged properly or enough. The use of sigils for guidance goes as far back in history as ever, long before words were ever written. There are many ways the symbols behind certain complex designs are used are to remind you of a lesson you have learnt, to tell stories or to help focus your mind to unlock secrets, some examples would be mandalas’ or the images of Buddhist deities holding particular tools. When you come across particular symbols that seem to appear to you when you least expect them to, is your subconscious’ way of telling you that it is meant for you. You end up asking yourself what the symbol is, and why you were drawn to it. Not to worry, you have Dr. Google to give you a hand. Find a decent sourcebook of some type like The Illustrated Signs & Symbols Sourcebook by Adele Nozedar and that should be enough for you to work out what the symbols mean.

The last way for you to obtain particular designs, besides creating them and letting yourself be aware of the signs around you, is to let the Universe send you one. I’ve always been open to just sitting and talking to the Gods about my problems because they listen and always make me feel valued, even if they don’t need to actually concentrate on what I’m blabbing about. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been on fantastic journeys in my dreams, and more so once I learnt to meditate or summon dreams before sleep. I also found, after very tense meditations in which I recite mantra 108 times or more, after undergoing yoga beforehand, I open myself to the Universe for divine lessons or help. One dream that occurs quite a lot, well it did until the beginning of this year, was of myself in yet another desert with a turquoise hue dropping rocks on the ground as I walked toward a wooded mirage ahead. For some reason I would repeat my steps except this time I would stop and look at the stones and focus on one or a small few. Each having their own signs on them, mainly Egyptian or Greek, but at any given time one symbol would stay on my mind for so long I’d wake up and draw it in my little notebook by the bed. I would then look it up in my books, but it wasn’t until I found it that the message would be clear.

This morning, I had a dream that awoke me at 2am. For most of the day now, I have been drawing the symbol or seal that I have been given. So far I have been deciding where to put the colours I’ve been seeing in my dreams over the past few weeks. It has been a weird few weeks, due to a ritual I did just over a month ago, and each and every time I have done a small meditation to try and concentrate the image I saw, it keeps on getting clearer each time. It’s a simple design, made up of symbols with lovely meanings. So far, I know it is most definitely for me, and a particular God. I have also started on a design of my own, where it consists in some of the signs used in what I would call prototype #1 for elemental uses for magick. It looks so cool at the moment, but when the time comes to empower it and perhaps open it, who knows what will happen. Either way, signs are exciting and they always will be.

That’s magick!

What are your experiences with sigils, signs and symbols? Maybe I’ll do a video… as this is taken from a chapter in my future publications =]

Sy x


Aura Colors Quiz :: Pamala Oslie

A few days back, I was sent a link to an aura reading website to find out what my aura colours are. I’ve never had a reading done, as far as aura’s go, and a while back, 10 years or so, when I started looking into aura work I just couldn’t hack all the tiny words in huge paragraphs and I just switched off. In some way, if you look at my practice you can either say I’m lazy or theoretically dyslexic. I prefer reading, but there are some things that I know I shouldn’t touch until the time is right. My intuitive energy can be very strong, and I tend to get headaches that last as long as the subject is on my mind… do you get that? In other words, if I’m reading up on something, or listening to something that doesn’t bode well with me, I’m going get up and go.

So my lovely new pal Phoenix sent me this link, it has a quiz on it, and remarkably the results were spot on! I have yet to discover more about aura’s and colour children, and I hope, with the help of the other divination tools I use, I can get a better understanding of my life.

The first answer that comes to mind is the right answer, and the highest numbers at the end are your colours. Follow the link to do your own, and tell me about your colours!


Here are my meanings:


Violets are the inspirational visionaries, leaders and teachers who are here to help save the planet. Most Violets feel drawn to educate the masses, to inspire higher ideals, to improve the quality of life on the planet, or to help save people, animals and the environment.

All Violets have an inner sense that they are here to do something important, that their destiny is greater than that of the average person. Most Violets have felt this way since childhood. As children, many Violets imagined becoming famous, or traveling the planet, possibly joining humanitarian causes such the Peace Corp. Many of these charismatic personalities take on roles as leaders and teachers, while other Violets prefer to reach people through music, film or other art form.

