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Do You Dream of Me?

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For as long as I can remember I’ve always had vivid dreams that always end abruptly and leave me either staring into the darkness or I have a curiosity to do something. It doesn’t help when I’m in such a deep sleep I’m awoken by a voice, someone calling my name. Usually I ignore this voice as I either put it down to exhaustion or that spirit that keep interrupting me when I have my headphones in. His voice is the same every time, just coarse and shouting my name once at a time until I finally stop to listen – and obviously he either stops or once I’ve gone back to sleep he starts again. I need and love sleep, and I find reciting mantra makes me open to messages from other spirits and more importantly the Gods. This is partly why I am such a fanatic of meditation. I meditate when I can, but as of late I’ve been meditating before bed or when I am woken up at 3am. My body clock is awful by the way, it never has been or at least it was perfect when I was a baby!

Now, take note that dreams don’t come to me often, and looking at my dream journal they come in a cluster every 2 months as of 2008. That basically means I’ll get 3 or 4 dreams within the course of a few days and then they’ll repeat over and over until I work out the message within. One dream that occurred a lot, which seems to be triggered when I recite a particular night time devotion to a certain God, comes very quickly once sleep is introduced. That dream is so intense I usually wake up feeling hot and a little sick. The next that happens involves a pen and my journal which is right next to my bed. This reoccurring dream is something I have to work out, and it will take time, but the images are so beautiful that I don’t want to let it become a distant memory just yet.

Some of my dreams come when I’m awake too, like day dreams. I’ll be listening to music, meditating, praying or just being and I’ll have a quick flash of images and then have to urge to write. Other times I’ll ask for help, especially when writing and I’ll recite a small verse asking the Muses to inspire me. They usually touch my forehead like an angel touches a saint and I’m full of words. I always thank them for helping me, or just for being there. I make sure the gods and spirits know most mornings that I am open for any blessings, inspirations or energies they see fit to bring me which I think is the reason why I’m so sensitive to energies around me. I see everything as a sign or omen of some sort, and not always for me. My whole life is spiritually and philosophically based, and I am a fan of causality. Dreaming is important for religious and non-religious reasons, any psychologist will tell you.

Have any of you felt the dreams are a great way for gods and other spirits to contact you? I definitely do. Half of my rituals that I’ve written (and some of which will be in my book once I finish writing the damn thing) have been writing by a lamp in the early hours of the morning because of a dream. Most recently I’ve written up a short ritual for each day of Saturnalia this week, and it only took half an hour [looking at my journal the dreams started back in October]. I didn’t even double check tools or factors with other books like I normally do; I just knew which symbols and words I needed. The great thing was, this dream, or the series of dreams I had from weeks ago all contained symbols and signs that Saturn and Zeus were going to be apparent during Saturnalia, I just had to abide as Zeus is one of my patrons.

I love the dreams I get, hence why I write them down when I can so I thought it would be great to share my basic view of what I think. Over time I have come to question whether my God infused dreams are visions of some type, but my lazy side has got the best of me and I cannot be bothered to look up the full meaning of a vision just yet. I’ll do it tomorrow…. (Yeah, right).

What dreams do you have, and how helpful or scary can they be? When I dream I feel more connected to the spirit world and to the Gods, and dreaming is one tool I’ll never let go of.

Comment, have a lovely Yule and Saturnalia!

Io, Saturnalia! (Pronounced ‘ee-oo’)


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