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How to Set Up a Divination/Tarot Journal

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Once you get used to the idea of keeping a Book of Shadows and a Spiritual journal of some time, which I call a Shadow Journal or a Mystic’s Journal setting up a section in either of these or starting a new journal will be quite easy. The only problem you’ll encounter once you’ve decided on how you’ll set it up will be to keep up a routine of updating it every time to make a new purchase or do a reading. It was a little hard for me to keep a routine once I started my readings, as I wouldn’t write down what happened and which cards/stones were drawn. Now as I do reading I tend to take a photo of the set up of cards/stones so I have photographic evidence, then immediately move onto writing what I have uncovered.

You’ll develop your own method of writing up your readings. One of the main things about record keeping would be for seeing how you have developed over time and one of the best things for this would be a scenario where you may do a reading you found difficult to understand and when you look back at older spreads that use some or all of the cards you’ve pulled this time, it may make sense. Here’s an example:

Sookie did a reading for a client by the name of Bill. He asked ‘Would I keep falling in love with the human?’ and she spread his cards as a six card decision spread. Along the way she found two cards in position three and four that she couldn’t quite understand. She was kind and told him that she would like a few minutes to look up previous spreads that had this combination of the same cards.
She referred to an old reading she did for a client by the name of Jason, who had a six card spread too, with the same cards positioned in three and four. This made things a little clearer for the reading for Bill.

See what I did there…? I’m obsessed with True Blood; personally I think it’s the best thing since Charmed! I love Supernatural, Ghost Whisperer and 90210, but nothing can beat True Blood… Sorry folks!

Its also great as I mentioned before to take photos or draw up what stones/cards you used and where they were positioned. In my next entry (above) you can print out or copy the example template, but beware it may not work for you so do a reading on yourself or make one up and write it out on a piece of paper you can throw away. It’s for practice unless you would like to use it. It’s taken from the Tarot Workbook. The blog after that is a template I use personally which may seem complicated but it works for me.

Anyhoo BB x


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One thought on “How to Set Up a Divination/Tarot Journal

  1. I’ve kept a Tarot journal on hand for years. In fact, I literally have come up with my own book of Tarot interpretations and meanings as a process of journaling. Its really helped me develop my own relationship to the cards and consequently I have my own unique way of reading them.

    By far the most important aspect to keeping a “book of shadows” ( I love this term!) is making it part of my every day routine. even if you only spend 5 minutesd journaling, do it every day. It really can be life changing!

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