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Glued: Greg – Grilled Cheese and Tomato

I’m a huge fan of MrStripyHead and he recently uploaded a video about his two new channels on Youtube. One about his job a gardener at GregtheGardener and a cooking channel at GregsKitchen.

I went over to the cooking channel to see what he had up, he did a previous video on his main channel about 2 weeks ago and knew he was a total blast. I was hungry too…. needed something to munch on =]

Enjoy the video…

Plus he is HOT! Haha… sorry Cuppycake x x x

Check out this awesome picture of Sirius’ sexy version of mouthwatering lushness!

Sirius Lushness

Shay shay coulay!

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My Vintage Looking Pocket Watch!

I’m sorting through my vintage collection to really spruce up this season’s trends. I’ve been a fan of hippy chic since I was a child. Even my music collection of old rock records including The Doors, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones had an influence on how my mind worked. They portrayed what mood I was in, and first and foremost inspired me when drawing, playing dress up and chatting with my imaginary friends… or trying to communicate with Stephen the ghost.

Two days ago I had the itch. The itch to shop for something small and special, so I stuck on some classical music as I’d just closed Dracula for the umpteenth time. I was feeling rather Victorian… and I wanted something male to wear. I logged into eBay and started looking for clothes, but nothing stirred the butterflies within, but I didn’t give up. I typed in all sorts of keywords; Glasses, earrings, coats, jackets, lace, tea-cosy’s, sock (ew), britches… why? I was about to give up when I remembered seeing a model wearing a pocket watch in an old issue of Vogue. I typed in Pocket watch and a ton of designs popped up. Ahhhh eBay =]

I ended up coming back to this watch… not that it was affordable (by 95%) but it’s a standard design, delicate and vintage looking. I knew my new clothes would be able to keep a little something male about my person, even in the cutest dresses. So here’s my watch. What vintage finds have you come across, or the proud owner of?

My Pocket Watch