Aleister Crowley Had One…

… And so does Alan Moore.

For a long time I have always had a presence around me that instructed me and helped me out. Whenever I needed a spiritual push, he was always there to point me in the right direction. It wasn’t until the other day, and last night that I contemplated who this presence was.

Most people are told that from the minute you are born (or fertilised, depending on your view) you assigned a guardian angel or spirit guide of some kind. You are not told how this guide comes to you, or helps you or even what its name is. For some reason we grow up feeling comfortable and safe in that knowledge. Some people have refuted the theory of a guardian angel and their story seems to fit, which is fine for them. These ‘rational’ thinkers will go quiet if you ask them about Mozart and his angel, just stating he was a genius—nope, his music was dictated to him by his angelic guide.

In the same way, Aleister Crowley was given word by his guide Aiwass. Alan Moore, the V for Vendetta and award winning DC Comics genius has a guide who inspires him. The concept of the guardian angel is a wide one, but let me just run along the lines of the the magician. According to many occult practitioners and a few I know, the HGA is a separate being, but one who is made up of the higher self. Your HGA is the guide who will carry you through life’s many lessons in order to reunite your spirit with the One True Being/God. If I add Aristotle’s view of love, “Love is composed of a soul inhabiting two bodies,” you can see why I agree with the occult view of your HGA being the separate higher self. Once you accept the touch of an angel in your life, he/she will take on many guises that help form your personality in order to teach and guide you well. That becomes a very intimate and personal connection, and in many cases it inspires love. Now, love can mean many things, but I am primarily focusing on love of creativity, of the self (the non-ego obsessed view), love of work and others.

Let me explain from my view. Aleister Crowley’s love was magick, Alan Moore’s love is life, writing and his magick. Mine, from what I gather so far is life, writing, literal love (worst lesson I am learning right now) and magick. For a long time I have performed magick and honour rituals to the deities I work with, and sometimes just to say hi and thank you. I have successfully been working with mantra properly for almost 3 years as a form of meditation when a spell could have been done. I have found that my guide and many a deity have used my mantra practice as a portal into my mind, once I am in trance or asleep. There are times when I don’t work with a particular deity, but I will state my Will openly knowing my guide will act upon it if need be. I ask myself, who are you shouting these affirmations to? Who do you scream at when you are under pressure? It’s obviously not just yourself is it? Your higher self maybe?

The way in which your HGA will guide you depends on who you are and what it is that you are going through at that moment. I you are someone, like me, who stands on the outside world looking in, then your guide will come to you as a boost of confidence or they will open you up to the influence of deities (if you are pagan or spiritual) who will help with strength, confidence and sympathy. For me, Anpu is one of the main deities I work with on a personal level, but I have only ever worked directly with him a few times. My HGA has sent me the energies from Anpu during other rituals, knowing I don’t need the entire presence of deity, just a little oomph.

I am planning on a little ritual or meditation to let my angel know I am happy with them, happy with what they are doing and I am on a journey to reunite our souls. You don’t need to go out looking for literal, physical love—find yourself first, and then if life permits, the physical love of another will come. The best relationship you have is with yourself, but as a witch, I am in a loving relationship with my HGA too.

Your HGA knows you. Inside and out–literally.

I will leave you with a quote from ‘The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage’ translated by S. L. Mcgregor Mathers:

“If thou shalt perfectly observe these rules, all the following Symbols and an infinitude of others will be granted unto thee by thy Holy Guardian Angel; thou thus living for the Honour and Glory of the True and only God, for thine own good, and that of thy neighbour. Let the Fear of God be ever before the eyes and the heart of him who shall possess this Divine Wisdom and Sacred Magic.”

Sy, x