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My Tarot Decks: The Manga Tarot by Lo Scarabeo

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I’m a huge fan of Divination and tarot and with so many responses about my decks and where I got them from I thought it would be awesome to share with you all my three favourite decks and the company where you can purchase them which is Amazon… okay so I gave away the company a little earlier than expected…. Darn! Lol! – Actually you can get them almost anywhere online…

Over on the left are 9 cards from the deck, Manga Tarot. The other deck which is highly visual with erotica is called the Tarot of Sexual Magic; I’ll go into brief detail about hat on another blog.

I love almost every single deck created by Lo Scarabeo, link in the check ‘em out section. This deck is visual and incredibly impressive! I’m a huge fan of Anime and Manga and I like to sit and draw my own, but when the day came for me to go out find another deck to get really used to I couldn’t find anything. I had the IJJ Swiss deck for almost 4 or 5 or 6 years… (the new year has messed everything up…lol!) and it was cool, but I felt ‘cold’ when using it. I didn’t feel connected at all so I wrapped it up and told it I would use it again some day. I then went on the search for a new deck entirely. After a little while I found a deck I really liked, it was the Tattooed deck also by Lo Scarabeo, but found it was only available in the US. I called my older sister to see if she could purchase it and send it to me and she said she would, but something else caught my eye. The word ‘manga’ was on screen (I was on the net) and I immediately went to check it out. The artwork was impressive to say the least! I’m hugely picky about the presentation of various oracles and I found it hard to find a modern deck that looked good (to my standards).

I then had to call my sister again and tell her to forget my request form earlier which burned a big hole in the bill!! Lol! But I ordered the Manga Tarot and waited patiently for it to arrive. The suspense almost killed me, I waited an extra week before it arrived! I’m not kidding I was on edge with excitement checking and double checking the email confirmation message. The day it came, by teen brother ‘for some Godly reason’ decided, ‘Oh, I’m going to tidy up the hallyway and make sure everything is in its place.’ – My brother is a typical young dude, he knows his manners but if he sees a broom or a hoover he always has something else planned for that particular moment so he doesn’t clean. But this day, he cleaned and my package was sent upstairs and on my bed.

I ran around the house trying to get to my room but was distracted from all sides. I finally found my room and there it was a golden box (this starting to sound like a story… the golden box was brown cardboard… lol!). I sat on the bed and opened it up and out popped a weasel! Lol! No it was my deck. It was beautiful!!! I looked at every card and let it get to know me. I couldn’t use it yet so I had to do the 24hr blessing I like to do on new decks.

I sat it on the window sill with an amethyst, two citrine and a quartz surrounding it (psst in a square) and I left it to soak up the energies of the sun and the moon. Somehow I think that night was a new moon… after the first say 20 hours were done I put the deck on my altar and had it running through incense for air, splashed it with a super tiny amount of water for water, swished it over a white candle for fire and dropped rose petals and salt on it for earth, all in aid of purifying. I do elaborate rituals when it’s a special occasion. I don’t do this with all my decks though, there is one deck that I can’t stand and I only charged it with the elements for half the time.

After the elemental blessing was done I blessed it my hands and said a little prayer. I sat on the bed and looked through every card again, coming to terms with how it was arranged and what each card represented and how many symbols I could pick up on.

The deck is beautiful and the drawings are intense. This deck however plays more on the female aspect with the fact that the people in the deck are 75% female and 25% male. The early decks were primarily 75% male and 25% female. Women in the decks were Queens and priestesses only. All the other roles within the court and the major arcana were all men. Like I mentioned in one of my videos as creators and artists began publishing their own decks women played an equal role. Some decks will have the male suits which were Swords and Wands are predominantly male, King, Queen, Knight and Knave and the other two suits which were female were ruled mainly by women King, Queen, Princess/Knight and Maid so these decks were 50/50. The Manga deck however is different, its totally female dominance, but that wasn’t the reason why I bought it. Where you would have male characters that come first, for example Arcanum III The Priest, you have III The Priestess and then IV The Priest. It’s the same meaning but the hierarchy I guess has been switched.

I do like this deck, its different and fascinating and every card always looks new every time I do a reading. This deck is not like the Revelations tarot in any sense, the Revelations tarot is great for teaching newer tarot readers how to read reversed cards a whole lot better. But this would be a great deck if your learning to concentrate on symbols.

This would be my ideal Learner List:
• Rider Waite
• Revelations
• Manga Tarot
• Then move on to other cards that interest you and maybe start an oracle deck too.
• Illustrative decks now, like IJJ Swiss – they concentrate on sending subliminal messages to the brain.

Hopefully this helps y’all!

Mwah x


Author: Sy Calaelen

Sy Calaelen is a British writer, blogger and Youtube vlogger, though she isn't filming at the moment. English literature graduate and future social work graduate. Both sites will focus on literary reviews, book lists, comic books and nerd chat, writing and novel tips, and discussions in magick, paganism and the occult. A mixture of everything from her. Reach out on social media from Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, GoodReads, and Pinterest.

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