Anpu the Protector


Little is known about the childhood of one of Egypt’s great Gods of the Ennead Anubis, or as I like to call him Anpu. One story detailed how he was conceived, and when his mother Nebet-het presented him to his father Osiris he was immediately shunned of as the bastard child. You see, Nebet-het is the splitting image of her twin Aset (Isis), the only difference between them is the symbol head dress and their magical functions. Nebet-het managed to get Osiris drunk one night, and in doing so had her way with him. He didn’t realise what was going on, he just assumed he was going to have drunken sex with his wife and eternal partner. Shortly after that night Nebet-het found she was pregnant. Feeling full of guilt for deceiving Osiris and Aset as well as cheating on Set, she found herself at a cross roads. Nebet-het went to Aset and admitted what had happened, explaining that she did what she did as she was jealous of the love Osiris and Aset were getting from the people. Nebet-het wanted to be part of that ‘heavenly union’, and thus it made her mad with rage.

Aset being the kind hearted soul she was to her sister forgave Nebet-het of her grievances, but she still had to tell Set. By the time Nebet-het was going to tell Set, he came and confronted her first. She tried to pass the child off as his, but it didn’t work. Set cast him off, and over time so did Nebet-het. As a youngster Anpu was orphaned, and spent many days and nights out in the desert on him own. He was known to look after other orphaned children like himself, making sure they ate first and had somewhere to sleep.

The jackal is a wild dog, whose closest relative is the Doberman. Jackals are known to be family orientated animals, keeping close with their family and looking after each other as a unified group. They’re skilful hunters, wise and very crafty. They prefer to live in the desert, where their favourite foods live under the seemingly dead land. It’s also known that whenever there is death, from an elephant etc, or small animal that had been prey, a Jackal isn’t far off. Jackal’s were associated with the preparations of death, thus Anpu was born with the head of a Jackal. He was later assigned to be the guide to the underworld too, thanks to Osiris who felt sorry for him and added him to the fold.

Anpu was the patron of orphans and any other folks who found themselves alone or invisible. I have a very strong connection to him through that part of his life story. I know I go on and on about being bullied and being alone as a child, but the events I went through shaped my life in a way that makes me come across as confident and pain free, but honestly, no matter how good or bad I feel, I’m still a lonely person and that hurts the most.

I did a ritual a few months back to help ease the pain of loneliness with Anpu. It was a simple ritual, lots of black and gold candles,  incense and lots of chanting and then sudden quiet time. I meditated on him and his life, my life and how I hoped things would be for my very sensitive heart. Anpu came to me much later in a dream and all he said was ‘Be you, love you, I am Here.’ I thought it was beautiful. I read in a book a few months after the ritual that Anpu was good to call on for protection of the home, and during that time my aunt had gone on holiday leaving me in the dark house by myself. I mean… it was scary… I called on Anpu one night and just asked if he could look after the house while I was there.

Every so often I’ll call on him just to let things out, to let my frustrations go and just to rant. He’s so kind and loving, and wants to listen. I know some folks wonder if they’ll ever have that connection to deity, and all I can say is you will. When you do, you’ll be very surprised. I give my all to the Great Ennead! All Hail Anpu and may Ma’at bless my heart.

Em Hotep x x x

-for more Kemetic info check out the Kemetic Tamera  page up top =]

Author: Sy Calaelen

Sy Calaelen aka Sylvia Beckett Davidson, is a British writer, blogger and Youtube vlogger, though she isn't filming at the moment. English literature graduate. Both sites will focus on literary reviews, book lists, comic books and nerd chat, writing and novel tips, and discussions in magick, paganism and the occult. A mixture of everything from her. Reach out on social media from Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, GoodReads, and Pinterest.

5 thoughts on “Anpu the Protector

  1. I really enjoyed this I love Anubis for my art project for my state exam in secondary i did a bust of Anubis and i still have it.I’m the same with Artemis shes become my best friend since my so called “friends” stopped talking to me because of my paganism but I’ve always been lonely and an outsider i have no group mentality nd lately i think i’m been pulled to him but i’m not really sure.Nd I promised u ages!!!! ago i wud tell the story of how i knew Artemis was my matron nd that will be up this week i promise i cross my heart lol BB )O(

  2. Hey 😀

    My patron is Anpu and i have had similar experiences to you! I invited him into my house in one ritual to him and i woke up half way through the night to see him standing over me as if to protect me 😀 He doesn’t like it when i dont do rituals to him often either hahah, but he is always there to help me. People see him as dark and threatening (so i have heard) but in my experience he is the most loving, protecting, honest and best guide you could ever wish for. He is my number one God 😀


  3. What a beautiful story I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you so much for sharing. Your right, most don’t have a connection to deity like that. I sure don’t. It’s wonderful that one has come forward for you 🙂


  4. Hello I just wanted to let you know that this is the most beautiful image of My Sweat Lord Anubis that I have ever seen. Amazing work. Thank You for this …. Oh and for what it’s worth He hasnt let me stick to any one path either. But whereever he leads me he is always there when I need him. Blessings … Love is the law … Linda

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