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King of Wands: I’m Not Saying Sorry

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I didn’t do a morning devotion as I hoped I would, but I did shuffle one of my decks and think about my life at the moment. A guy I have fallen for, university, work and family etc. My thoughts were all over the place, I couldn’t think of one area of my life that I needed guidance on. That just shows how stressful life at the moment is.. Sucky!!

I pulled the King of Wands. A very regal sort of guy (probably because he’s a King??) Who is known to be very business minded. There’s structure to almost everything, balance and the assurance that even if you fail this time, keep your head up and do it again until you get whatever it is right. This symbolism refers to the salamander that is eating its tail; the ouroboros. He stands in front of his throne, which to me suggests he has a standing point to lean on when it gets difficult. A staff, which he holds in his right hand suggests knowledge and skills in leadership. So far, what I get is I need to take hold of my life, make sure I have something stable to fall on when it gets hard, and be aware that I am capable of living my life the best way I want to. Taking into mind, that my life won’t start until I start university, but once I have those qualifications I can do almost anything I like! Buy a house, get 2 Doberman pups, get a lovely car and once I’m settle I’ll consider a relationship with someone. For now, take time as slow as possible, its shit at the moment, but I’m working on moving forward. Maybe you should too.

I find it easy to put myself in the shoes of other people, I’m naturally caring hence why I work with vulnerable people. The King is someone who steps into the role of a protector as well as a leader, which is a great combination. With me, and like the King I am open to the acute emotions that people give off. I can tell when your happy by the way you write, I can tell you are annoyed about me or something, I can tell when your jealous about another. I find it easy to understand how one is feeling, so I know when to encourage love or stay away when you’re feeling low. Its odd, but I just know. Maybe its body language, but as a friend I know how to support you. (That is the sort of vibe I was getting from this card…. Whoa!!)

One of the tasks to do for this card, from The Tarot Workbook by Nevill Drury, says to list qualities in which a leader should possess, this is what I listed:

* Knowledge
* Understanding
* Determination
* Intuition
* Self Control (I’m still getting to grips with this one….) ๐Ÿ˜›
* Alertness
* Loyal

Then I had to write the skills that I have… Just because I’m feeling lazy right now, all of those skills are what I have in one way or another… But like I mentioned self control is one aspect I hope to well… Control ๐Ÿ™‚

I agree in some sense, that this card applies to my future goals and that I wasn’t far of the mark. Its the waiting of starting university that’s killing me. I’m soooo impatient right now… I want to live life in the fast lane, now! Lol!!

Mwah x x

The video below, is my song at the moment. I thought I’d add it as it makes soooo much sense to my life right now ๐Ÿ™‚



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