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My New Marc B. Bag

Sorry I had the urge to google it once I got home. When I buy a new bag, shoes, scarves. earrings… etc. I just have to Google to see if there are other versions, or what they look like on other folks. It’s a weird impulse… call it fashionable intrigue. I saw the bag in two colours at the store, blue and turquoise. I wanted them both… I knew I had to get only one due to a dress I saw and another bag for roughly the same price. My lip quivered looking at the both of them; they wanted me, they needed a new mummy and that mummy should have been me! Okay, I sound like a total nut, but I’m someone else when I go shopping! (I wonder how I’ll focus when I go to Belgium later this year…? All the designers out there are practically free roaming the streets!)

I saw the bag on Google in purple, in a shade I adore! Here’s that blog =] http://daydreamingisheaven.blogspot.com/2010/08/big-purple-marc-b-bag.html

Here’s my bag!

Blue Marc B.

Magic Marc B. - Inside Lining

The inside lining to each bag is different, so that gives me enough conviction to march back that store and buy the turquoise/cerulean bag! Grrr! Mothers!!


Shay shay coulay!