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Daily Devotion – Randomness and Ideas…hehe!


Daily devotions are important to most if not all faiths. It’s the moment you take in the day to thank honour and commune with the Lord and Lady. This a time when you tell them that you are happy or sad, it’s also the time when you make a small wish. You can pick up all sorts of ideas on how you can carry out your own devotions from other faiths. For me, I grew up in a predominantly Christian (Seventh Day Adventist) household, so daily devotions were important. I didn’t carry them out myself; I left that to the older folks. So in that respect I learnt how to do a simple devotion. My aunt would get up in the morning and read her Sabbath book (like a Christian version of the almanac), and then pray. For me my normal devotion consists of the following:

 Light the candles of the divine (Lord and Lady – Black and White)
 Light the incense (oil, stick, cone or all… I use ‘manly/earthy’ scents for the Lord – e.g. Frankincense and ‘ladylike/flowery scents’ for the Lady e.g. Rose and my zodiac scent for me – again, this is totally optional, but if you have a patron Lord or Lady, find out their scents and use them – below for more info…)
 Deep breaths the ground and centre (usually 3 or 4 but more if you want)
 Recite the worded devotion (written below – but make your own as it will be more personal)
 The Wiccan Rede (You don’t have to do this, but for me I like to remind myself each day of what I believe and stand for – karma and harm none)
 ‘Me time!’ which basically is me praying to the Gods, thanking them for who they have helped me to be and thanking them for the past week/days accomplishments etc.
 Charge or bless an offering and give it to them, give money to Buddha.
 Deep breaths to ground and centre.
 Snuff out the incense and candles (although most would leave the incense to burn itself out, more power that way.)

Okay so that’s a normal day, otherwise I’ll be rushing so all I can do is recite the devotion and the Rede, but always remembering to light the candles. If it’s a good day (as in a day off! Or a late shift) then I have a little more time to incorporate other things.

I don’t have many friends here in the town I live in, so I can’t just ‘talk’ to them the way I do with my best buddies who live outside of London, so to me the Lord and Lady are my buddies who give me great advice etc. If there is something that I need to rant or offload, then I’ll ask the Lord and Lady and my Angel to lend me their ears. They don’t and won’t take this as you being a brat or anything (depending how you offload), but they will be like the older brother and sister you wish you had. They’ll listen and depending on the circumstance, you’ll get an answer sometimes.

This is turning into something else… so I’m gonna hold up on that for another day…

Let’s get back I the groove shall we!

So… erm… Oh yeah Devotions!

This is the devotion I use each day and the one in the video, taken from Teen Witch – Silver Ravenwolf

Blessed be my feet that walk the path of the lord and lady,
Blessed be my knees that kneel at the sacred altar,
Blessed be my heart that beats the drum of compassion,
Blessed be my lips that they may speak the truth,
Blessed be my eyes that they may see wisdom of Spirit,
May the love of the lord and lady, be within and around me,
As I begin my journey through life this day,
So mote it be!

So that is one of many adaptations she has done in her books, but can you see the method she has put here?? She has started from her feet, right up to her eyes (or 3rd eye).

The fun part is when you come up with your own, and you’ll become so used to it, you’ll be able to recite it by heart. I did write one, but it sounded so crap I scrapped it! Lol, I use the one above for now and it works just great!

Lord and Lady – Depending on the gods you choose (or who choose you), you should research them big time. Find out their favourite colours, scents and materials, offerings etc. This helps big time! For example – Sekhmet loves red, so I sometimes use a red candle in her honour, Anubis or Osiris love Frankincense… get the gist??

Today’s advice: Get personal baby!!

Hehe, BB xx


Author: Sy Calaelen

Sy Calaelen is a British writer, blogger and Youtube vlogger, though she isn't filming at the moment. English literature graduate and future social work graduate. Both sites will focus on literary reviews, book lists, comic books and nerd chat, writing and novel tips, and discussions in magick, paganism and the occult. A mixture of everything from her. Reach out on social media from Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, GoodReads, and Pinterest.

3 thoughts on “Daily Devotion – Randomness and Ideas…hehe!

  1. such a helpful post, thanks, blessed be

  2. Excellent post and great advice. Thank you.

  3. thanks so much! this is great. in christianity to become a christian you have to accept jesus into your heart is there and equivalent to that in wiccan practis?

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