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Stone of Luck – Spell

From Pagan-Magic.com

You can use the Stone of Luck spell for anything, love, money, health, wealth, spirit awareness, etc.
The key to this empowerment is concentration and belief.

What you need:
1 small Stone of your choice (appropriate to your needs)
1 Candle (correct colour for what you want)
Appropriate Herbs
Appropriate Incense
A Cloth
Oil (either Olive, Jasmine, or Mint)
Some bowls

First you need to meditate on what you want, be it money, love, better health etc.
After you feel you have meditated long enough, you may start the spell.

Light the candle and incense.
Hold the stone in your power (writing) hand.
Concentrate on what you want.

Run the stone through the flame 3 times – taking care not to burn yourself – then put it into the water. Cup your hands over the bowl. Then take the stone out of the water and sprinkle the herbs on it. After you have done that, put the stone into a dry bowl.
Visualize yourself getting what you want.

Then anoint the stone with the oil and put it back into the dry bowl.
Sprinkle some salt onto the stone. Concentrate for a few more minutes on your need.

Finally wrap the stone in the cloth and leave it for at least 24 hours.
Let the candle and incense burn all the way out. Dispose of the water.

When you have completed this spell, carry the stone around with you, eventually your needs will be met.


I did a similar spell a little while ago, back when I was 15. I’m drawn to stone spells, I’m not sure why but they are a constant reminder of the spell I cast. Some stones I have are based on peace for the home, or for myself. Other’s are for luck, prosperity and love. The picture below are the stones I’m most proud of, I did these when I was 19. Every 6 months (scheduled on my Blackberry) I recharge the stones for its original their purposes. It’s a simple set of stones, with what looks like simple symbols with high meaning to the witch, kemetic pagan, or at least me. I’ll never let them out of my sight, so much so I remember a time I came home to find one on the floor in front of my altar and I swear I almost cried. I’m a magickal sissy! What can I say!

My God and Hieroglyphic Touch Stones

Touch stone are also very similar. I’ll be showing you guys my touch stones soon, and hopefully a tutorial on how to make your own and how to charge them for magickal intent. I love my stones, I can just rub them to feel energised in a magickal way. Do any of you do that?


Sy x