Practice vs. Religion

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I thought it would be cool to post this video as it highlights one thing I can’t stand about differences and similarities between religion and practice. When you’re first introduced to Wicca or Paganism, it’s sad but most authors don’t detail or imprint that Wicca is a religion and witchcraft is a practice. Most wiccans’ are then left wondering around with misguided information and that makes life for them a little obscured. I’ve noticed recently as I’m  now beginning to explore my path more that people often say things that are intended to be harmful about practising witchcraft and not Wicca, and the same goes for why I prefer to practice witchcraft alongside a religion that apparently has nothing to do with Wicca. First and foremost, I’ll mention it again; Witchcraft is a practice. Like angels and tools for divination, they do not belong to a secular group or a particular religion. They are what I call free tools/vehicles. Wicca is a religion. Buddhism is a religion. Tameran Wicca is a religion. Shinto is a religion. Their practices will have thier own names and conotations linked to them, but you can be a Hindu and divine with tarot. You can be a Wiccan and work with angels. You can be a standard/eclectic pagan who doesn’t follow Wicca, Druidic paganism or any other denomination in particular and still practice witchcraft. So check this video out, she raises a lot of valid points and later read some of the comments. This was too good to miss.


Oooh,  a useful link:



Author: Sy Calaelen

Sy Calaelen is a British writer, blogger and Youtube vlogger, though she isn't filming at the moment. English literature graduate. Both sites will focus on literary reviews, book lists, comic books and nerd chat, writing and novel tips, and discussions in magick, paganism and the occult. A mixture of everything from her. Reach out on social media from Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, GoodReads, and Pinterest.

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