… the Side of Unique Serenity Please


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Egyptian, Roman and Greek
Anpu, is always with me. He and I have a very close paternal and brother-like bond. Whenever I feel lonely, or when I feel stagnant or beaming with energy I want to share but I can’t, I always turn to him. When my friend died last year I was beside myself. The death didn’t sink in until after his cremation but by then I was already healing fresh wounds and I found I couldn’t talk to anyone. I made up incense I use when doing contact rituals and invited Anpu into my room to comfort me whilst I prayed. He is also the one I turn to when I just want to talk, and once I opened up my altar to tell a bad joke! Thank goodness I didn’t invoke the Gods that time… I’d surely die.

Apollo, is the only other deity I turn to, the way I turn to Anpu. I usually turn to him when I feel a creative block, and I have a funny feeling he may like my bad jokes…

Zeus, I feel more akin to him than Jupiter, though when I’m angry Jupiter always pops into my head and I’m drawn to my statue of him or the picture of him sitting on his throne. Zeus/Jupiter help me to be calm and they help with making decisions. If I find it difficult to look at something from various points of view they make me stop and re-evaluate. They are very businesslike, but in a mentor kind of way. I’ve been trying to write my first Pagan book for the past few years and I’ve written a lot, but every so often I’ll ask Jupiter or Zeus for help on the structure of a chapter. I often go to Zeus after arguments with my mum or my aunt. At times, when someone has done me wrong I don’t get all worked up, as that does nothing to quell the situation, but I go to Zeus for advice for the mind.

Sekhmet is my ‘female force’. Most people go to Aset (Isis) or Het-Hert (Hathor) which is fine, but I’ve always felt close to Sekhmet. I’m a fiery motherf****r when I don’t get my way (I’m a spoilt brat with a silver spoon, I can’t help it!), but I also know when I’m right when arguing. I’m cunning like cats, I pretend at times that I have no way to win in a situation and I walk away, waiting for the injured sucker to drop, or in the real world, I wait until that person I’m arguing with realises that I’m right. By then, I don’t humour them, it’s too late. I can be too much at times, and yes I do make mistakes, but I’m a Leo a natural born risk taker.
There are other Gods within these pantheons I feel close to, but I’ve never had ‘wow’ experiences with them as of yet. I love them all the same!

Shiva, the Destroyer. He gives me positive vibes, kind of like Zeus and Jupiter. Anything I do, prayers, crying, meditation and more importantly honouring the sun through yoga, I do in honour of Shiva.

Ganesh, the Remover of Obstacles. I’ve been in love with Ganesh since I was in lower school. I had a picture of him on my wall next to Peter Andre o.O – what? Whenever I hit a wall in life where someone was in my way or I felt preyed upon I’d rub the picture and ask him to move that person out of my way. Over the years I lost the picture and as my knowledge of other Gods expanded I forgot all about him =[ Thinking about it actually, besides Jesus and Yahweh, Ganesh was the first deity to ever touch my heart. I just need to find a little statue, but I’m super picky!

Celtic and Saxon
Cerridwen was my matron when I first fully opened my heart (and bedroom) to Wicca and paganism. She often came to me through dreams and I called her when I was reading cards or crystals. She was the first female deity to ever come to me. At the age i was when we first met, i was a tomboy, but growing up in a world where men dominated everything I could never establish a bond with any female deities. I didn’t and still don’t have that mother and daughter bond with my own mother, so when Cerridwen was trying to bond with me within the first year I kept trying to ignore her. I didn’t understand how or why Wiccans were so caught up on the Divine female. I learnt my lesson later, and she was gentle.

Cernunnos was my patron. The bond I have with him goes deeper than any bond I’ve had with other deities (besides Anpu and Sekhmet). I went through something horrible when I was 14 which made my understanding of relationships and sex a bad and unattainable thing. It spurred me into celibacy and Cernunnos was my witness to that. I remember years later when I was 20 I was sitting at my altar at night, with only his candle lit and I asked him why I’d found being a recluse so sad rather than being a positive experience. A few nights later I dreamt of him in our favourite meeting place, which was a clearing in a forest, he stood in front of me just staring. I remember feeling sad, but hopeful and he smiled. That was the last time he visited me. That was roughly the same time Cerridwen left and a flood of Roman, Greek and Egyptian deities came rushing in to make their permanent places within my ‘circle’.

