Glued: Eat Pray Love

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Based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestselling novel, a woman (Julia Roberts) sets off on a journey of self-discovery after a bitter divorce.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir of a woman who leaves her unsatisfactory marriage to start a spiritual, literal journey of man-free self-discovery left readers feeling empowered. But condensed into movie form and starring Julia Roberts, the message has been somewhat diluted to bumper-sticker ideology. In Italy she learns the sweetness of doing nothing, in India the humility of scrubbing floors and in Bali the importance of balance. All sound counsel, but by the time she meets Felipe (Javier Bardem), she apparently needs a man to make her happy after all, presumably not the book’s intended message. EPL is a beautiful travelogue and, for some, may be life-changing. For the rest? Watch Enjoy Leave.

A beautiful, languid travelogue, although with some of the source novel’s empowerment diluted.

Reviewer: Tony Horkins

My Review =]

Actually… after some time and long thoughtful moments I actually agree with this review. The book is a whirlwind adventure about self discovery and spirituality, with subtle tones of love. Elizabeth Gilbert separates the story into three sections, Eat in Italy, Pray in India and Love in Bali (which by the way is not what she intended, she just learnt to let things be and things just happened).  The book by all means is highly recommended to those seeking something fresh, new and exciting for a spiritual mind. I haven’t read the whole book yet as I’m taking my time with every word and every moment, but what I have read so far fills me with a want; an itch to travel; a want to experience a good life; a need to learn to accept myself and work out what I don’t need and what I do. Overall the book (so far) is breathtaking and very insightful.

As for the movie; at a first glance it was a good movie. One that would be purchased on DVD once on sale, but the faithfulness to the book was a little heartbreaking. I hoped for certain parts of the book to be shown, but they weren’t. There were changes throughout the movie, especially when it came to characters and their roles. Obviously, due to copyright, rights etc you can’t copy a book to a film word for word, but this film is a good try. If you haven’t read the book that would be okay, but some scenes, like when she hears her voice as God in the bathroom would baffle the non-reader quite a bit. The movie took the whole idea of ‘only a man can complete your life’ cliché to hand quite tightly. Throw in a burly Spanish actor to play and equally sexy Brazilian, and the boy tries to kill girl by accident, and girl eventually falls in love scenario and viola a Hollywood romance blockbuster.

At the time, I did love some great scenes and the characters she met throughout the film, like the medicine man, that was almost identical to the book. My personal rating would be **** Four for a good try at a possible classic romance film, which would make me feel all girly during times of loneliness or ice cream. It could have had more time to develop… it could have been a real memorable spiritual movie that makes anyone guess and go along for the ride.

I must apologise as I went to see it with a friend, but I was more concerned with him that I don’t remember all the scenes unless I have the book in front of me. We did eat, we talked about praying and the love? We are great friends =]

Read the book for sure, it’s a must. See the film, but enjoy it and remember it.

Mwah x x


Author: Sy Calaelen

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One thought on “Glued: Eat Pray Love

  1. I might have to read that book. But I’m not too keen on book to movie adaptations, because they always seem to change it too much. Sounds interesting though, good review. Blessings.

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