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Sex: My Views…

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I am a young 22 year old girl with not much experience with men and activities behind closed doors. I’ve been confronted with many obstacles and situations that have freaked me out. I’m just opening up to the sexual mystery of the world and so far I am confused, shocked and baffled by practices of my fellow generation. Apparently it’s normal to shag anyone at anytime, but for me sex is something that’s to be shared with you and your partner, WITH STRINGS!

I know lots of people who are already married and have partners, I don’t have one… never really had a ‘proper’ relationship with anyone, just 2 guys and they scared me half to death. The first guy I met when I was young and 6 years later I met the second guy. We were seeing each other and both lasted less than 2 months so I don’t call them relationships at all. I had another relationship which was open and I didn’t like it much so that stopped after some time. But anyhoo, my point is, what does sex mean to you? Don’t get all pervy, just think about the physical and emotional ideas. For me, I would love to experience one of those spiritual awakening’s you hear about and see in the movies. I’d love to connect with a like minded individual without the sex. I dunno… I’m confusing myself! Lol!

I’m kinda picky about the guys I like. I don’t like chavs, gangsters or anything along those lines. I like decent men, who are clever, someone I can have a convo with. Someone who can indulge in cooking, living and being outdoors. Someone who is reliable, kind and honest. (Ok…. This starting to look like a magazine add…) A bonus would be the guy who turns around and says, ‘I’m different because I love Rock, Yoga and I’m a vegetarian.’ Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a guy like that???? VERY!!!!!

If and when I meet a guy how do I approach him, without him realising I want more than just sex? What do I do when I want a boyfriend and how do I go about getting one?? These are questions most kids aged 14 already have the answers to, and I don’t! I kinda skipped social ed class…

Anyhoo… I am going to go over a few religious views in later posts to define why I like being able to say no, so that when I meet someone in a bar I don’t have to keep saying I’m a nun! Haha!!

Buddhist View


“Most religions have rigid, elaborate rules about sexual conduct. Buddhists have the Third Precept — in Pali, Kamesu micchacara veramani sikkhapadam samadiyami — which is most commonly translated “Do not indulge in sexual misconduct” or “Do not misuse sex.” However, for laypeople, the early scriptures are hazy about what constitutes “sexual misconduct.”

Read up on this!

Anyhoo… I’m Sy, I’m a nun 😛


Author: Sy Calaelen

Sy Calaelen is a British writer, blogger and Youtube vlogger, though she isn't filming at the moment. English literature graduate and future social work graduate. Both sites will focus on literary reviews, book lists, comic books and nerd chat, writing and novel tips, and discussions in magick, paganism and the occult. A mixture of everything from her. Reach out on social media from Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, GoodReads, and Pinterest.

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