UK Census 2011 – Pagan? Be Proud

We got the UK Census 2011 through our door this week and I’ve only just started to fill it out. The annoying thing… only MySpace and Facebook ask if your religious beliefs are Pagan. Why is that? Why are we still living in a  country where half of the customs religious folks follow are pagan and don’t want to admit it? Why is someone thinks its okay to maock my beliefs shared by thousands of people in this country? How come Pagan’s know more about the history of the people who made this country what it is today, and other non-pagan walk around saying their British? Come on?!

Not many people know where Britain’s roots come from, and we are just a another number of misunderstood individuals who know. I wasn’t born here, but I’ve lived in East Anglia before I was 1 years old. The town I live in is rich in culture and history, regardless of the pagan influence it had on the Christians who came after. I’m a proud pagan, I’m proud to be British (due to culture, history, music, fashion, witchcraft…. etc.) and it’s still shocking after thousands of years of history the Census still can’t show how the originators of this country have descendants who are pagan who aren’t counted in the numbers; for goodness sake!

If you’re pagan, or any other religion that isn’t included please i urge you, make a stand and be proud! Write Pagan in the ‘Any other religion’ tab. Please! Be honest to yourself, be honest to your kin be proud of all the folks who died innocently by “kind godly hands” and stand up for each other. Count us in!


Follow the link for more info! http://www.pagandash.org

Blessed Be!

ps.  Have any of you noticed religion is based on quantity rather than quality? Let’s keep paganism an honest path, bring on the quality!