Because this era is currently the “Violet Age,” any Violets who are not accomplishing what they came here to do are experiencing an inner “push” — even an inner “earthquake.” Inner forces seem to be shaking them up and pushing them to move into action, to fulfill their life purpose. Violets know they are here to do something significant. However, they aren’t always sure what that something is or how to accomplish it.

Many Violets were taught as children that their dreams and aspirations were unrealistic, so they have lost touch with their original visions. It’s important for Violets to reconnect with their life purpose and vision, and to take action. Otherwise they will always feel unfulfilled. They will always sense something is missing from their lives. Violets need to learn to slow down long enough to listen to their inner voice and to connect with their higher vision.

To learn more about careers, relationships, money, healthy, children, etc for Violets, read Life Colors: What the Colors in Your Aura Say About You or Love Colors: A New Approach to Love, Relationships, and Auras.




Blues are some of the most loving, nurturing and supportive personalities of the Life Colors. They live from their heart and emotions. Their purpose for being on the planet is to give love, to teach love and to learn that they are loved. Their priorities are love, relationships, and spirituality.

Blues are traditionally teachers, counselors, and nurses—basically the loving, nurturers and caretakers on the planet. Blues are constantly helping others. They want to make sure that everyone feels loved and accepted. People are always turning to Blues for comfort and counsel because Blues will always be there for them. They consistently provide a shoulder for others to cry on.

Blues are the most emotional personalities in the aura spectrum. They can cry at the drop of a hat. Blues cry when they are happy, hurt, angry, sad, or for no apparent reason at all. Even watching a sentimental commercial on television can bring on tears.

To learn more about careers, relationships, money, healthy, children, etc for Blues, read Life Colors: What the Colors in Your Aura Say About You or Love Colors: A New Approach to Love, Relationships, and Auras.

They are so spot on, it’s shocking! I agree fully with the idea that I feel I’m here to teach or share information with people, and yes in a way I do feel like an important person, but the downside is that I’m not completely sure of myself. As confident as I may seem, I’m very quiet and withdrawn as a person. I do have high hopes and inspirations, but thanks to Buddhism I don’t need to put so much hope into the future, and with the help from the Gods and Goddesses they’ll help me through life, in the way that’s best for me.


Thanks Phoenix x x


What Do the Card’s have in Store for My Future?

To this day (or last night at minutes to 10) I had my first reading given to me. I was taken aback as to the fact that my lovely friend Jack offered to do a cartomancy reading for me, and I’d never had a reading before. I had my runes read back in 2001, by a friend’s mother, who happened to be the lady who introduced me to runes and tarot. Once I started to teach myself how to read the tarot through DeAgostini’s magazine series, Enhancing Your Mind, Body & Spirit, I never thought of asking other people to do my reading. I also stopped paying so much attention to horoscopes due to my own abilities and my deepening fascination with astrology. I felt, ‘If I can do it, then there’s no point’, and that was that. But last night opened a new chapter for me in so many ways.

What do the card's say?

For those of you noticed the full moon last night, it was absolutely magickal wasn’t it? I was all charged up, I felt new and happy, and it was my birthday. Forget the ‘whole new page’ thing; it was the turning of a ‘whole new chapter’ that made me feel great. I didn’t do any magick as I’d hoped, but I don’t like to plan things I have only half a heart for. I updated my back dated posts for my blogs and even considered making a new video, but I hesitated and decided against it. People had sent me birthday wishes all day and they were lovely, and some made me laugh. Jack contacted me and said he’d call later, but when he did I wasn’t expecting a reading, or what the reading revealed.

I’m so used to ‘giving’, that ‘receiving’ things is totally alien to me. I guess I can compare it to my YouTube channel. When people comment or email me to say they love my videos and how they find me inspiring, I smile because its kind that they think that, but then I suddenly think ‘Why? Why me?’ There are plenty of other pagans on YouTube who are way more fantastical than I am. More people who have charisma and people who stick to the point of their message throughout 10 to 15 minutes. I think, I’m a big annoying nerd who spent her childhood days reading in some corner of the library, hiding from the bullies. Why on earth would you like me? I’m an alternative witch, who practises what she preaches and admits to faults in front of everyone. I’m more concerned with the amount of friends I can gain and talk to as much as possible, rather than numbers of subscribers (actually, keeping an eye on my subscriber list freaks me out). I’m a natural born giver, not a taker.

