Hermeticism and Me | The Principle of Mentalism

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THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.”–The Kybalion.

This Principle embodies the truth that “All is Mind.” It explains that THE ALL (which is the

Substantial Reality underlying all the outward manifestations and appearances which we

know under the terms of “The Material Universe”; the “Phenomena of Life”; “Matter”;

Energy”; and in short, all that is apparent to our material senses) is SPIRIT, which in itself is

UNKNOWABLE and UNDEFINABLE, but which may be considered and thought of as AN

UNIVERSAL, INFINITE, LIVING MIND. It also explains that all the phenomenal world or

universe is simply a Mental Creation of THE ALL, subject to the Laws of Created Things,

and that the universe, as a whole, and in its parts or units, has its existence in the Mind of

THE ALL, in which Mind we “live and move and have our being.”… An

understanding of this great Hermetic Principle of Mentalism enables the individual to readily

grasp the laws of the Mental Universe, and to apply the same to his well-being and

advancement… With the Master-Key in his possession, the

student may unlock the many doors of the mental and psychic temple of knowledge, and

enter the same freely and intelligently. This Principle explains the true nature of “Energy,”

“Power,” and “Matter,” and why and how all these are subordinate to the Mastery of Mind.

One of the old Hermetic Masters wrote, long ages ago: “He who grasps the truth of the

Mental Nature of the Universe is well advanced on The Path to Mastery.”

~ taken from The Kybalion by the Three Initiates


This explains it all to be honest. When I first read this I didn’t quite understand it. I had to pull apart the first half of the paragraph just to understand where the writers where coming from. From a philosophical point of view, which is the best way to examine a text such as this first hand, the idea they have set fourth is actually very simple. They mention the phrase ‘THE ALL’ which is used in reference to the substantial reality in the Universe. Think of it like this, when witches, magicians or New Age folks say there is a flow of energy in everything that is living, moving, still etc and that energy comes from ‘God’. At the same time, we ourselves are living physical proof that such energies are flowing in and out of us too. That is a great theory, and one I must question because of its misinformation of where that energy comes from, or how it got there in the first place. Scientists, psychologists etc are running their own tests, but as a witch myself I have a firm belief that the energetic bond I have came from THE ALL or the Universe, which simply put is bigger than our ideas of ‘God’. The reason I think this steams from two areas, one being the fact that there are lots of atheist magick practitioners out there who perform successful spells/rituals without the use of a deity’s name, or belief in one. Secondly, the very basic philosophical theory by Anselm which suggests our ‘ideas’ or ‘perceptions’ of God are worthless as God is That To Which Nothing Greater Can Be Conceived or shortened to TTWNGCBC. So, if you think about it THE ALL refers to a supreme being who is infinite, absolute, immutable and eternal. For those who are philosophy students, I am referring to the idea that God/THE ALL is beyond what Theologians would argue, which has been disproven too many times to count.

With the basic understanding that energy flows in, our, around, from and into us from the Universe, all we need to do now as Hermeticists or occult practitioners is understand our mind is our most powerful tool. Opening your mind and eventually your body, to the wonders of magick, thought and philosophy is the starting point for our magickal path. Once you are able to grasp how massive this Universe could be compared to your tiny living self, all you need to do is let THE ALL inspire and teach you. Get connected to that spiritual modem of sorts and see where it leads you. Everything you do, even in the mind when you are unfolding thoughts and magick, you are deepening the bond between your mind and THE ALL. Only you hold the key, and if you didn’t know that already then I’m telling you now.

Sorry to bring up this guy yet again, but Aleister Crowley was a big fan that an individual on a spiritual path should always go it fairly alone. Do what you need to, learn, have fun but have sense. I like the idea that his law being “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law,” definitely comes into play with this first principle. How would you know what real magick feels like if you don’t leap out of the circle one day and just start a fresh? I remember going to the park over at Hampstead and just laying on the grass looking up at the sky. I wasn’t focusing on anything that I could see in particular, but I remember draining out the sounds of London, the dogs walking by and my friends who were nattering away to each other. I was listening to the wind, feeling the grass with my fingers and wondering what it would feel like to fly all the way to the edge of our atmosphere and float all the way back. For me, that is what magick feels like when it courses through my body, or at least what it feels like when I finally know my place in the world does matter and THE ALL got me there.

There’s no turning back for me =]

My video on ‘Do what thou wilt...’

Sy x

Emerald Tablet

Author: Sy Andrews

Sy Andrews aka Sylvia Beckett Davidson, is a British writer, blogger, esoteric darling and Youtube vlogger. English literature graduate. Both sites will focus on literary reviews, book lists, comic books and nerd chat, writing and novel tips, and discussions in magick, paganism and the occult. A mixture of everything from her. Reach out on social media from Twitter (@SyBAndrews), Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Goodreads (Sylvia Beckett Davidson), and Pinterest.

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