Buddhist (Buddhists are atheists, but they believe in Enlightened beings and teachers)
Buddha – no explanation really… C’mon! He is the best teacher ever!

White Tara is a Being I’ve just been introduced to. I’ve been researching her now for the past 7 months and my goodness she came to me at the right time.

Kwan Yin too has been part of my life for the past 2/3 years. I went through a nasty event when living in Manchester back in 2009 and I thought of her and prayed to her daily when giving offering to Buddha. She helped me have the strength I needed to move back to London. She also taught me how to ‘read’ people before trusting everyone I met.

Gods come and go, and that’s the beauty of it. They are never far away, so they don’t really go do they?


Author: Sy Calaelen

Sy Calaelen is a British writer, blogger and Youtube vlogger, though she isn't filming at the moment. English literature graduate. Both sites will focus on literary reviews, book lists, comic books and nerd chat, writing and novel tips, and discussions in magick, paganism and the occult. A mixture of everything from her. Reach out on social media from Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, GoodReads, and Pinterest.

7 thoughts on “… the Side of Unique Serenity Please

  1. Very good post Sy. Do find support and help with the deities that appeal to you and “want to hear you”. Don’t be attached to one “believe” system. Stay always open for new ideas and be broad-minded like you already are! Take the best out of it for yourself. And the Buddha … indeed, he is the best teacher ever ;-). B.b.

  2. Great post! I, too, have a great fondness for Ganesh. He’s helped me through some of my greatest obstacles.

    There have been many Gods/Goddesses that have influenced me in one way or another, but the greatest “wow” factor has come from my connection with Amaterasu (Japan). For the last 6-7 years she has always been there to help me truly see who I am when I peak into the looking glass. She’s taught me that I do have self worth, and I should love myself inside and out, instead of hiding away in a cave of my own making.

  3. Awesome post!!!

    I too just recently found the White Tara and I sing her Mantra, when ever I feel said, or anxious to help me get into a better mood.

    Have a awesome week Sy,

    Tenshi 🙂

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  5. Yay for this post! I love reading, talking & learning about different deities, it’s one of my favorite things to do 🙂

    Anywayy when I FIRST started looking into paganism, the Greek pantheon was my “top choice”. It’s kind of a blur now but I believe that I tried to connect with either Artemis, Diana, & I think I liked Zeus as well. However, it’s all kind of murky since it feels like a loong time ago.

    Paganism just recently resurfaced for me about a year or two ago and since then I’ve tried making a connection to the “generic” Lord & Lady– the horned one & the triple goddess I guess I could say. That didn’t really work out for me, so I moved on to the Egyptian pantheon. I LOVED Anpu, he was & is one of my favorites of the Neteru. I also liked Djehuti as well. I’ve kind of lost the connection (I think it was more of a one-sided connection) with Anpu & the Neteru in general. Brighid, Poseidon, Sekhmet, & Hekate are others I’ve tried to work with as well. I’ve decided that there’s nothing wrong with “working” with different deities, learning about them, their mythos & culture…but as far as trying to make them a matron or patron..I’m waiting for them to come to me. It’s pretty tiresome searching and searching and coming up with nothing but tired eyes and an overload of info. So now, I just put my faith in the elements, who I’ve always adored, and the God and Goddess who remain nameless to me as of now. Of course I still enjoy learning and praying to different Gods/Goddesses & always will…but I’m waiting for that moment where I just “know” that this deity is right for me.

    • That’s the thing about magick. You sort of grow up, and as you do the Gods and Goddesses will encounter you in order to teach you specific lessons. When I became learned at divination Cerridwen wouldn’t leave me alone. She made it so I lit a purple candle for her when doing readings, and it felt as though she was putting the words in my mouth. It was a beautiful thing. Once I was able to read, cleanse etc she just went away. I still call her to thank her for being so persistent with me. It’s a blessing to have Gods in your life. You learn so much, even when you don’t realise at first. =] Thanks for the comment =]

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