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This is a part of me that tends to freak a few people out. I’m in love with writing and reading, and believe me I read, write and draw anything. It just depends on the time and the feeling. Like most people I’ll get random moments of change, so I may have the feeling to paint and draw for a few weeks or months and then I’ll have the urge to go and buy new comics and obsess over them for a while. Its odd, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.

So for the past few weeks I’ve been obsessing over my love for comics and writers. As it has been comic and book adaption season in Hollywood its only natural to fit in with society on this front. Watchmen is out on DVD, along with the new Hulk and the ever amazing TV series, True Blood (which is fucking awesome! – I’m a fan, can you tell?). Anyway… I’m going to start the blog!

If someone asked me who my favourite super hero was, honestly that would be a hard question. I won’t go into the dynamics of ‘what makes a super hero,’ so chill! Although in laments terms I guess I can contradict myself and say, most super heroes have super powers and therefore that makes them super heroes and villains, but what about the guys over at Vertigo? They mix with super heroes and entities with extreme power; by they themselves don’t have supernatural powers. They are heroes! Some of the characters I love don’t even do that, they are like us, everyday people, except they wield guns, prostitutes and play with lives. Most recently I’ve started wondering into the world of The Boys, a new comic series created by Garth Ennis. They are the ‘not-so-nice’ law enforcers for super heroes whose power have gone to their heads.

As it’s the beginning of a new decade I thought it would be fantastic to share with you all my love for particular writers and my favourite works they have created. So here we go!

I am now and forever in love with the vivid creation stories that is the mindscape of Alan Moore. He is, to me, one of the major masters of worlds nonexistent and I love him for that. He opens up the world beyond the wardrobe that most writers only dream about expanding. There are only a few writers who have done that, but why look to these deceased wonders to notice them now? H.P. Lovecraft, Tolkien and Lewis to name a few. Alan Moore still has that grip on a non reality that makes his readers escape the crap of everyday life. Bill Willingham (Fables) is another I respect fully. They are amazing!!

Alan Moore created and wrote the series Watchmen and also another of my loves, Swamp Thing. Within Swamp Thing came along a blonde Sting look-a-like by the name of John Constantine who fights the minions of Satan and does this selfishly to get himself into heaven, which is cheeky but so cool. He is one of the many ‘super’ heroes who doesn’t have any super powers whatsoever. He is an Occultist and Magician, but he can see demons and angels when we normal folk can’t, so I guess that means he does have a subtle power, the power of ESP and he is psychic. He’s a chain smoking Northerner who travels the world beyond the realms of understanding. I’m an avid Constantine reader, his series is HellBlazer. Constantine was adapted to movie screens back in 2005 and it has grown on me a bit. Keanu Reeves I think personally played an amazing Constantine, but he was American which ruined the British punk/gent style for me. Oh well.

So that was a brief insight to my first love in comics, John Constantine (the blonde bloke) and Alan Moore (rock star dude). HellBlazer fell into various hands through out the last two or three decades, and one of those writers was Jamie Delano, the smart looking guy who may head butt you if you him wrong. He is a fantastic writer, he too is gifted with the ability to capture the readers mind and force it to imagine another concept of this world, in the case of Constantine. I read more and more HellBlazer and then suddenly the words the characters seemed to sound real, the new writer was able to write words with an accent and he has a real talent for doing so! He is the not so new and ever formidable award winning Brian Azzarello. Like Moore, I love this guy too! He brings the unrealistic life of Hell and Heaven down to the point where normal folk can experience it on their front porches. A lot of the stories Azzarello then came up with not only combined the Hell of Constantine’s biggest rival (the Devil) but Nazi’s, prisoner’s and various normal folk who are all wrong doers on so many political levels. He happens to be there to show them how fucked up they are, which ultimately drives some of them to the point of suicide.

Azzarello went on the do Joker, a recent adaptation of Batman’s adversary. More to the point of non-magically enhanced folk, he created an award winning 3 times running called 100 Bullets. It is another of my favourite comic book series. It mixes crime, crime families and wars of the richest, meanest and sexiest members who make up a group of families known as the Thirteen. More info on 100 Bullets, click the link in the Check ‘em Out section. Anyhow, this is such a breathtaking series that affected me creatively; I imagined great stories of how one of the main characters by the name of Philip Graves (Agent Graves – pseudonym of ‘fill up graves’) would give random members of the public carte blanche in order to right a wrong they were issued unfairly. I’ll go into detail about 100 Bullets at some point and how I turned it into a script for a film production project at college a while back.

Brian Azzarello is, to me, one of the princes of the comic book world. I’m in love with comics and I guess you could say I’m in lust with the minds of these creative (not dead… yet) geniuses.
Here is a list of my favourite comic book writers, but just before you get bored reading them, due to writers of any genre, they have all inspired me to continue my love for drawing and writing. Fingers crossed someday I’ll have at least book published. XP

Comic Auteur Love List:
Brian K Vaughn (guy with the monkey) – Y: The Last Man
Bill Willingham – Fables
Brian Azzarello – 100 Bullets, HellBlazer, Noir (previous blog…)
Alan Moore – Swamp Thing
Jamie Delano – HellBlazer
Garth Ennis – HellBlazer

BB x
Ps. Just to make a point, I’m a DC girl, more on the side of Vertigo Comics. Sorry Marvel Fans…


Author: Sy Calaelen

Sy Calaelen is a British writer, blogger and Youtube vlogger, though she isn't filming at the moment. English literature graduate. Both sites will focus on literary reviews, book lists, comic books and nerd chat, writing and novel tips, and discussions in magick, paganism and the occult. A mixture of everything from her. Reach out on social media from Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, GoodReads, and Pinterest.

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