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E-C Witch = Eclectic Solitary Witch

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Mind you I posted this on my other blog over a year ago! Since then some of my views have changed or grown. Mwah x x It’s also the reason behinf the tag name ECWitch for my other blog!


To sit here thinking about the path I’ve chosen is great. I’m so proud and very happy about being a Wiccan. I feel I’ve truly found peace within myself. But experiences with Wicca for the past 8/9 years have been quite strange. I’ve come face to face with some weird people who reckon they are bigger than what they are, to them it’s all some sort of competition. By that I mean so called Wiccan’s who ‘hunt’ or are ‘hunted’ or those who assume major Hollywood dictations in their lives. Anyway that is a touchy subject for some so I’m not going to carry on with that, but I decided from an early stage in my Wiccan education to stay solitary, and so far I’m happy about it.

The obvious reason to being Solitary is the fact that it’s hard to find a fellow Wiccans who will work with you where I grew up. One of my best friends helped me get into Wicca a few years back after watching a popular film. She would buy me little bits and bobs as gifts to add to my new found path. She didn’t get into Wicca but she loved Fairies and crystals so she would decorate her room and garden with cute trinkets and things. She wore a fairy necklace and kept a pentacle necklace in a little box.

I don’t remember how I brought up my religion with my next door neighbour’s daughter but I found out she was a practising Wiccan too. She told me how she preformed spells all the time and that she was into astral projection. That was all she told me. I invited my best friend round to mine on Sundays to help me practise or read with my neighbour. Everything seemed to work really well until one day my best friend lost her pentacle necklace. She was devastated and I felt a little guilty that it was lost in my garden. The weather then went cold and summer was over. My friend then stopped coming over because she said she felt weird coming over when my neighbour was there.

A year later, after loads of reading and hardly performing spells I felt good knowing that I learnt a lot. I told my neighbour most about what I’d learnt and deep down I knew she didn’t know that much. I stopped telling her things I’d learnt because she said what I’d been learning was all false. I became confused and a little weary. She had started college and started hanging out with some Wiccan’s. After a few weeks I finally met them with my friend accompanying me. They were nice looking but they carried the whole, ‘I’m depressed and I hate you,’ sort of vibe. Teens, oh well… hehe.

They knew things I did, and my neighbour felt embarrassed, annoyed and jealous that I knew what they did. I decided to help her out by lending her books so she could read them. But after months of not hearing how my books were helping her or not I finally went to see one of her friends who agreed to help her too. She told me how she leant her books months back and things went missing from her room whenever my neighbour went over. I don’t know how she got some of her stuff back but she warned me to get my books back. From that point on I knew that particular Coven had broken up due to issues with the education of Wicca and what some of the people really wanted.

I went over to my neighbours and found lots of things that went missing from my room like my crystals, candles and little statues, books and ribbons. I got them back little by little in secret because every time I asked for them she would say, ‘oh, you must have left it here, can I borrow it?’ I would say no and she’d get angry. I even found my best friends necklace. She was a strange person, who for a long time believed she was a distant cousin of Willow from Buffy after meeting her at a convention and thought that stealing ‘knowledge’ from younger Wiccan’s was a sort of ‘power boost.’ It drove me nuts and eventually I stopped seeing her.

I’ve met a few ‘posers’ like her to know now that I have to be careful with individuals I meet on the street. Here I am sure there are all sorts of New Age people to talk with and so I’m grateful but I still don’t know what’s on the outside. I’m solitary and I like it that way, I would love to watch others work in groups or on their own as an opportunity to learn more. I would love to work with others but I’m still weary of people.

To this day, I read more than I practise because I want to be able to maybe publish my own book a few years down the line.

Now I’m confusing myself as there is a lot more info on this but the point is to learn as much as you can and not assume that everything you see is all bad or all good. I hope you don’t bump into people like my neighbour and remember, ‘Harm None!’

Bless’d Be )o(


Author: Sy Calaelen

Sy Calaelen is a British writer, blogger and Youtube vlogger, though she isn't filming at the moment. English literature graduate and future social work graduate. Both sites will focus on literary reviews, book lists, comic books and nerd chat, writing and novel tips, and discussions in magick, paganism and the occult. A mixture of everything from her. Reach out on social media from Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, GoodReads, and Pinterest.

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