So when Jack offered to read for me, I was excited. Excited about the prospect of possible good things and bad things that would come my way, and the advice he’d give me. Funny thing was, when he went through the first reading with me I was surprised at how spot on he was with the two subjects I initially brought up. I was even more surprised with the second reading when he revealed things I’d never told anyone, not even him. They were more in line with my own worries, and thoughts about myself, and the thoughts of feeling bad about who I was and what I may be presenting to people. I had my hopes and fears like any client, and Jack revealed more about me in this reading. I think he too was shocked by the constant ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ (or maybe he was feeling awkward about my random noises over the phone…). We both came up with various solutions after the reading, as a way to start to let things flow the way they need to and how I have to try and stay focused on something in order to gain wonderful rewards. One of the main themes we got, as mentioned before, was the destructive way I thought of myself, so that’s something I really need to work on.

I’m not going to go into any detail about the reading, as it’s something I would like to keep quiet until I find my own ‘place’ within myself. I just need to be a bit more positive and more accepting of myself. It was a spot on reading, and opened my eyes to new possibilities on that full moon night, my birthday.

Thanks Jack x x


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Mini Psychic Series: What’s in my Bag?

Amazon Kindle!!

What do you see in this bag? Or at least, what kind of person or day do you think this person [me] has had? I’ve been looking into medium-ship on a psychological level. It’s just  basic stuff, but by touching a person’s belongings without asking them anything I am quite a good judge of character, except with a ‘past-events and body reading’ flaw… I thought I’d practice on myself, since I don’t usually sit and look myself in the mirror long enough to say I know myself well. I get up in the morning, shove what I need in my bag and leave for work at 6am. Most of my morning consists of pruning my well tired, pillow dented face from 5am, and so planning my bag is neglected. I usually need a magazine and space for food crap for breakfast and break time. My purse, money, bus ticket, nail kit (I’m obsessive about my nails), hand cream, sometimes my Kindle or a notebook with my Winnie the Pooh Bear (shazzy ‘P’ooh ‘Bear’…) pencil case and lip balm.

When I’m not going to work, I carry this bag for shopping or travel, due to its neglected pre-planning. But looking at the contents, imagining that this bag belongs to a total stranger I’ll show you folks how to ‘tap’ into that energy force in order to help your psychic awareness awaken in another manner. First, look at the bag and take note on the items, what do you see?


What's in my bag?

There is a Kindle, a journal, Filofax and pencil case, so that shows us that this person not only likes to read but they are quite intellectual but busy. They have to time their life around work and home. Since they have to carry their journal/notebook with them, I would assume they don’t have time to write freely at home, like the digital book they have to do personal things on the go. This bag also contains White Glo tooth picks, a nail kit and hand cream. They like to be presentable and clean as much as possible. The Coco Pops cereal bars are very tasty but teamed up with tea means this person has no time for breakfast, and since there is no sign of fruit they either don’t like them or again, having a busy life that’s routine via Filofax means they don’t have a balanced diet. Considering the bag is a tote from River Island, they like to spend money, but want a ‘down-to-earth’ appeal with their fashion – eco warrior or perhaps vegetarian, but since they are so busy they need a bag that’s quite and manageable so not having any fruit probably means they don’t want squashed fruit at any time. Sunglasses, keys, head bands and hay fever tablets are a ‘just-in-case’ paradigm of British weather suddenly changing. Looking at this bag, you can see that she is a very busy, organised and bright person. Also noting the difference in styles of the purse, pencil case, food and tea choices coupled with the design of bag, the high tech reading book and old school Moleskin, this suggests to me she is very ground, and a bit of a modern hippie to me. She wants to stay focused and in one place, but she can’t, she is everywhere. Her Kindle, lemon herbal and journal are the items that keep her centred and grounded for a few moments each day. She is creative and busy. She can escape into written worlds, or write her own, and do so whilst looking and feeling feminine.

Actually, I didn’t expect to that much from my own bag… wow… this bag is a representation of a small part of my hectic life. My life is busy and constant, but I face the paradox of juggling ‘my life’ from the ‘family-and-work-life’. – Life right?

I urge you folks to do this with your own bags, then look at the bag below and tell me what you think is going on and comment! I’d love to ‘read’ your bags too, so if you are interested in my little experiment, keep an eye out on my YT videos, and/or send a picture of your bag to me!

Tote Bag, from The Tote Bag by Jitesh Patel - click d link!