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Gemstone and Crystal Magick Info Reference – From S. Silvermoon

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from – a group I joined!:

Gemstones and Crystals can be used for healing and other magickal applications as well! Hopefully, the resources below will help you!

Over the centuries various Gemstones, Crystals and certain rock formations have held a great mystical appeal to humans. Our ancestors knew and understood the spiritual, magickal and healing properties of gemstones and crystals that has nearly been forgotten over time.

* – Minerals and gems have been used for many different purposes throughout the ages. Different traditions ascribe different traits to them – this is a general list of gemstones, their history and composition, and their metaphysical properties.
* – I have used this website before and recommend it. Also an online store to purchase gemstones.
* – Another website I have used and recommend and another online store to buy gemstones.

*… – The Magickal Properties of Gemstones

*Dunwich’s Guide to Gemstone Sorcery by Gerina Dunwich – I just purchased this book myself.
*Celtic Crystal Magick: Volume One Stones for Healing by Rhuddlwm Gawr
*Gem Magic: Crystals and Gemstones for Love, Luck, and Power by Brenda Knight
*Gemstone Journeys by Shelley A Kaehr
*Healing Crystals and Gemstones: From Amethyst to Zircon by Flora Peschek-Bohmer, Gisela Schreiber, and Sibylle Dausien
*The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall
*Jewelry & Gems for Self-Discovery: Choosing Gemstones that Delight the Eye & Strengthen the Soul by Shakti Carola Navran
*Crystals for Beginners: A Guide to Collecting & Using Stones & Crystals (For Beginners (Llewellyn’s)) by Corrine Kenner
*Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham


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